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Hello, I am building pages with a gallery like the one you heve here:

I wish to autoplay the slides and have control on the speed.

How is that possible?



Please open script.js file inside theme root, and find string:


Then find below auto attribute and simply change false to true. Also timeout and speed attributes you may add there to control the speed.


Is there any way to change the map style in the contact page ? I want the satellite version instead of the terrain version.

I tried changing “terrain” to “satellite” in the script.js file and it did not work.

mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.SATELLITE,

instead of

mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.TERRAIN,

Thank you

You may just remove then this code chunk below in script.js

How do I get the photos on the web version to size down to a phone? On the smartphones the images fall off the screen size of mobile device and aren’t seen in its full. I understand they may be squished but on my website they don’t size down correctly to the smartphone screen. What is a CSS fix for this to show the full image size?

Hello Stephen,

The fact is that images save their ratio on the canvas resize. So if the image is wide – it looks good on the wide desktop. 4:3 ratio is preferred. That’s works with blurred images or images with multiple points of interest.

Also images aligned to the left / top side of the screen (it’s possible to align it right or/and bottom). So if you want to show bottom right part of your image, please let us know.

We use only CSS (no any JS) to make fullscreen slides & backgrounds, it’s very fast but have limitations – impossibility to really “center” reduced image, but that doesn’t matter with most of the images, used as background as it was designed.

Sincerely, Alaja

I want to put an a Logo in den Fullscreen Slider like you did and say in this Comment:

Good news! Anthe was updated & now you may have an image or shortcode button in homepage slider like here

But if I Put the shortcode into the Line where I put the text nothing happens. Please can you tell me, where I must put the code and which shortcode do I take for an Image?

You may use shortcodes for slide texts (Main Copy & Footer Copy). For example [img] shortcode:

[img src='http://imagepath' link='http://linkurl']

Hi I have 2 problems:

1) Widget has disappeared from wordpress backend menu

2) I do not find any place where to configure map in the contact page

Can you help please?


1) We don’t support 3rd party scripts & plugins

2) When you use a contact page template look below the content editor – for the box called “Contact Page Settings”

Please read support terms that we can help you better

Does this theme support dropdown menu?

First congrats on the work you did on anthem. i love the design!! i really want to buy but it but i want to clarify some points before doing it. If i buy your template can i make it multilingual (french and english) (thanks to a plugin like translate or wplm… ?)and put the language selection button either on the sidebar of the home page or on the footer? I m no familiar with php…

Moreover i want to add a reservation management plugin, is it compatible with your theme? if yes which one?

hope you will respond positively, i love your theme!!




I’m working on my site using your theme. I love the theme so far, but I was wondering if I can make a few changes for my website? 1. I want to take the small horizontal bar that divides the top quote from the bottom section on the full screen slider off of the page. Is this possible? 2. I want to have the text on the full screen slider not be centered when it loads, but instead have one saying be right aligned, and another left. Is there a way to change that? 3. On my top navigation, where there is a drop down menu, I don’t want the top label to click to a page. EX: If I have “services” on the menu at the top of the page, I don’t want you to go to a services page, I want only the sub-menu that drops down when you hover to be able to be clicked on.

Any help and direction you can provide would be excellent. Thank you!!

OK, I understand. I do have another question though. Would you able to explain why when I make changes to the logos by uploading my own, at the bottom of my pages I’m getting a smiley face in the bottom left of the screen? When I reset the logos back to default, it goes away. please see the link here. I’m not sure why this is happening…When I log out and view the site, I get the graphic

Nevermind, got it. thanks

Hi guys, I’ve purchased your theme for my website, great work! I’ve a problem with xml file.. Failed to import Media “slide-about-1” Failed to import Media “slide-about-2” Failed to import Media “slide-about-3” Failed to import Media “slide-services-1” Failed to import Media “slide-services-2” Failed to import Media “slide-services-3” Failed to import Media “services-bg” Failed to import Media “process-bg” Failed to import Media “work-bg” Could you help me please?

Thank you. Please activate Anthe theme before importing file and try again. Maybe the our server was unavailable for the short time or your server has the internet issue.

Hi! I did.. but it doesn’t work.. Another question, fullscreen and single page, how do I get intro in fullscreen mode and then navigating in single page?..

For some reason your server can’t download images (that probably available for you if you paste these urls manually in browser).

Fullscreen is the obvious page with page template called Fullscreen Slider. Single page is the obvious page created with page template called Single Page.

How can I design a page like this one??

I’m struggling with no results…

Got it…thanks anyway.

Is it Possible to create an individualized “works” page,

Basically I want a Gallery/Pictures/Slider just underneath the “Works Titel” and underneath the Gallery/Picture I want to hate the text parts. Very roughly it should have the appearance of the “Services” page, with a space where I can insert a Gallery/Picture and where the tree paragraphs are in services should be the regular text from the works page.

Is there may be a possibility to create a short code you could offer like the one for the about page? Or is there a possibility to make changes with the custom css. And if so how dose it look like. Thanks Michael BTW: AMAZING WORK YOU`VE DONE!

One other Thing. I removed the h2 title header, with the change in the Custom Css. >> .title h2 { display: none } Is it possible to get your cool map in contacts back?

Sry forget about the last Question….

Thank you very much! If we understand right, you need a custom theme modification. We can recommend you the for that work

Hi there,

great theme and I’ve loved working with this so far!

I’m having a pretty major issue though with the wordpress error “Cheatin Huh!” showing up when I try to upload from the theme uploaders (IE in the pages for the full screen image etc). I have the latest version of the theme and the latest version of wordpress. I have deactivated all plugins and tested and it is not a plugin conflict.

This was working up til a couple of weeks ago, without me changing anything so I am unsure of how to fix. I have gone through various support forums in wordpress and the common answer is that it is a theme issue. It also states that it is something that happens when a user does not have the correct permissions to do the action, but this is happening on my admin account.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this needs to be fixed ASAP!

Thanks very much

Hello and thank you!

This rare (and strange) error was fixed in v0.26 of Anthe WP. Please check your version. If you have the v0.27+ and error still exist please let us know at

If you use it for Fullscreen Slider, just upload your images with normal WP uploader and insert in Slide Image N field link of it. Don’t use Upload button.

Hi there,

I just updated to the latest version of wordpress and I’m having a problem with the home page on my girlfriend’s website. The slides are offset to the left hand side making it look very unpresentable. You can see what I mean here:

What can I do about this?

Many thanks,


Hello Mike,

This is due to installed slider plugin. Responsive slides already integrated in theme, using the plugin you replace the logic and css (!) of plugin to default.

Hi Alaja! Thanks for the reply, that’s very helpful :) Can you tell me how to implement the built in slider that you are using in the same way that you have here?

Just check the code of the About page that you can find in Shortcode Manager (it will be just a [gallery] shortcode)

Hi. i bought your great, easy to use theme. One question : How to reduce the size of the typo on home page sliders (in white on , for main copy or foot copy? And how to translate the “read more” buttons ? thanks

so simple! thanks! does this symbol | works everywhere?

For slides only, in all other places you may use [br] shortcode, or simple html

<br />

OK thanks !

Hi I bought your theme. In this section :, with the Works template, the categories do not appear? How to make them visible? thanks

As you may see here it’s default template without the categories. If you need a custom theme modification, we can recommend you the for that

OK thanks

I am trying to set up the Works section. I have read and followed your directions, however no matter what content I put in a new work entry the page just displays blank. I can’t get anything to show. What am I doing wrong?

Unfortunately, we don’t know what you are doing wrong. Just don’t have any information about. Be sure to provide a screenshots of what you do or an URL to your site.

Hi Folks,

i love your theme! It is absolute brilliant! :D

But i Have one customize question. I want to use a submenu on form as a single Page.


Home | About | Service | Prolog | Contact

and when you click on Prolog there will be a submenu, but i want the single Page design, which shows me collected child sites of Prolog.

Would be happy hearing from you soon!


Hello and thank you,

Anthe don’t support drop downs for single-page template. But you may use custom links (in latest wordpress called Links section) to point to the custom page (where you can place all other links).

Hi there,

Love your theme! Thank you very much.

I have a small problem. The drop-down menu is visible when you navigate in the menu. But you can not select the items in the drop-down menu. See under the item “werk”

What can I do? Would be happy hearing from you soon.


Thank you,

It’s due to the default theme style modification. All the changes in default code isn’t under our responsibility.

p.s. revert the default css rules related to menu

Hi! I have another two questions: 1. how can I remove the social media icons on the upper right from the first page? 2. I read in former comments that it’s possible to change the map in contact form by using ”...Shortcode Manager on this page with example Contact page content..”. Unfortunately this does not help me much. Could you specify a bit more how to do it? Thanks a lot!

1) Please use Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:
.social { display:none } 

2) It was answer how to add the contact form. If you use Contact page template you should have the map settings below the content editor

Thank you! The first problem is solved now! With my second question I ment how to exchange the map in contact form with another map/picture. Not only the size of it. Is it possible?

You have the options of zoom, styling and place of the map. If you don’t want to use the Anthe map, please use default wide page template and use any image or WP plugin with map you like to see.

In the works section (like here can I decide where the “read more” section will start? is it after a certain number of words? thanks

For sure! Please go to anthe/theme/extend.php to line #28 and add ‘excerpt’ support, e.g.:

‘supports’ => array(‘title’,’editor’,’thumbnail’,’excerpt’)

After that you’ll have additional Excerpt metabox for the Works. Any words you paste there replace the default excerpt. So you will control each word of the introduction part.

Thanks a lot! works perfect!