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I have 2 different ‘Works’ categories used for 2 different portfolios. They are displayed as ‘Works’ posts on 2 separate pages.

On a single ‘Work’ page I have ‘Next work’ link. It links to posts in other categories as well. How can I modify it so that it links only to posts, that are in the current post’s category?

Hello. Thank you for creating such an awesome theme. I have a quick question. I am using the Fullscreen Slider as my home page, and I am using vibrant colored background images, so the text does not look that good on them.

Can you tell me how to add a white box to appear behind the text? Having this white box will make the text readable and allow me to keep the vibrant background images. Thank you!

Thank you, Santanin. You can use Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS box:
.slides.full h1 { background:rgba(255,255,255,.25) }

This works fantastic! Thank you for your help!

Hi im using this theme for my site however its not centered like the example, the site menu and content are all over to the left of the window, how do i position it in the center of the window?



Hello Mike. Please provide a screenshots or an URL to your site that we can help you better

Hi alaja,

There is a screen shot here –

as you can see the site is all over to the left of the window


Hello Mike. It seems that the styles of the theme is broken. Please check the custom modifications if you have them, or try to find the problematic plugin.

Hello. I have purchased your theme and have a question. For the Fullscreen Slider, how do you make some of the text for the Main Copy or Footer Copy be a hyperlink? For the first two lines of Main Copy text I want it some basic text, and the third line to say “Enter Website” and the user be able to click on “Enter Website”.

Thank you!


To use the buttons of colors you like on fullscreen slider:

* please use the shortcode
[button url='#url' style=var] Button Text [/button]
* add to the Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS next line with the color you need, e.g. for red
.full.slides a.button { background:red }

For the normal content (in posts/pages), you may use button styles that you may find in documentation, i.e.

Style options include: white, black, gray, blue, orange, teal, yellow, green, brown, purple, steel and cyan. Size options include: small, big and wide.

Works fantastic! Thank you for your help!

Hello. I am having an issue with my unordered lists. If two consective items in an unordered list do not have enough text to fill the width of the selected column grid, then the second item does not appear on the next line, but rather joins the first line. And if the width of the text of 3 or 4 or more items are small enough that combined they do not fill the width of the column grid, then all of the hose items will display on one line, running into each other.

For example, if I create an unordered list like this:

  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

And the width I choose, for example, is Two-Third, then the three items do not appear on three separate lines, but rather like this:

- Item 1 – Item 2 – Item 3

When consecutive items in an unordered list does contain enough words to fill the width specified for the column grid of the page, then each item does display fine on separate lines.

This issue only occurs when the text in consecutive items of an unordered list do not contain enough text to fill the entire width of the column grid on the page.

Is this the way unordered lists are supposed to work? If not, can you provide a fix or advice on how to ensure each item in an unordered list appears on separate lines regardless of how much text is in it? I have a bunch of unordered lists I want to add to my site that has each item in the list containing just one word, and the way unordered lists currently work will not allow me to do this, which is very important for me to do on my site.

Thank you very much!

Okay sounds good I just submitted the URL in the contact form. Thanks!

Already emailed you back, just for the information will duplicate this here:

Add to the Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS this fix:

.tab ul li { float:none }

Excellent excellent excellent! Worked like a charm!


I uploaded your theme to my Wordpress, which worked fine; however, when I went to view my website, it is either blank or appears as a 404 Error. I am then not allowed to log in to my Wordpress at all.

Before, when I was able to go to the backend of Wordpress, the “customize” tab under “themes” either doesn’t show up, or when it does, it doesn’t give me many options to customize (as described in your “How To” PDF). Not sure if this is an error on Wordpress’s part or Yahoo’s.

It’s probably regarding to server settings, try to google the answer. Theme options you may find in Appearance > Theme Options in WP Dashboard.

Hello! I’m Davide. I speak a little english I will try. 6 month ago I bought your theme but unfortunately i didn’t have time to explore them. Now I don’t remember the nickname so I do quickly a new login to ask a question. First I want to tell you that it’s a very beautiful job! Now I am in and it’s just fantastic! I just a problem with that: When you say to put a logo and not a text: “Use shortcodes for slide texts (Main Copy & Footer Copy). For example [img] & [button] shortcodes”. FOr the button is ok but for the image when I put [img src=’http://imagepath' link=’http://linkurl'] (of course I put the real image path), in my website it appear “img src=’http://imagepath' link=’http://linkurl'". That’s strange because i write exactly the same thing in Fullscreren slide setup – Main copy and it still write the code and note the logo…. And the last thing it still for all pages. The problem is that my background stop under the top menu and I would like the total background for all of my page. For the rest it’s all fine! Thanks a lot for your answer.

Hello Davide and thank you! For the shortcodes please try to use single quotes (‘) instead of double (“) maybe this helps. For the second question, can you provide the screenshot or site URL that we may help you better?

Finally I rebuy the theme. It doesn’t matter if I buy twice… The problem with the img src are solved. But for the background the problem still. The background stop of the top menu of each page. I would like to have the totaly background. And the second thing is that I tried all your custom cms code in this forum but it doesn’t work. That’s strange. And congratulation again for te theme! Very nice!! Best regards Davide

How do you add more transparence?

You can do that in your favorite image editor.

Ok thanks. Now I would like to change the timing for the slide in my first page fullscreen, you said in page 7: “Please open your slides opening page for edit and activate the Custom Fields to show (Screen Options at top right) there you’ll see the “Fullscreen Slider Speed” & “Fullscreen Slider Timeout” values in seconds that you may change as you wish.” but i didn’t found the the Custom Fields in my option…After you said in a other page that we can modify directly in script.js “var atts = jQuery(‘ul.slides.full’).data(), speed = ((atts && atts.speed) || 13) * 1000, timeout = ((atts && atts.timeout) || 1.3) * 1000; // ms” I change the number 13 and the 1.3 but there is no difference….

Hello, cand you tell me the name of the font used for H1,H2, H3 and H5?... Is PT Sans Regular? Thanks

Yes, you absolutely right, is PT Sans by default

thank you Alaja!

Hello, Great Theme. I Have version 0.24. How do I update to the latest. Tried downloading and installing .zip to Wordpress but installation failed. Thanks

Thank you! You may install zip theme file (check that it’s a theme file not a theme package with manuals and etc.) through the WordPress. There’s also a plugin by Envato available, which makes the updating much easier


I have a quick question for you guys. I need to have certain pages to show a different top navigation menu. I created an additional menu and I need to figure out where to put some code in on the backend and then how to manage what pages show this second menu. Can you please help with that?

I’d really appreciate your help and quick response if possible.

Thanks! Anastasia

Hello Anastasia,

You may start from tile-head.php file. For the normal page the menu code is:
wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'main', 'container' => false, 'items_wrap' => '%3$s', 'fallback_cb' => false, 'depth' => 2 ))
and you can find it in the file we mentioned. So the next step is to add before this line your code with ‘else if’:
} else if (this is page we need) {
  code for your custom menu 
} else wp_nav_menu( array( 'theme_location' => 'main', 'co...

Hi there,

Before I purchase your great theme, is it possible to show a video on the homepage?

Thanks H

Hello Helene, unfortunately fullscreen slider doesn’t support video playback. Anyway, thank you for your interest in Anthe WordPress.

Hi, I love the theme! Using the single page template, I have a lot of empty space between the end of my journal (Buzz) and the menu & next page, About. Is there any way to either show a summary of the journal posts or eliminate the space?

Thanks for your help.

Thank you, this WP “More tag” may helps you

Hello. I have purchased your theme. For the Latest Works page, I love how there are 3 columns displaying the items. However on the Journal page, the items are in 2 columns. How can I make the Journal page display the items in 3 columns like it does in the Latest Works template?

Just created new Journal template for 3 items in a row. Please download this file, unzip it and put the .php file inside the Anthe theme folder.

Hi, is it possible to have two or more page for works/portfolio?

Anthe don’t have pagination for works/portfolio pages. But you may create any number of portfolios you need. Please use Category Filter option for each of your Works pages. Also you may proceed to Works > Categories and for each work category find the ‘View’ link on hover. This link will provide the unique works/portfolio page built only by this work category.

Is there a way to make a Fullscreen slider as the homepage and then be able to scroll down into another fullscreen slider? I tried to set the second page to a fullscreen slider but it just replaced the homepage.

1) You have to create a singlepage with help of Single Page Template (p 2.7.5 in documentation). This single page may have in its construction menu several fullscreen slider pages.

2) Set the singlepage you created as the homepage


Love the theme and the style of it.

However I’ve on issue with the fullscreen slider. I would like to add a logo, but for some reason it resized very awkwardly. Either it is too small or too large – At the moment it’s too small. How should I export the image file to make it in a right size? Also how it would be possible to add the logo on a slider image like shown in here –

Thank you!

Just make sure you provide the url of re-scaled logotype, you may check the URL just by visiting it in your browser. You may find the edited url after rescale at the top right in ‘File URL’ attribute.

thank you again! but is it possible to also control the position of the logo? as i mentioned before ideally i would like it to be line with the flowers.

There is no easy fix for the precise centering with various screens and logo sizes. But you may always change the logo image (add more transparent place to the bottom of it to place it up) in your favorite image editor.

Hi, I really need to add “aria-haspopup” attribute to sub menus, otherwise on touch devices it keeps opening the main

  • and gives me a blank page, because my content is listed in

      Please suggest me how to add this functionality otherwise I just need to go for another theme….

  • Do you add the script tag? If no, please read an article a bit more carefully.

    Fixed by myself, I added the mobile menu also in homepage. Thanks for very prompt replies btw! :) Thumbs up!

    Glad to hear! ;)

    Hi Alaja! I have launch my web project and works fine but on mobile devices I have a problem with index page. From an Iphone you don´t have access two submenu items. In my menu I create submenu items using ”#” links. Is this the correct way? How can I solve this problem? My website is I look forward to your reply since the website is online now. Thank you. Nicolas :)

    Hello Nicolas,

    Understand the problem. Maybe the better way is to return the mobile menu onto your fullscreen slider (as for other pages). To do that, please add these lines into Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:
    @media screen and (max-width:579px) {
      .full .head #menu-list-mobile { display:block }
      .full .head { display:none }
      .full .head .logo { position: absolute; top: -10px; left: 20px; }

    thank you Alaja!!! I’ll try this

    Thanks a lot! Solve it!

    Hi Alaja! Is it possible to have the anthe website in two languages such that a visitor can choose between different languages on the start site? Thank you!!


    By default WP don’t allow this, but you may use any of WP multi-language plugins, e.g. Polylang.