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Hi, my homepage has different background color from others. On computer looks fine, on mobile devices I see a 10px line at the top of the logo white, and I can’t find where to fix it.

Can you help me?

Can you provide a screenshot or an url to your site that we can help you better?

Site is currently under construction mode, but this is what I see if I login:

We can’t support the custom changes, but can recommend to change the background on fullscreen slider page through the
.slides.full { background: #abc }

Hi, I would like for the more complex version of my logo to appear on the last picture slider like your “The Anthe template est 1909” does in the live preview. I cannot find where to put this image. (From what I can tell it allows text not an image & I’d like my whole logo there).

Thanks for your time & help!

I figured it out – sorry!


1. I’m looking for a way to use a single, vertical image in the right section of a “work” item. Right now, I must use a gallery (I may use a gallery of a single image, but it’s not as convenient), and it crops it horizontally, which I do not want. (see here for example)

2. In the “journal” (blog/news) section, I need to be able to not add any image (neither a cover image nor a gallery of images inside). If I don’t add a cover image I can’t navigate to the single page (there is no “read more” link), and if I don’t add an image inside an article I get an ugly message on the right: “Place here an image gallery shortcode (Add Media ? Create Gallery) or video-page URL starting with http://" (see here).

Thanks! F.

Hi, Thanks for 2), I’ll see about 3). About 1): I’m looking for a way to always have the “read more” link present without having to add <!-more-> on each and every post. I know that I can just add <!-more-> to all my posts but since I want that on all the posts, I figured there might be a more global way of setting this.

About 3) above, can you at least tell me where to look, if not how to solve the issue? I couldn’t find the file that was resizing the uploaded images.



1) please open tile-item.php file inside the theme folder, find the line #23 and just replace

For thumbnails Anthe uses set_post_thumbnail_size WP function that you may find in theme / setup.php > setupTheme

I love the theme. My only bit of frustration is the blog template. It would be great if you could add a archive menu for the past months (my journal goes back for years). As well as a category section and a search function. The archive menu is the most important and the other two are secondary.

Thanks for such a beautiful theme!

Thank you,

Please download and unpack these files then add them (with replace) to Anthe theme folder. After that you will have the additional Journal template with sidebar (and journal sidebar in Widgets).

Thanks Alaja! Everything is perfect now & I LOVE it!

Hi, great theme.

Is there a way to add a previous arrow on the front page of the work page? This will of course show the border and title of the previous post/work. I want it to look the same as the next arrow. Grey, with black click state.

And also can i adjust the height of the featureimage on the frontpage of the work page?


Thank you, probably you need a small custom modification. We can recommend community

Hello. Instead, it is possible to put the video images do? The first screen (home) I would like to put the video in full screen.

Hello, unfortunately fullscreen slider doesn’t support the video playback.

Dear Alaja,

Thanks for the beautiful theme. One question though, where does the theme call for the numbers? Every (post/page) title begins with a number; like 01. 02. etc. Is there a way to get rid of these? Or to change these numbers in something else? Thanks in advance!

Thank you,

Just add these lines to Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS. (don’t forget to refresh the page manually to update browser styles cache)

.items .span span:first-child,
.titles .span span:first-child { display:none }

Hi Alaja,

I am trying to get link some of the words in the fullscreen slider template for the homepage. The theme seems to be bypassing HTML, is there a way of linking the text without hacking into the theme files? Thanks.


You may use some shortcodes at Main Copy & Footer Copy that can be linked:

[img src='http://imagepath' link='http://linkurl']
[button style=classic url='#url'] Button Caption [/button]

brilliant, thank you for your help and for this gorgeous theme : )

How can I get RSS feed from “Works” section?

URL to fetch RSS feeds for your works feed:

Also you may try some plugins to help you with that.

Hello, I would like to change the timing for the slide in my first page fullscreen, you said in page 7: “Please open your slides opening page for edit and activate the Custom Fields to show (Screen Options at top right) there you’ll see the “Fullscreen Slider Speed” & “Fullscreen Slider Timeout” values in seconds that you may change as you wish.” But I didn’t found the the Custom Fields in my option… After you said in a other page that we can modify directly in script.js “var atts = jQuery(‘ul.slides.full’).data(), speed = ((atts && atts.speed) || 13) * 1000, timeout = ((atts && atts.timeout) || 1.3) * 1000; // ms” I change the number 13 and the 1.3 but there is no difference…. THanks for your help….

Hello, I love this template but I need to change something. On every page the Image Fill Style option appears, but in WORKS there is no such option. Would it be possible to change it? How can I do? thanks :)

Thank you, for the Works page template image fill style is available as for other pages. If you need this option for Works and Posts, please proceed to Appearance > Theme Options > Style and check the Global Page Style (Display page style options for each Work & each Post) option.

Hello, how can i change Font Color in the Top Navigation ? And is it possible to make this theme Multilingual? Thanks a lot. =)

Kind Regards

Please use Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS:
.head li a { color:red }

Thanks a lot! Your Theme is perfect!

Hello, i would like to know how to add a custom image logo above my slider image on the home page, as shown on your example on the last slide? I tried with in the “Main Copy” text field but it just shows text, doesn’t render the image.


You may use shortcodes for slide texts (Main Copy & Footer Copy). For example [img] shortcode:

[img src='http://imagepath' link='http://linkurl']
Hi Alaja! Thanks for a great theme. My friend bought this theme and I’m helping set it up. His menu is set up the way he wants, but in the navigation he wants the sub-nav items to appear only on mouseover. They are currently always visible. Is it possible to hide the sub-nav until moused over? Thanks!

Thank you! You need to update theme version, as the dropdowns for multipage was available from v0.24.

To update, you may just replace the original theme folder on your server (all your content are contained in WP database so nothing will be lost). There’s also a plugin by Envato available, which makes the updating much easier

Hi there,

Just a quick question – my contact template isn’t producing a contact form on my contact page? Any help?



Hello Ellen,

Contact form produced by page content, so you may use it on any page you need. So when you edit the page, just click Shortcode Manager button and select here the Contact Page page example.

Hi there,

Can you please help me figure how to format my fullscreen slider images so that they resize properly for smaller screens and mobile devices? I searched this comment list and found the same response for several other questions regarding this topic, however I didn’t understand the answer. I’m hoping you can provide me with some a more specific solution.

Is there a preferable pixel dimension recommended for full screen slider images? I’ve tried widths from 1000px – 1440px on widths with varying heights. The lower res does not look as good on my wide screen, however none of the subject even shows up at any of the resolutions on a mobile device. I also tried playing with the image alignment options in the Insert Image dialog but those didn’t seem to have an effect.

Any other formatting I can do to view more of the center of the image (rather than just the extreme left corner) on a mobile device?

Thanks so much!

Hello and thank you for the question! You may try to upload the images with more than 1 point of interest (as we do for our demo example). At the end, the bg images in Anthe designed to be only the background for content, so the blurred style works perfectly for small and very wide screens.

Also we created a experimental fix to make the image positioning more convenient on small screens, please add these lines at Theme Options > Style > Custom CSS, maybe this will help:

.slides.full li[id^="rslides"] {
  top: -50%; 
  left: -50%; 
  width: 200%; 
  height: 200%;

.slides.full li img {
  min-width: 50%;
  min-height: 50%;
  right: 0; 
  bottom: 0; 
  margin: auto; 

Thanks. It did help a bit, but I ended up having to decrease the image to 1000px length and put the subject on the extreme left of the frame for it to work. I guess I understand that the fullscreen images are meant for background purposes only, but as I am creating a wedding website, I really want the focus to be on the couple. Still this is helpful and will come in handy as add more images. Thank you!

Dear developer, we are interested in the Anthe template, but first we won’t to know if the slider can be deleted? Thanks for answering, many greetings, from Dorothee Jennekens, Holland

Hello Holland,

Sorry, but which slider exactly? If you mean the fullscreen slider, so the slider is appears only on the pages that use ‘Fullscreen Slider’ template. So, until you don’t create such pages, you will not have the slider on your site.

Anyway, thank you for your interest in Anthe template.

Hi, I mean the opening slider (the homepage) can we skip that? Thanks for your reaction. Dorothee

Hello Dorothee, yes, the homepage built on ‘Fullscreen Slider’ page template. You may setup any other page as your homepage.

I downloaded this template yesterday. I edited a lot, but now, all content is centered to the left. How could I solve that? (Website is on localhost, so I don’t have a link.) Hope you could help me.

(Website was working correct, after some text editing, (only text editing, de whole theme is centered to the left.)

Sorry, we can’t support custom theme modifications. Also we don’t have any information what the change cause the problem

Dear Alaja,

Thanks for the great theme. One question though: The ‘works’ images on the homepage get cropped in height for some reason on a smaller screen. Is there a way to give these images a fixed height through css. Can’t seem to find the code anywhere.

Already tried;

.slides { max-height: none }

.media-container .slides { max-height: none } .media-container .slides li { margin: 0 }

But those go for the single post slides. The homepage slides fixed put on 360px.

Thank you! Please help us help you better you may send us your site URL (screenshot) privately at

Is there a size for the slideshow images that is better, my takes way to long to load, also is there any thing I can do to make it load quicker?

its even slower on the mobile version, images never really show up on mobile version.

Blurred JPEG images works for background excellent (about 1200×900px). And don’t have a decent size of file.

And mobile devices has a limits for single image sizes, check it here