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Discussion on Anthe

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Hello, I love this theme. I use both your wordpress version and now I am using the html version for some individual pages and a local presentation.

Using your file “multipage-about.html” I have made this one column and kept the photos full width. But I want to change the height for the photo on these pages. Is there an easy way to do this?

Thank you for your great template. Carla

Hello Carla and thank you! Can you provide the screenshot or site URL that we may help you better? We have to check the live site to see what exactly the fix you required.

Hello! My sub-menu pages are visible in a row under the top-level item. Is that intentional, or should they be hidden until the top-level nav is moused-over? I’d rather they be hidden until moused-over… Thanks! http://peterdavisbranding.com/

Hello, Anthe for WordPress (you have the wordpress version) start support the drop-downs from v0.24 (you have the initial v0.2).

HI alaja,

Is it possible to combine the single page template and the multi page templates?

Eg linking back from multipage a href index.html#kontakt?



You just can use id of the section after the hash-tag, e.g. http://html.alaja.info/anthe/index.html#process

Thank you for your prompt reply and a great template

Hi, I consider buying this theme. Looks great. Is it compatible with the Wordpress Multi Language Plugin? Thanks, Charlotte

Hi alaja,

where can I find the script to change the image delay in the slideshow?


I saw it, but I don’t seem to be able to locate that script.js… sorry for this.

Right inside your theme / template folder

Found it, thank you.

I seem to be having issues with the contact form. all of the info is correct but the form won’t send and sometimes it jumps to a blank section above the About section. This is on the One page version. I need help because I’ve gone live with the site and the form isn’t working. Meep!

I tested the multipage-kontakt and it worked. So I tried copying over the same form section and it still didn’t work on the single page.

FINALLY! Got it to work. Ignore my posts. Thanks!

It is possible to have the menu behave the same on mobile devices as it does on regularly scaled web browser, that is, have it “fix on scroll”?

This behavior exists in multi-page site templates. On the single page, menu doesn’t fixed due to single page design. You may start your customization from changing singlepage body class to multipage, adding the mobile menu part from multipage templates and small changes in css (removing .head.top { display:none } in style.css in part 8 – Media Queries & Responsiveness )


This is a great template, just one of the best! The form that came with this template functions very well.Unfortunately I am being spammed on a regular basis. Do you have or sell any added security measures for the PHP? Do you have this form with Captcha integrated? I off course will pay for this service.

Thank You,


Hello Dan, thank you very much! Unfortunately, not for now. If you need a custom modification of default template features, it would be a good idea to hire someone on the sites like elance.com, odesk.com etc. You sure that spam messages coming from the site form?

Hello, I love the template, I bought it yesterday. :) Beautiful template. I do have a question, the top menu doesn’t work in Android cell phone systems. Is there anything I can do to make it work?

Or perhaps, you could include a more detailed step-by-step instruction like you did for PrivateHQ up there in the comments (instruction which I cannot understand 100%).

Or… how do I remove it from the mobile version? Thank you!

Hello! Please help us help you better. Don’t work is don’t displayed or don’t do anything on tap? What android device do you have? You may contact us through the alaja.info/contact

Hello, I really like this theme but I am actually making an e-shop. Is it possible to have a plugging or something on it ?

You will need a custom modification, so it depends on developer skills. Anyway, thank you for your interest in Anthe!

Hi, I’ve installed Anthe for Joomla, and use it as one page. In the ‘Services’ sections, there 3 blocks of text which I would like to change in 4 blocks of text next to each other. Could you help me with this. When I change the style .vg-3-columns from 33,3% width to 25% with, nothing happens.

Please ask your question in appropriate item section (Anthe for Joomla).

Hi, I’m almost ready to publish my new site with your great template. I just need to resolve the following:

1) How can I manage to get the fullscreen slider responsive for mobile devices? Only the upper parts of the images are shown.

2) Also on the fullscreen page, the menu overlaps with my welcoming letters (on mobiles), what can I do about it? Is it possible to get the drop down menu from the beginning on?

3) The header titles are too big on mobile devices, any way to change that?

4) Finally, I want my gallery to be an auto slider and found that in your support, but it still won’t work:

[gallery autostart=”true” slider=”true” ids=”535,690,536,537,538,539,541”]

Many thanks for your help!

Hello Lisa! Please ask your question in appropriate section ( ‘Anthe for Wordpress’ theme comments located here http://themeforest.net/item/anthe-wordpress/4070793/comments )

Hi, I was wondering if you could advise me on how to fix the look of my site on an ipad screen or iphone (when in landscape orientation). The main full slide is off centre and sometimes only half of the central logo shows which looks very odd. My site is www.glasshouseproductions.co.uk. Is it possible to centre this main slide at all times on smaller devices? Thanks Daniel

Please add to the script.js file after the first line (var A = A || {}) this code https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a8ba343eb6151c106dcb This script updated to check the browser possibilities and turn on the cover of image by the browser engine itself (so it don’t slow the mobile device experience).