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Cool template! Very comfortable and elegant. :)

Thank you very much :)

what happen to the preview image?

I guess something went wrong with the preview images, I am working on it – just wrote to the support. Otherwise the theme files are all fine, the problem is just with the preview images.

It is all fine now, ThemeForest support was really quick :) Thank you guys!

Amazing template, very clean and professional. A lot of great work put in there, I congratulate you.

Only 2 things bother me: 1- It seems theres no option to take off the post data tags (date, posted in category, author etc.)

2- The headings are formated in italic, do you have a cufon option ? Let me know if theres a way to solve those issues, because Id really like to use this theme.

Thanks !


Thank you, I’m glad you like the theme :) Here are my answers:

1. You can very easily remove the post data with a small change in the code- I can tell you how to do it. I will add an option for this to be hidden in the next version of this theme.

2. This theme’s titles are not generated with Cufon, but with @font-face. If you don’t like the italic text it can be very easily changed to regular just with one line change in the CSS file.

really beautiful template great work mate..

Thank you :)

Considering your theme, how easy or difficult is it to add a different background option?

Also is it possible to not have the image previews showing, the strip below the slider that shows the other images?



Thank you for the interest!

Adding a new background is very easy – you can either replace one of the existing patterns that you are not going to use for sure, or just add the background image there and change just one number in the code.

Regarding your other question- if you are talking about the line with small preview images below the slider and you don’t need it- you can just use the Nivo fader- if you set its buttons to be hidden (very easily with option in the admin panel) you will have the same slider as the one on the home page, but without the images below. You can place this slider wherever you want :)

Thank you :)

Hey, loving the theme.

I have selected no Theme Pattern but I am still getting lines?

Do you know how I can fix this?



I’m glad you like the theme :)

The background that is generated there is almost invisible (especially on dark backgrounds) and maybe this is the reason for me not not notice that it is there when “None” selected. I’m sorry for the inconvenience- I will add this to my update list, however until the update is released you can very easily fix that by adding the following CSS in the “Style Settings -> Additional Styles” section of the Anthology Options page:

#slider-container,#page-title {

Great theme, a pleasure working with it.

Could you advise the shortcodes for the social networking icons?

Also, how do you add the featured preview images in the footer, as per the demo?

Thank you.


Thanks, I’m glad you like it :)

The social icon links are not generated by shortcodes, this is the Links widget that is built in WordPress- you can add links from the Links section of the admin panel- set the link URL , title, description, category and image to the link. Then you just have to drag and drop the Links widget to the desired sidebar in the Widgets section.

Regarding the Footer images- this is the Pexeto’s portfolio posts loader widget included with the theme. You can read about using it in the Widgets Included section of the documentation.

In addition to my above questions, whats the best way to embed video links, Vimeo in particular, into blog posts.

Is there a custom field setting or another way to do so.

Many thanks in advance.

It depends on how you would like to embed the video. If you would like to do it via lightbox, you can use the lightbox shortcode:

[lightbox href="http://image-url.jpg" desc="This is the description"]Image goes here[/lightbox]

If you would like to embed the video in the content of the posts (to be opened as the post is opened), then the easiest way to embed the video would be if you use a plugin – here is a link with the WordPress plugins tagged with the word “vimeo”, you can select the one that will best suit your needs:


I have this theme installed, but cannot change any of the appearance settings, such as logo or style, i.e. Red 1/Pattern 6. Whatever change I make doesn’t have an effect on the appearance. Any ideas?


This is a bit strange – I have tested it on several installations and it has been working fine, so I guess it might be something related with your installation. Sometimes there are plugins that do strange things to the WordPress installation, so can you please try to deactivate all the plugins you have (if you have any) and check if this will work fine. If you are still experiencing a problem, can you please send me some login details via my user profile contact form so I can have a look?

Owner of your Perception theme here. Your themes have great functionality and flexibility. I am very happy with it.

Loving this one too and considering buying it. But is there any way to change the default Serif font into a sans serif font?




First of all- thank you, I’m glad you like my themes :)

Yes, you can very easily change the font of the theme- there isn’t an option for the font (although I am planning to add one in the next update), but there is an “Additional Styles” section where you can insert whatever styles you need there – I can let you know about how to do it.

Hi there,

Great theme!

I just wanted to ask a few question before:

1) I read above that you are using font-face instead of cufon – looking at the theme the font doesn’t appear to have that same great smoothness than cufon has – does font-face do that?

2) I always fine it hard to imagine my blog in a template that has feature images as none of my blog post contain any – can you a) show a post without a featured image b) show a blog post without a featured image and lots of various images within it, just like a regular everyday post.

3) My portfolio posts don’t have a sidebar, however i notice that a portfolio post in your theme does. This is generally because I like to use a full width feature image for my work. I know I could use a page for this but this always causes issues with trying to pull pages into portfolio galleries. Is there an option to remove sidebar for portfolio posts?

4) Do you do custom work and what is your day/hour rate?



Thank you for the interest, I’m glad you like the theme :) Here are my answers:

1) I think that with font-face the font looks even better and what I like most is that the heading is easily selectable.

2) For a) and b) – yes, you can. You can set whatever content you like to your blog posts and featured images are not mandatory.

3) Yes, there is. In the Anthology Options page there is an option for setting portfolio page layout- you can select between right sidebar, left sidebar and full width.

4) I am really busy those days, so I don’t think I will have any free time to do any additional work, I’m sorry.

great thanks!

for 2) can you actually put some posts in the demo that are just random layouts of images and text without a feature? I would like to see how it handles it


On the second page of the blog there is a post without a featured image set:

In the Elements section you can see how the different image layouts look like:

The nivo slider isn’t working for me… it just stays on one image Any idea why it just stalls, and there aren’t buttons to move to the next image. Also, I keep getting this message:

Webpage error details Message: Object doesn’t support this property or method Line: 109 Char: 6 Code: 0 URI :

Any Suggestions?


This might be caused by any additional code inserted to the theme or a plugin you have installed, so you can try to remove all the additional code(plugins) you have and check if it will work. If it still doesn’t work please feel free to send some login details so I can have a look at your WordPress settings.

Hi, great theme.

But i can’t find any psd or documentation :-( My uploaded images for the slider are not shown :-(

Sorry, i am a newbie in editing wordpress themes… :-)


When you unzip the file that you have downloaded, you should see folders called “documentation” and “photoshop_files”. This is where the documentation and PSD files are located.

Regarding the images on the slider- do you press the “Save Changes” button after you have inserted the images. And if so, when you go to the slider section of the Anthology Options page, do you see the images inserted there?


I love your theme. But I have a problem with the rotating images when i install a plugin using javascript. For instance events manager 3.0.3. Can you solve this?



Can you please privately send me some login details via my user profile contact form so I can have a look?

Hi, thanks a lot.

When you unzip the file that you have downloaded, you should see folders called “documentation” and “photoshop_files”. This is where the documentation and PSD files are located.<

Of curse… Thanks :-)

Regarding the images on the slider- do you press the “Save Changes” button after you have inserted the images. And if so, when you go to the slider section of the Anthology Options page, do you see the images inserted there?

Sometimes yes, sometimes not. And if so, the thumbs doesn’t link to the big picture :-( The Nivo Slider does nothing ….

Ma be, i delete all files of wordpress and start complete new? But it takes a lot of time… Or, i should use the html-version of this great theme?!?

I just can’t believe it! michifx

Hi again,

You don’t need to delete the files and start again- I am sure it is something small- can you please provide a link to your site?

Thanks a lot! This url is not offical yet. Do you have any other information to provide a link of this site? THX

Yes, you can privately contact me via my user profile contact form.

I think this theme would be great for my website and blog integration. However, I am completely new to wordpress and its themes.

1) Is it possible to add a logo to the ‘header’ where the word ‘Anthology’ is listed?

2) Is this theme good for SEO

3) Can a newbie like me personalize it fairly easily?

Thank you!


Thank you for the interest! Here are my answers:

1) Yes, this is just an image there so you can insert whatever you like there.

2) Yes, there are some basic SEO optimizations included.

3) Yes- this theme is very easy to customize. Additionally there is a very detailed documentation included which contains the main customization instructions with screenshots and examples.

Thank you! I just emailed you as well, so you can ignore that. :)

I appreciate your help.


Quick question – is there a way to get rid of the stitched area/ thumbnail area below the main slider image if I just want one static image. is what im working on at the moment, let me know when you can – thanks!


It would be easier for you to use the Nivo slider- it has the same main image structure, but it has no thumbnail line below the main image and no code changes will be needed there.