Discussion on Antro - Creative Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Antro - Creative Portfolio Theme

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Hey there!

Multiple problems I need help with.

1) I imported the elementor import and got a “Failed” for multiple of the import items. 2) I am getting a “there has been a critical error on your website” message when installing plugins, not sure why. 3) My home page does not reflect the demo import what so ever. 4) When I try to edit a page with Elementor, it prompts me to “Get_Content” and will not allow me to edit anything.

A private ticket has been submitted under PRIVATE TICKET #3187107

Hello Jon, responded to your ticket. Thanks

I also recently bought this theme and really would want the latest support for wordpress 6.1x etc, I also posted a ticket and am waiting on a response.

Our support team was in a 2 days break, we appreciate your patience. To speed up things what’s the ticket #? We will process your ticket tmrw. Thanks

Any eta on when the theme will be updated to the latest WordPress version? ticket is: #3163450

Responded to your ticket. Our live demo runs on latest WordPress. http://clapat.ro/themes/antro-wordpress/ Thanks

Hej ClaPat, one of my customers has chosen Antro as base for a new project. But I read that it was not updated for a long time. Are you planning to upgrade this theme to work with WordPress 6.1? Best, Mario

Hi, We will update it asap. Best regards

Hi is this theme compatible with the new elementor container? I need to buy it.

Hi there, we have demo content built with Elementor. Thanks

Hi dear

Thanks for your chick reply however i was asking if the theme is compatible with the new Elementor Flexbox Containers or do you plan adding this compatibility sin elementor has made it clear that they will be switching from section to container before the end of this year.

The demo content is focused on sections rather than flexbox containers, since they are still an experiment in Elementor. This being said you have 14 days return policy to see if the theme fits your needs. After that we consider you have used the theme long enough. Thanks

Fantastic! I am also waiting for the wordpress version. Congratulations on starting to follow the path of integration with GSAP, because the direction of design is that … Alberto

Thank you Alberto


teyfs Purchased

Hello, is there any way to edit the white background color value by default?

Yes, hi, if you open /js/scripts.js in function header.php you will see between lines 79-83 $antro_bknd_color_attribute = "#ffffff"; if( $antro_bknd_color == "light-content" ){ $antro_bknd_color_attribute = "#141414"; } so replace the coloe code #ffffff Thnaks

teyfs Purchased

Perfect thanks :)

Hey guys, I just got the Antro theme and Installed it on Wordpress following your guide. Before installing Antro I had a free theme from Wordpress. Now once you look at the website, it seems Antro is mixed with the previous theme. I deleted the previous theme but I doesn’t fix it. What can I do to solve this problem? Thanks!


Hello, you just need to create a page with Portfolio Mixed page template. Thanks

Awesome, I’ll check that. Can you please help me to solve the 404 error problem? Don’t know what’s happening.

For sure, if you can use the support ticket for communication. Thanks

Hello, is there any way to remove the Antro logo on the top left?

Hi, easiest with CSS

#logo { display: none; }

in customizer -> additional CSS


Hi, Everything looks perfect!

Only one detail emerged:


I just tested the hero video, even using the MP4 and WEBM version, the mobile version doesn’t work.

Even on your example site.

Can you tell me how to fix this?

3. Link to portfolio project via ajax.

Is there any way to create a special link, to link another image directed to a project, in the portfolio, to open via ajax?


Please open a ticket on https://clapat.ticksy.com/ and our support team will try help you. Provide your website url and more details.


Ticket sent yesterday: #3007168

Thank you!

Hi guys, Congratulations on this amazing template.

I only have 2 questions before purchasing:

1. Is there a link to the documentation so I can take a look? 2. Do you plan to keep this template always up to date?

Thank you so much for this! I will buy soon after your answer.


Documentation link: http://clapat.ro/themes/antro/documentation/

We always keep our themes up to date

Best regards

Thanks a lot!

If I click on the next page url on bottom page below before scrolling the page completely, the page transition animation does not work correctly.

Does this happen on our demo or on your site and if the latter can you provide the site URL? Thanks

It happened both on your demo and on my site. Hero page goes up in jerks. Sorry for my english

Hi There,

I am having issues with the theme, it is not displaying as shown in the demo. Some of the effects are missing including the menu is showing up in the nav bar. All the demo content has not been uploaded properly. It is missing alot of details.. would you be able to help

Hi, please open a ticket on clapat.ticksy.com and provide wp admin access. Thanks

I have already provided the details in the other chat platform

Hi, is it possible to change the font style of the team member name inside the “Team Members” widget to a thicker one?

Hi there, you can change the team member name font attributes with:
.team-member {
    font-size: 48px;
    font-weight: 400;
    line-height: 80px;
in customizer -> additional CSS. Thanks

Great! Thanks again for the help!

Hello. Is it possible to somehow change the order of the portfolio items on the landing page?

Hi there,

Either you backdate the portfolio items (recommended)


or you can use post reorder plugin such as this one:



Great! Thanks for the help!

Hello. I have a question about the landing page, is it possible to have the portfolio in the middle of the page? So you can start with some text and pictures above the portfolio and when you scroll further the portfolio is visible. Is the portfolio an elementor addon or is it backed in to the page settings? Thanks in advance.

Hi there, Only after the portfolio grid. The landing page is a actually a page template. The content that comes after portfolio thumbnails can be created with Elementor.

We have a 14 days return policy and we can install demo data free of charge. This will give you a snapshot of our live demo, so you can check to see how it works.


Hi, I have used the contact form from the template. However, I cannot seem to find where those messages would go. I thought it’d be connected to my email but there aren’t there. Any tips?

Hi, it should go to the email address specified in contact form 7 settings: https://contactform7.com/setting-up-mail/

Hi, I have just realised that within my URL the antro name is displayed, I want to have this removed as it makes the URL way too long in case i want to forward it. I have tried to understand the plugin WP Hide & Security Enhancer – Setup, but I cannot seem to do it. So I was wondering how to change fron: https://merelfrederiek.com/?antro_portfolio=personal-identity to https://merelfrederiek.com/personal-identity if possible?

Kind regards


You can go to customizer -> portfolio settings to change the custom slug. Just enter your own and after saving the changes go to Settings -> Permalinks and press ‘Save’ to refresh them.

In order to completely remove it you may want to use a plugin:


glorious, once again thanks of the help!

You are welcome!

Hi, I am having trouble with one of my pages. Whenever I go to the list display of my portfolio, it does not stop loading and certain elements are missing. Could you help?

But as mentioned, the website says: “Sorry, this system isn’t ready for ticket submissions yet. Please come back later!”. I cannot even submit a private ticket…

With his link? shouldn’t be the system is up and running. https://clapat.ticksy.com/

Thanks, that link works, I was here: http://www.clapat.ticksy.com/submit/ which did not. I shall submit a private ticket

Portfolio Categories ARE BROKEN

Portfolios Items can be split into Categories. ALL Showcase​s including Creative, WebGL, and Vertical respects this and does filter only the selected/related Categories picked…

BUT THERES NO POINT When the “next” portfolio item in the footer of each portfolio page DISREGARDS the categories, and links through to ALL portfolio items, making the CATEGORIES USELESS

Unless have just 1 portfolio, this theme is not made for categories

A SERIOUS FLAW, for otherwise great theme, please fix this!!

“Exactly the issue” bottom navigation belongs to the CURRENT portfolio item REGARDLESS IT WAS SUPPOSEDLY LINK FROM A CATEGORY, the footer linking to ALL global items breaks the concept of any Category SO theme is catered to JUST 1 PORTFOLIO and if want anything else need custom work

Correction: Theme is catered to JUST 1 HOMOGENISED PORTFOLIO WITH NO CATEGORIES and if want anything else need custom work, apologies thou its a great theme but this is an undeniable flaw

You can filter all the portfolio templates category wise. You can display only the categories you want in every portfolio template page. the bottom Next navigation will go to the next portfolio item in forward or reverse chronological order. Hopefully this clarifies. Best.

Hi, with elementor builder how to use css class animation like gutenberg editor ?

For almost all Antro widgets you have the ‘Has animation’ attribute. Thanks


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