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Really nice.

Thank you :)

Hello, I purchased this theme. It is very confusing how to edit the slider, I cannot seem to add an element to the slider without it being the class “caption custom_text_link lfl stl”. :mad: The top menu is also very limited with the amount of text on each dropdown menu, over 7-8 characters and it will lower the it to the next line like a <.br.> does. (added the dots to show up in this forum.) Please communicate via email so we can get this working – I love the theme but I’ve never had this much of a problem editing one. Your document doesn’t seem to help either.


Hi SnowFalls, thanks for your purchase, regard the slider, I have included in the download the complete documentation of the plugin, and there are various experiments in how to get the effects.

Here: http://www.themepunch.com/codecanyon/revolution_wp/ you can see in real time all the various animations and more.

For the menu and sub-menu dropdown, you can change the width of the elements inside main.css.

Great job Bluxart. Good luck with sales!

Many thanks :D

Awesome work! GLWS :)

Thanks :)

Awesome theme, good luck with sales!

Thanks :)

Very nice theme! I have been looking for a theme of this style for a long time. There are a few things that are preventing me from getting it though. I’m aware this was released today, but here is my feedback so far:

- I tested the mobile version with a Nexus 4 and a iPad 3rd gen, the button to open and collapse the menu is good, but the touch area is too small. I found myself having to retap it several times to get the desired action on both devices. A little less on the Nexus 4 though but this is still a huge issue in my opinion. Perhaps you could increase the size of the touch area.

Video of the issue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0EPgoi2H2Q

- The speed of the slideshow on the homepage is clunky on both mobile devices.

- The speed of the portfolio on the homepage (Latest Works) is slow compared to the control in the actual portfolio section. I don’t know if this is caused by the heavy slideshow.

Regards, wisdom

Hi wisdom, thanks for your feedbacks.

I tested the template on iPad 2gen, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

The problem of slowness is due to the animations of the slider, have an ‘random’ effect and then use a lot of CSS3 transitions.

For me is impossible see the video because it is private.

For the menu button is a small issue and thanks for your testing :)

Sorry about that, you should be able to see the video now!

Does the slider have more standard animations that don’t tend to bog down the device?

A bug quite annoying :)


This is the slider plugin, in their official website there is a preview of all the animations, there are many, including the simple fade and slide effect.

Fantastic work. Congrats man ;)

Thanks :)

Stunning work! ;)

Thank you!!! :)

Really nice theme, congrats!

Does it exist a Wordpress version of this theme?

Thanks :) I’m already working on a Wordpress version of this theme :)


I want to add a phone number right on top ! pretty visible. I will be making a Towing Company website. How do i add that. I really like the site tho.

Also, when is the Wordpress version coming out?

I saw similar item on other marketplace, does exclusive author allowed to sell one item on many places?

I’m a not esclusive Author, I have made the request before sell here! I have to wait 30 days to be removed the icon of the author exclusively!

You never replied.. to me.

Hi, I do not know when it will be available the wordpress version but I’m working on this.

For the other question, to enter the number at the top, you need to edit the html, css and responsive files.

Just create a div insert your content, assign a class at your div and modify the css.

Hi, for changing colour?? Thanks!

Hi, for changing colour?? Thanks!

You can change color in main.css file

Sorry to hassle you bud, I may well purchase this awesome work just what I have been looking for…

However before I do and excuse me for hassling, but how far have you got with the WP development, e.g. is it months, weeks, days away?

Cheers bud… Flat design is the latest craze that’s for sure


Hi Rich, I can not say with absolute certainty, I hope by the end of this month.

No worries bud, any new exciting features going into it that are not on the current HTML version?

I make small changes in design, you can be used after the all post format, a theme control panel to change some option of the theme, shortcodes etc.

New elements there are none, it is based on HTML version, but with the help of a few options.

Love the template man! Really clean work. No regrets.

Couple questions.
    I noticed you pushed an update on the 10th. I already started editing my template so I can’t overwrite the whole thing. Which file should I replace?
    • There seems to be a small bug with the fullscreen header image on chrome and safari. On a monitor 1920 or over, the header image loads about 200 pixels lower than normal. If I refresh, it sets itself in the right place. I’m referring to the header images in blog post page, portfolio detail page, etc.. Super minor but slightly annoying.
    • Great work.

Thanks balindsieber :)

I sent out a new update now, will be available in a few days, you should replace the file main.js to correct the bug in chrome and safari.

The demo is already correct.

For the previous update I changed the main.css file, responsive.css for a problem to the menu. if you download the package now (before they do the upgrade) should be a simple guide to upgrade files.

Thanks man! One more question.

What are the chances we could get an Instagram icon?

I insert instagram icon into Wordpress Version, in the next updated i insert instagram icon for HTML version.

Great design!

I have a quick question before purchasing, I’m designing for a site that cannot have any javascript for security purposes. Obviously things like the slider and other things would have to be replaced, I suspected that. When i disable java on my browser, the site looks relatively fine compared to when it’s enabled. My question is how difficult would it be to gut the site of all javascript and would the site be functioning after I have done that?


Obviously without JavaScript many of the elements not working (fancybox, slider, accordion, toggle, filter portfolio, etc.).

We’ll have to make some changes to the css file to fix the sub-menu and other small-things.

The file that controls all the javascript plugin is the main.js, the rest are all plug-ins that are loaded.

Hi Bud, apologies if your busy…

Sent you an email from your amazing website :-) wondered if you have a chance to reply.

Also interested in purchasing Chakra, what are the main differences between Chakra and Brushed? – I may want to mix a few of the features of both – possible? (don’t suppose there is a WP version of these 2 anytime soon?).

Plus I also love your own websites loading animation and wondered if you may explain how this was done.

Anyway look forward to hearing from you re my email – seriously hoping you can oblige me on it, maybe even talk a price etc?

Cheers and keep up the amazing work Rich

My email is richard.pearson@me.com, would be really grateful if you could let me know what you think re your site, if you email me we can talk more (price etc) :-) – cheers Rich

Ok, Chakra bought as well :-)

Having a few issues with my email, did you get my response ok bud?