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I am sorry I am not an expert at these things. But is there a way you can insert the phone number please?


Come promesso l’ho comprato!.. :-) Complimenti, molto bello, un responsive eccellente! Ciao Vittorio Delli Ponti

Thanks :)

Hi, I just downloaded your theme, but i can not get it to work. When i try to upload it to wordpress it says that the style.css is missing?

Hi mariaskj this is a HTML Template not Worpdress Theme.

Anubis Wordpress Versione is Out!

Anubis WP

Hi, the font icons don’t show up for me, instead I’m getting ? (see image link below). They display fine in your live preview. I’ve been at this for hours but can’t work it out. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


What browser do you use?

I’ve tried it using Firefox & Safari (latest versions). Thanks for the quick reply.

if you have not bought an original license is possible that the files are corrupted.

Hi i just bought this template, thinking it was a wordpress theme. It was under the wordpress category in themeforest i found it. Is there a way to get this refunded, so i can buy the wordpress version, and not this html version?

To get a refund you contact the Envato Support.


How can I get access to the PSD files? Is this possible?


Any chance of a reply??


Sorry for the later response but no the template don’t have the PSD files.

Was testing this and noticed the input placeholders don’t work in IE 8 or 9.

Hello Amie, very strange i test now the template in IE9 and the placeholder function with a simple fallback.

You have a link for view the problem?

Ciao Bluxart!

Loving the template!! Having a html version is so much easier than digging around in wordpress to find the snippets I need to change when wanting to customise.

Can you help me out on a question? I would like to use an image as my logo as it is hand illustrated (ie. not possible to swap with a google font), but I can’t work out how to make the logo image responsive…I’ve added and img tag inside the ‘logo’ div but it just stays the same size when the browser is resized. Can you suggest how I might go about fixing this so that the logo resizes with the browser – like all the images do?

grazie mille

Sorry to bother you, but how do I get the contact form to work? Thank you

Hey. Love the template.

Couple tweaks I’d love to see in the next update:

- Embedded video player adds two horizontal black bars at the top and bottom. Can we get rid of these? See example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17161098/videoBlackBars.png
- Full width images on the About, Blog-Single, and Single-Project pages, are aligned to the top rather than aligned to the vertical center. On monitors with 1920 width, the bottom half of the image is cut off. The image centers itself once you refresh the page, but I'd prefer it was properly centered when you first arrive.

Example of how it is: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17161098/alignmentWrong.png Example of how it should be: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/17161098/alignmentRight.png

The twitter plug in no longer works. I thought it might be something I had done, but downloaded your template again and it doesn’t work :/

Hi Bluxart

The comments form is on the single post blog page is not working. Can you have a look at this please?

Cheers Amanda

Why is the site so long to long on mobile? It can take up to 10 seconds before you can actually use the menu.

Hi, thanks for a great template!

I have a question about having multiple pulldown menus on one page. When i use two pulldown menu’s on one page and click one of them they both open up. What can i do so just one opens when i click on it?

Thanks in advance!

What’s up Bluxart, What’s up everybody,

Bluxart, Thanks for your efforts and wonderful job!

Everybody, did anyone figure out how to get a contact form to work as well as to get to work a twitter widget?

Both of them do not seem to work. The twitter account has a .js file with setting, but twickering those (adding twitter name) doesn’t help. As for the contact form I suppose there should be a php form, but there is none.

Ciao, I’ve bought the theme and I’d like to know if there is a way to get a working Twitter widget- thank u

Hello, Good Morning, everything is good on this version, but is it possible to make the blog pages responsive sir? cause i thought this one can work comparing to wordpress version, i am hopping cause if not i am planning to buy the wordpress version. Thank you sir

The blog pages is responsive, mate.

The way you “guarantee” support is a shame. I like the theme but there is no way I will purchase this theme when your support is bad as hell.

You should consider changing the way you give support. At least answer every single comment.

Oh, and update this theme as there are customers waiting for, for example, a working Twitter widget.