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This is my favourite admin skin on themeforest – love all the javascript!


Thank you!

Great one – and one that I am now running to get my wallet to buy!

Very nice liked it a lot

Thank you, i have added a lot effects to let you see whats possible in a admin skin/theme!


Looks great. Can this be used on commercial scripts (to be sold)? I’m a coder and I would love to offer it to my clients.

Well you can read all about the license here (Web Service Licence )


“For example, you may incorporate the product in a brochure you design for a client. An unlimited number of copies of the brochure incorporating the product may be made but the product cannot be incorporated in any other application.” (standard use license)

That would fall into my request, wouldn’t it? One license per product I code and put for sale.

I am not really familiar with the licenses so the best thing you can do is place a thread on the forum here or contact the support then you know it for sure!


I don’t understand what it is for, is it for WP or something hehe :)

This is a (html)admin skin, so no WP ;) .


What wysiwyg editor is used ?


Thanks dude.. by the way.. This is a nice admin panel.. I’m gonna buy it some time soon.. :) just to support you

Thank you!!

This skin looks good – but the live preview is not working in ie. Is this just a problem with the preview?

Thats weird. I have tested it. I think its a kind of error in the code, i have protected the live preview so that the code can not be stolen.

I will fix it!!

Thanks for telling me!

Yes it was a error in the protect code but only in the login page. It has been fixed!

Looking very good – it is definitely one that I am considering buying Just one question as I am currently working on my “back office” code, do you have an idea to include some kind of dashboard in this template.