Discussion on AP Alaska - Responsive Bigcommerce Theme Template

Discussion on AP Alaska - Responsive Bigcommerce Theme Template

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I am interested in purchasing this theme for my bigcommerce store but am concerned about the version it supports. Can you please advise when this was last updated? Big Commerce has made quite a few changes over the last year. Thank you,

Please send us email to apollotheme@gmail.com, let us check

Demo is down and I’d like to see it.

Please send us email to apollotheme@gmail.com, let us check

I had selected this theme for my site SpeakerJournal

Thank you so much

Demo link broken, reported 2 months ago. HARD PASS.

Hello, now we don’t sell this template

We use Alsaka theme on our site I have just been talking to support and it seems there is a bug.

Take this product for example: https://meyerthehatter.com/top-sellers/bruno-capelo-princeton-red-bottom/

The “add to cart” button is missing on a lot of products. It turns out that is the default selection is out of stock, then no matter what variation you click on it only shows “add to wish list”

big commerce said: I think that the button may be missing due to the default option being out of stock. If you click Variations > “Configure Options” when editing the product, the default option selected (BLK/RED and M) are is currently out of stock- If you change the default to an option that is in stock, the button should re-appear. This is likely a theme bug, I apologize about that.

To temporarily fix this, I had to take away the default selections.

How can we fix this. Thanks!

Please send us email to apollotheme@gmail.com, let us check

Hi, as suggested I sent an email with this information but I have had no response.

Please let me know your email

Not Found The requested URL /demo/bigcommerce/alaska/ was not found on this server. Would like to see a preview.

sorry, now we don’t sell this product

I bought this theme this morning for our business. I have used many different web based themes just never for big commerce. Our POS system is compatible with it so we are switching. my page builder won’t work. I get this notification “Widgets cannot be added to this page because it does not contain regions. To add regions, please refer to widget documentation.”

I have searched forums all morning attempting to add regions. nothing has worked so far. I was not trying to add any widgets just use the basic page builder to design the site.

HI , Sorry for the late reply . Please send me to mail of you I will send the file as soon as the update is completed Regards!


I would like a refund on this, it did not work in BigCmomerce like I hoped it would and was not easy to use.

07eac773-91a6-4b7a-b82a-5c79022921e1 – 28 Feb 2021


Dear sir, Please unzip file and use file in folder theme to install. It work with bigcommerse

It is not supported by bigcommerce, you cannot use the editor/builder and it is not easy to use. I would like a refund because I will not be using this theme. I already got a bigcommerce theme. Please advise or ill contact my credit card company.

Dear sir, We support editor and bilder Please send us email to apollotheme@gmail.com to get guide

I would like a refund, this isnt easy to edit / use.


Please send me list you want to edit, we will support you, apollotheme@gmail.com

I already started using a bigcommerce theme. So id like a refund.

Our template supoprt bigcommerce why you don’t use our template

Hello, I am interested in AP Alaska for Bigcommerce. I would like to ask you about the badges on the product photos. As I see at the demo, there is a “Sales” badge. I am planning to add “Free Shipping” and “Discount” badges.

Could you please let me know if I can add these kinds of badges on the photos?

Thanks, Anastasios

Dear sir, That is custom theme request, if you want to use new Icon, you should create tag and add code to check exist tag of product

Hi, We are using bigcommerce. If buy your theme, how we will upload it in to bigcommerce. Please advise. Thanks

We have guide, please buy download zip file and read guide to install

Am I able to customize the background colors of the pages? For instance, instead of a plain white background, could I make it gray or royal blue, etc? Or could I use an image as my background? Thank you.

Yes, Please contact us via apollotheme@gmail.com with invite to your shop, we will guide you

is there a out of stock option to display on the website? people are calling me non stop asking me why there is only add to wish list option and doesnt say out of stock

Dear sir, could you please send us email directly to apollotheme@gmaill.com

Reviews are not rendering quotes. They are displaying them as ” instead of ” seems to be happening with other symbols as well.

Dear sir, please send us email to apollotheme@gmail.com

I have to be able to edit with widgets. I am getting this error. How do I reslove? Widgets cannot be added to this page because it does not contain regions. To add regions, please refer to widget documentation.

Please update theme to latest version, send us email to apollotheme@gmail.com

Hi, So I’m trying to upload the theme to big commerce and it’s saying the file is too big. Is there anything I can do to shrink it? its capped at 50 MB

Please unzip file, and use file in folder theme

The individual products page does not have a prev/next button for scrolling through the product images. How can this be added?

Hi mate,

Thank you for reaching out. Please send your issues with your shop information to apollotheme@gmail.com, so we can check & help you.


Hi guys 5268d564-4b6c-4e57-82e2-84ebdfabc64e I can’t upload this theme to BigCommerce because it’s more than 50MB. How do I use this? How do I get this up thru BigCommerce? ian@studiomundi.com thank you

Dear sir, please unzip your file you download, then you can use file in folder theme

How can I add widgets to the homepage (like Instagram feed) without regions?

Hello, I have contacted yourselves through the email address and I have not received a reply. I do not know why this comes with 6 months support when I am experiencing issues with this theme and no one is around to help.

On the sales page how do I have the triangular sales icon to appear? The products are in the sale category and the default and sale prices have been entered however this is not pulling through to the front end of our website.


Please advise. Many thanks, Guru

Hi mate,

Can you please provide your email address, so will check & tell you asap.



I do not feel comfortable to publicly display my email address.

It is fabio@*guru.com

OK, thank you. We will check & tell you in your mail.


Hello, I have contacted yourselves several times through the email you have provided and I have not even received an email to say you have acknowledged my email. You can see I have purchased this theme yet you still fail to provide me with support….. I asked a basic question so why can’t you answer it for me?!

Is this the answer you want? Regards!

Yes, that is exactly what I was after! Thank you!

Sound goods ! Thank you for let us know


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