Discussion on Ap Alaska Shopify Responsive Theme

Discussion on Ap Alaska Shopify Responsive Theme

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Still waiting on my refund. Sent you a screenshot of error

please unzip the file and upload it in the theme folder

This won’t upload to Shopify, please refund

please send to apollotheme@gmail.com, let us check

Hello, we can help for you ?


In the process of using the template, I found that the buttons on the shopping cart page need to be adjusted. Please help me solve this problem. Here is our site : https://dressself-fr.myshopify.com/

Thank you, Amber

I dont see you bought my theme + support plan, please capture payment and send us to apollotheme@gmail.com

Can you please just let me know where I can edit the color of the text in my footer? https://www.ncbfstore.org/ You’ll see under ‘Store Information’ this text is hidden because it’s the same color as the background: “For festival info, call: (877) 442-5666” I’ve looked through every file within the theme and can’t find it anywhere. Thanks!

Hi mate,

Thank you for reaching out, please send your issues with your shop information to apollotheme@gmail.com, so we can check & help you


what size of the picture will be good for computer and phone cuz on the phone I see a half picture?

Hi mate,

Thank you for using our theme, please refer this video to know how to check the image size: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k46AJMVibvE&list=PLnA4OSFhnLatK2OJplmeobyAztdnu2qD1&index=16


and home page 2 has broken HTML how do I fix it?

Hi Tiki,

Thank you for using our theme, please send your issues with your shop information to apollotheme@gmail.com, so we can check & help you


I bout the Alaska Shopify theme and its 100 MB Shopify has LIMIT TO 50 MB what do I do I can’t upload the theme

Hi Tiki,

Thank you for using our theme, please extract the downloaded package, then go to theme folder, select & upload homepage which you like it


thank you and is there a way to make bigger the logo it comes very small?

Hi Tiki,

Could you please send your issues with your shop information to apollotheme@gmail.com, so we can check & help you


Hi, do you still support this theme? Because the latest update was made in May 2018.

Yes, of course, this theme still run fast and good

Please respond to me

Hi mate,

Please make sure send mail to apollotheme@gmail.com. Also please provide us your email address, so we can check & tell you

Regards !

Hi the theme is messed up. I want the christmas one but nothing is displaying correctly?

Pleasse help

Hi Katoon,

Thank you for using our theme, could you please send your issues with your shop informations to apollotheme@gmail.com, so our technical team can check & help you to solve

Regards !


the homepage nr. 5 is completely buggy, can you guys please fix it, I can’t use it. If you click on “Featured Collection” and don’t add an collection than it look totally awesome but if you add any collection the pictures are completely buggy and not on the right places anymore.

I would love to hear from you!

Best wishes Jonas

Dear sir, we will fix for you, please send me your shop url + email + password to apollotheme@gmail.com

Hello, how can I update my theme? without losing smth…

thank you!

Hi mate,

The newest version (upgrade section) have many change in the codes, and we can guide you step by step. Currently, you can only upload the newest file theme to update, sorry for this inconvenience.

Regards !

where is this upgrade section ?

Hi mate,

It is upgraded in many files, if you need know, you can compare two folders (we use Beyond compare 3) to know those files

Regards !


I want to get an Cart Page with your Alaska Theme but there is only drawer and modular.

Can you please tell me how i can change that? Or even help me out?

Sincerely, Jonas

Hi Vium,

Thank you for using our theme, you can go to Customize theme -> Cart page -> uncheck Enable Ajaxify Cart to use Cart page instead ajax cart

Regards !

Hello, I’m very interested in buy this theme to start my ecommerce business, but i have some questions.

1-Can this template be used for a makeup store? 2-Do you have any special templates for makeup stores?

Thank you in advance for a quick answer.

Hi Emakeupstore,

You can refer this link to know the Shopify section: https://www.shopify.com/partners/blog/introducing-sections-for-shopify-themes. This featured appear in november 2016 and we will upgrade it in our next version. We’ve updated 3 of all our old themes which don’t support shopify section.

Regards !

Hi apollotheme

Coudl you tell me wich themes have the section future done?

Thanks in Advance.

Hello, I am interested in buying this template for Shopify: “Ap Alaska Shopify Responsive Theme”

You could me to confirm the following with regard to this template?

1. Is this template made in liquid? 2. You assure me that it is 100% compatible when placing it inside the Shopify servers?

Thank you for a quick answer.


Hi Mrhandbags,

Thank you for interesting, of course, this is Shopify theme, so it is coded by Liquid and 100% compatible with Shopify system

Regards !

We are receiving 502 errors on some collection pages. We have set the products per collection to 40 and this happens. When reduced down to 12 or 16 is works fine again.

I feel that this might be due to the way the code is loading the variants and tags. There are some products which have 70+ variants. When trying it out with a free theme it seems to work perfectly fine. (This was tested by Shopify as well.)

As a temp fix we have set those collections to only load 16 products per page, however we would like to continue loading 40 products for all collections.

Do let me know once a fix has been put in place or if you can provide us with some code to fix the issue that would work as well.

Hi Olgleafcutter, please ignore this comment if your issue has been solved, or please provide your shop url, because we receive many invitations & i can’t see any store related with your name

Regards !


Please find above the shop URL. Do let me know if you have all the required details.

Hi Olgleafcutter,

I just replied your mail, please check & discuss in that mail Regards !

Hi I’d like to use the Apollo theme but would like to turn off the breadcrumbs feature. The image bar is quite large and is loading slowly. Can you tell me how to turn off the breadcrumbs? Thanks!

Hi Swest44,

Thank you for using our theme, please send your shop informations to apollotheme@gmail.com, so we can check & help you

Regards !


I tried to talk with Evanto about a refund. 2 weeks ago sent them an email. I have no response from them. Please Refund the Alaska Theme.

Kind Regards, TrendingStuffStore

Ok, we’ve refunded to you

Hi I am jianxi1020 another .,i got one Warning:Products can’t have more than 100 variants, but i saw other website that can be added. Why can’t my website work?

Hi Jianxi1020,

I’ve replied in the mail, so please discuss in that mail Regards !


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