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Great work ! GLWS :D

Cam on nha thiet ke dai tai :D

Good luck with sales. Nice work done

Thank you

Beautiful theme!!!! ;) Wish you many sales buddy!!! ;)

Thank you

Very nice theme. Good luck with sales!

Thank you

nice theme, GLWS :)

Thank you!

Wow! cool design! Good luck friend ;)

thank bro

Whilst this is a superb design, with lots of great features, this is not a Drupal Theme that you can simply drop into an existing Drupal site. The theme relies on a lot of cleverly configured modules, custom content types as well as leveraging Views and Page Manager. If you consider this a Drupal Distribution (see if you want to understand what they do) and using this ‘theme’ as a start point, then it’s the right approach. Be warned, you do need some advanced Drupal site building knowledge to use this ‘theme’ correctly.

I was in a hurry to get a site out, thinking I could drop this in to an existing configuration, tweak it and launch. It’s not open source, and there’s also currently no technical support for this – the support site ( is broken. So you need to put in a lot of time to get something that looks and functions well.

A lot of good work in this though – certainly good value for $45. But I have mixed feelings about this being promoted as a theme.

Firstly, thanks for your comment. We did create the standard distribution before; however, there were so many customers who used shared hosting (it appears the error “mySQL has gone away” if more than 40 modules are installed). That’s the reason. Now, should you have any inquiries, please post them (here). Our developers will help you check and fix the problem.

For a start you could sort out formal support – the link to the MD support forum is broken, and there’s no clear option via Appreciate that it’s a new theme, but can’t take much to sort the right links out.

Whilst I’ve worked out most things in the APage Distribution, you need to add something about the Full Slider documentation. It’s obvious once you find it in the site config (at /admin/structure/fullscreen-slider), but it’s not documented, nor does it feature within the page template for the Home page.

I’m not sure who you’re pitching this theme at though: anyone experienced in Drupal will find this frustrating (like me); anyone new to Drupal will just find this overwhelming. It’s not a complaint as such, the look and feel is fantastic (way over my ability), so I might use this again. But the UX for content authors and site builders is pretty confusing. I’m probably going to add in contextual links to help out the end client.

I’m sorry, I will add document for Full slider and update contextual links.

Great work! GLWS :)

Hello i’ve just bought this theme and i have an issue with responsive fullscreen image, it stretches the image horizontally instead of keeping it on original size. Any clue?



Hi Cyril, Please post your question here. It’s better if you have demo link or some screenshot.

Thank you.

Hi. My site is 2 language. How to add language switcher on header section this theme. Please help me.

There were certainly a few things that needed to be tweaked to make this theme work as I wanted it to, but I have to say that the designers were SUPER helpful and fixed everything very promptly…so, if you’ve read some of the other comments are are hesitating about whether or not to buy this theme, I’d totally go ahead and buy it, because if you have any problems at all, they’ll make it right (or at least they did for me!). Thanks, guys!

thank you!

Thank you for providing a great design and excellent customer service.

I echo ejstevenson’s comments above. I can’t say enough about their customer service. They have been patient and very helpful on every issue I have encountered.

I would buy any of their templates/products with confidence. Highly recommend.

Thank you very much for your feedback