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Good Job ! GLWS :)

Good job, GLWS ;)

Good job, Why you enter in the site, the “about us” is active.

Thank you! There is a small bug in “main.js” file. To fix it you need to move a following code from “document.ready” to “window.load” event section:

    var navHeight = jQuery('#header').outerHeight(true) + 10;
        target: '.mainmenu_wrap',
        offset: navHeight


Thank You for template!

Just one question about subscription and contact form

do i need to create a PHP form for it and its possible to connect with mail chimp ?

Thank You!

Thank you! Are you working as freelance? I may pay you for setup SUBSCRIPTION and CONTACT FORM ?

Hello, thetzar! We can set up CONTACT FROM for your website for free. Subscribe form currently in development. Please send your login information (url and ftp-access) for your hosting, if you want to.

Thank you! wear i can should send it to? my email is Zaripovigor@yahoo.com you can send me you contact and i will replay with info!

Hi, Live Preview is only for a One-Page-Template? Do you have also a Live Preview for the Multipage Site? Will be the filterable portfolio in the Download Code? It is not listed in the Features.

Hi, lenalavendel! Thanks for your question!

There is no separate gallery page in this template, but you can simple open your “index.html” in your favorite HTML editor and save it as “gallery.html”, remove all the HTML-code from it except section with “belowcontent” id and save your changes.

Following pages are included in download package: index.html about.html services.html blog.html blog-single.html gallery-single.html 404.html

Does this include a working contact form with php?

Hi, DragonTea!
Thanks for your question!
This template has not a working PHP contact form processing.
But here a steps to make it:
1. Create in your siteroot file named “contact-form.php” and paste following code in it:

//Specify default values//

//Your E-mail
$your_email = 'your@email.com';

//Default Subject if 'subject' field not specified
$default_subject = 'From My Contact Form';

//Message if 'name' field not specified
$name_not_specified = 'Please type a valid name';

//Message if 'message' field not specified
$message_not_specified = 'Please type a vaild message';

//Message if e-mail sent successfully
$email_was_sent = 'Thanks, your message successfully sent';

//Message if e-mail not sent (server not configured)
$server_not_configured = 'Sorry, mail server not configured';

//Contact Form Processing//
$errors = array();
if(isset($_POST['message']) and isset($_POST['name'])) {
        $sender_name  = stripslashes(strip_tags(trim($_POST['name'])));

        $message      = stripslashes(strip_tags(trim($_POST['message'])));

        $sender_email = stripslashes(strip_tags(trim($_POST['email'])));

        $subject      = stripslashes(strip_tags(trim($_POST['subject'])));

    //Message if no sender name was specified
    if(empty($sender_name)) {
        $errors[] = $name_not_specified;

    //Message if no message was specified
    if(empty($message)) {
        $errors[] = $message_not_specified;

    $from = (!empty($sender_email)) ? 'From: '.$sender_email : '';

    $subject = (!empty($subject)) ? $subject : $default_subject;

    $message = (!empty($message)) ? wordwrap($message, 70) : '';

    //sending message if no errors
    if(empty($errors)) {
        if (mail($your_email, $subject, $message, $from)) {
            echo $email_was_sent;
        } else {
            $errors[] = $server_not_configured;
            echo implode('<br />', $errors );
    } else {
        echo implode('<br />', $errors );
} else {
    // if "name" or "message" vars not send ('name' attribute of contact form input fields was changed)
    echo '"name" and "message" variables were not received by server. Please check "name" attributes for your input fields';
Then put following JS code in your “main.js” file on “document ready” event:

    //contact form processing
    jQuery('form.contact-form').on('submit', function( e ){
        var $form = jQuery(this);
        //checking on empty values
        var formFields = $form.serializeArray();
        for (var i = formFields.length - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
            if (!formFields[i].value.length) {
                $form.find('[name="' + formFields[i].name + '"]').addClass('invalid').on('focus', function(){jQuery(this).removeClass('invalid')});
        //if one of form fields is empty - exit
        if ($form.find('[name]').hasClass('invalid')) {
        //sending form data to PHP server if fields are not empty
        var request = $form.serialize();
        var ajax = jQuery.post( "contact-form.php", request )
            .done(function( data ) {
                jQuery($form).find('[type="submit"]').attr('disabled', false).parent().append('<span class="contact-form-respond highlight">'+data+'</span>');
            .fail(function( data ) {
                jQuery($form).find('[type="submit"]').attr('disabled', false).parent().append('<span class="contact-form-respond highlight">Mail cannot be sent. You need PHP server to send mail.</span>');

Best regards!