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Amazing template, GLWS!

Awesome theme, good luck with sales :)

Nice temp you got there!
And of course it’s nice that you dedicated your template to my country, beautifull Croatia, right?


Thank you all for your greetings! Yup, see ya this summer in Croatia ;)


Great template first and foremost. I have personalized everything and it is looking great. I was just wondering if you could explain how to make the height of the main image only about 80% of the screen height when it first loads. I changed the following height below to 80% in the css file but it leaves the black background and I need this to move up as well.

.carousel img { min-height: 550px; min-width: 1190px; width: 100%; position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0; height: 80%; }

Any help would be appriciated.




i can help you! Please contact me at, and if it is possible can you send me demo url or print screen.

Hi, your advice was perfect. Thank you so much for the super template and first class support. Your a great seller and I would recommend you highly.

Thanks for the quick response and support – I had an issue with the front banner (skipping) which was caused by text which was on two lines. So, I just shortened as per author’s advice. An alternative would have been to bring the font size down, but I love that font and it looks fantastic at the theme’s chosen scale.

Thanks again for your help 8-)


I just have send you an email about the working of the email function. Looking forward to your response.



Lovely theme and love the fonts used too! I am considering buying this but wondering if there is any plans on a Wordpress version if not already?

Thanks! Yes there is a plan, but we cannot tell when.

What updates where done? Thanks

Hi, there are a lot of changes (added Flexslider, fixed css and js bugs, added new Alpine Blue Theme version,...) so be carefull with your content, if you will transfer it into a newer version!

Just purchased this and tried to upload on Word Press – this message came up:

Phillip Island



Howdy, admin

Log Out

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-4458261-apartment-istria-responsive-landing-page (2).zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please let me know how to fix this?

This is not WordPress theme. It’s HTML template.

so what do I need to do to install?

You don’t have to install. You simply edit text with Dreamweaver or Notepad++ and upload files with FTP to your server.


I bought this template and wanted to use the 2nd example. It appears the form on top is not setup to work? Could you help me making this work pls.



Hello, please write us on our support and give us little more information about your problem.

thank you…. question… where do I change the google map coordenates ? it always displays the same point…

Hy, please write us on and we will guide you through!

Hi there,

i changed the the color of the header of the alpine theme. on the mobile view now appears again the original blue color. pls tell me where to change the color settings for the mobile view.

Regards, stemut

Hello, please write us on Send us demo url and more specific description what do you want to change, so we can check.


I have a problem with the slider. Whatever I do, I can’t make the second image to work. It is always off to the right and down about 500 and 300 pixels, respectively. Can you please help me and tell what seems to be the problem, please? Further problem seems to be that whenever I try edit the index.html, Dreamweaver crashes.

Sorry, I was trying to put slider images in the place of the stars.png…my bad!

;) if you’ll need any help write us on:

Hi there ! in some browsers the thumbnail pictures become black and white and also disappear… how can I get rid of it ?I just want the “lightbox effect” without these “b/w on rollover” much less I don’t want them to dissapear….

any help please ? thanks in advance !!!

it happens when using chrome… please advice


please write us on, add demo url, write specific what is the problem and we will help you!

1. Is it possible to book and pay? 2. Is it possible to have a calendar where to see the availability? 3. Is it a good choice for an apartment (no rooms, just one apartment)?


With the newest update the mail.php file shows the message coming from a static email, instead of the email of the user submitting the web form. I’d rather have it like it was before where I could just reply to the web form message. What would I have to use instead of $sendFrom to show the user’s email address?