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I need to link one of the Section Menus to an external site. It works fine if the link is “http://” but it does not work for a secure “https://”. How can I enable this?

So the buttons work? I tested with buttons, there were no issues.

Regarding section menu, you are right, If you have only one link to external website, open wp-content/plugins/core-extend/include/templates/shortcodes/vc_section_menu_item.php and on line 9 change:

if(strpos($section_id, 'http://') !== 0) {
if(strpos($section_id, 'https://') !== 0) {

Thank you!

You are a rock star! Thanks so much for your quick response!

You are welcome :)

Just updated my aperture theme on However the page titles are now appearing on the pages. The font changed on the menu bar and on the home page the text below the slideshow is not showing anymore. I’m not very computer savvy. Could you please tell me how to get the pages back like they were. I can’t even find where to adjust the menu font. It was quite a while ago that I created it.

Thanks so much! I love the theme. John Borin

Do I need to delete the word press aperture themes first? When I tried to re upload the aperture (theme forest) – which I still had on my desktop, I got a message saying:

“Destination folder already exists. /var/www/clients/client20/web70/web/wp-content/themes/aperture/

Theme install failed.”

I went to the theme forest profile downloads section on the envato website and the only download I could find was at . I didn’t see one specifically for aperture. Is it possible for you to send me a link? I’m obviously doing something wrong. Thank you for your patience. John

Yes, you need to delete the existing version.

Is this the account you purchased theme from? Log in from purchased account and you will find it in downloads section.

In the future please use Envato Toolkit to update your theme. All updating instructions can be found un user manual.


Thank you so much for your help! It worked. And I will make sure I go to Envato for any updates on the theme.

Is it possible to resize the header height? My logo needs more space :) Thanks!


laranz Author Team


Yes it is possible, Go to Appearance -> Theme Options -> Header -> Menu -> Header Height

Let us know,

I just got an e-mail saying there was an update to aperture, but when I went to the aperture part of the envato website, I didn’t see where you go to download the update. Please advise. Thanks so much. John Borin


You can use Envato Toolkit plugin that can be installed from Appearance/Install Plugins to use auto update.

Or go to your Downloads section in profile that you purchased theme from to download update manually.

Thank you!

Thanks so much. I already have the Envato Toolkit Plugin on the website, so I’m obviously getting automatic updates and didn’t realize it. Thank you for the clarification and for the quick reply. You make using this theme so easy. Your customer service is outstanding!

Thank you, appreciate it! :)


obh Purchased

Hi, please could you let me know how to update Visual Composer using the license for this theme? Thanks in advance.


Bundled plugins are updated with theme updates.

You do not need plugin license key to update bundled plugins. License key can be used to receive direct support and updates from plugin authors.

Automatic Update (Recommended)

To receive plugin update you need to update theme to latest version.

If any of bundled plugins is updated, you will see update notification (unless you pressed dismiss message earlier). To update plugins go to Appearance/Install Plugins and update plugin. Disable plugin before updating, if update fails.

Manual Update

All plugin files are located inside aperture/inc/plugins folder.

You can update plugins manually by deleting old version and uploading new one in WordPress dashboard, or by using FTP to overwrite contents of plugin folder.


Hi ,

I have 2 websites using this theme.both website is down now, When I check the admin panel I didn t see the “theme options” fileds in “Appearance”. These are the website links :



This website is working for me:

This one is not:

First of all remember what changed you made caused this. Make sure there is no issue with third party plugin you use. Re-install the theme. In wp-config.php set wp_debug to TRUE to see the error.

Thank you!

Hi. I wrote you a while back about making modifications so everything will look right on our iPad screen. You referred me to a discussion and I attempted to change the code like it said. The directions are below. I’m still having issues and am not sure I did everything correctly. Is it possible for you to go into our admin panel and check to see if I did something wrong? I’m happy to give you the user name and password. I’m using a child theme, so that’s where I made the additions and changes. I’m just not sure what to do. Thanks so much. John Borin The site isn’t finished yet, but you can get there by going to

1. To change logo size on responsive screens. Add this to custom CSS and set screen and logo size you want:

@media only screen and (max-width:979px){ #site-logo {max-width:150px !important;} }

2. To change screen size when mobile menu is activated. a) Open style.css and scroll down to responsive settings, and on line ~755 change:

/* Hide mobile menu on normal size screens /
@media only screen and (min-width : 979px) { .mm-page, #mm-blocker, .mm-fixed-top, .mm-fixed-bottom {transform: translate(0px, 0);}


/ Hide mobile menu on normal size screens /
@media only screen and (min-width : 1080px) { .mm-page, #mm-blocker, .mm-fixed-top, .mm-fixed-bottom {transform: translate(0px, 0);}

b) On line ~804 delete this:

/ Navigation */

c)Then add this code somewhere outside media queries:

@media only screen and (max-width : 1080px) { .toggle-mobile-menu{display:block;} #site-navigation{display:none;} }

Hello! Hopefully you got my reply about the menu and how it appears on the iPad—off to the side. I’m assuming viewers will figure out that they have to click the box to make the menu appear. So thank you for fixing that. If you could help with a couple of other things, I would really appreciate it. 1. Is there a way to adjust the full screen slides so that they fit inside the iPad screen? 2. I haven’t figured out how to keep the slideshow from moving. I like having the home screen play automatically, but I would like for the others to be stopped so the viewer can move them manually. Could you please help with that? Thank you so much for your patience. We really love the look of our new website using your theme.


I have replied to the email, sorry for the delay.

To stop slideshow from moving, just select to stop at slide 1 in slider settings.


So simple. Thank you. I kept putting in 0 and that didn’t do it. Duh.

We’re just about finished with our website! Yea!!! I just have one question. I’m trying to link a layer on a slide to another page. I see that I can link to another slide in the same slide show, but can’t see how to link to another page. We want to put a “Click Here” layer on a slide and then link it to our Contact Us page. Thanks so much for your help.


It can easily be done. Search for the linking options here:

For more detailed support, please contact us from account with purchased/supported badge.

Thank you!

I purchased this theme quite some time ago but never used it. After installing and installing the demos I have some questions. One the revolution slider says it is not activated but when I try my license code it does not work. Next it seems that many of the portfolio pages and blog pages did not show up after I installed the demos. I am wanting to utilize some of the portfolio pages you have in your live demo but can not find them. I can not even find a portfolio section in the dashboard. Thank you.


You do not need plugin license key to update bundled plugins. Bundled plugins are updated with theme updates. License key can be used to receive direct support and updates from plugin authors and sometimes premium benefits. (Premium benefits do not affect slider functionality and we do not use any in theme demos, these are extra benefits from plugin authors for direct plugin buyers)

Please make sure that you have activated required plugins like Visual Composer Core Extend and Essential Grid, if you want to use portfolio. Demo grid can be imported from the demo content folder. Please see the documentation for full guide.


I like this theme and hope I can use it. I have some pre-purchase questions.

1. Is it possible to have the logo centered in the middle of the header with the main navigation menu centered below it? I did not see that option in the Demo.

I found a picture that represents what I mean:

If it is possible, will I also be able to use the Utility Bar with this header option?

2. Is there an option to make the header sticky?

3. Is it possible to use a logo and a tagline?

4. I know some themes have certain requirements. I am on a shared server. Will all features of this theme run smoothly and well with the following settings?

Settings on my shared server:

upload_max_filesize = 128M

post_max_size = 128M

memory_limit = 256M

max_execution_time = 120

max_input_vars = 3000

max_input_time = 120

5. Using the Visual Composer or Essential Grid, will I be able to have various layouts of blog posts on the Home Page, say below a slider and with other elements? I might want to have 4 posts in a standard blog single column layout with pictures and excerpts and have a sidebar on the side. Or, I may wish to set up grid rows of 3 or 4 posts across. Will it be possible to do things like this on the Home Page?

6. What happens to my existing content and settings when I switch to this theme? I am guessing all the content remains, but it may be a bit disorganized until the new theme is set up as I want it. Right now, my site is running a theme that supports multiple custom sidebars. When I activate this theme, will all my widgets in each sidebar go away? Will I have to set them up again?

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for the quick reply. I am happy to get positive answers!! If I may, I have some follow up questions.

1. Are there separate logo uploads for desktop and smaller screens? My new logo will consist of artwork and the name of my site side by side. It may end up being as much as 450px wide. It might look small and hard to read on mobile when scaled down. Is there the option of loading a completely different image for smaller screens, for example, one that would consist only of the name of my site?

2. I like the images behind the titles on the blog pages. Is it possible to set up a different image behind each post title and page title for that matter? Is there an option to set a default image that they will all use that can be overridden when desired, or do they all have to be set up one at a time?

3. I understand about the sidebars layouts not carrying over. I currently have 19 different sidebars that either came with the theme or I added as needed. Is there a limit to how many different custom sidebars I can have in this theme?

Thank you! :)

1. Sorry, we do not have that. This can be achieved with code customization only.

2. It can be done with custom css on pages you want to change image.

3. There are no limits regarding adding new sidebars.

Thank you!

About question two: done with custom css on pages and posts or just pages?

Pre-purchase question: Can I add the blog feed to the home page and if so, what are my options for format/ layout / location? Thank you!


You can do this with Essential Grid plugin that we include. See live demo blog examples apart from default, all are just simple pages where posts are being pulled. You can create any style you want with it. See all examples here:

Thank you!

Pre sales question … Is it possible to customize or add portfolio single page layouts or just utilize the standard ones included ? I am looking for a theme which will allow me to use customs post types and filter to display posts but also to be able to customize the layout of those posts. thanks you


If you mean using your own custom post types as portfolio items, yes you can do it. Our portfolio is created with Essential Grid, it is very capable:

We use simple WordPress posts as portfolio items in demo. You can use pages for example, with all the options page provides.

Thank you!

Great, thank you!


I’m trying to add an element from visual composer into any of my pages, but when i click on of any element, nothing happens. Could you let me know what is the problem? Do i need an update ?


Thanks. I already updated the theme but i can’t update the Visual Composer plugin since when i try to do so, a message like “Please….. activate your Visual Composer…” appears, so go to try to activate it, but the “No licenses found” message also appears on the web.. Colud you give me a valid code to active it. Or maybe I’m doing somethign wrong? thanks

You do not need a license to update bundled plugins. They are updated from Appearance/Install Plugins, not default Plugins page, please read instructions more carefully :) Disable VC plugin and try running the update.

If you have issues, use manual method. Delete old version and upload new one found in aperture/inc/plugins/ folder.

Remember to update Core Extend plugin too!


Oh.. ok, Thanks it works! :)

Hi, when we put more than 1 image on a page (via visualcomposer) and we use prettyphoto to show it on a modal screen the arrows on the right and left doen’t works and we can’t see the next image on the page. How could we solve that???


If you are using single image element, it will only show that one image in the lightbox. Use WordPress gallery or any gallery plugin for gallery functionality.

You can also try Easy Fancybox plugin, it can display all images on the page in a lightbox. And you need to set On click action -> Link to large image in single image options.

Thank you!

Works!!! Thanks.


I am wondering does this theme support the addition of a full page video slider for the background of the home page.

I noticed there is a video slider option on the demo page under "elements", however, it seems to have a pause and volume button, more like an embedded video, rather than a background. It also does not fit the entire screen and has some space under the video.

Thank you.


Yes, it is possible with Slider Revolution that is included with theme :)

You can see what is possible here:


Great to know. Sorry I didnt notice it was included. That is my selling point. Will purchase this theme. Thank you.


cahe Purchased

In the Testimonial module there is a possibility to upload a picture. The description claims it should be min. 540×540px. We supply images in slightly higher resolutions, but what gets displayed is a thumbnail of lower quality (resolution). In our case that is: FILENAME-100×100.jpg

I assume VC is requesting an image in a certain size class – but apparently WP returns this 100×100 thumbnail, and the result isn’t super pretty (as the image is upscaled).

The fun part is, that the img tag has inline style with width/height set to 40px each – the thumbnail requested has size of 100×100px and the real display is 120×120px.

Can you take a look at the issue?


Actually the size recommendation is there by mistake, thank you for noticing! The image size used in the element is 100×100, as you noticed, and the actual display size is 40×40px as specified in styles (there is no 120×120 size). The size is reduced with css to have more pixels in the image for better quality on retina displays.

If you want to change the sizes, go to core-extend/include/templates/shortcodes/vc_testimonial.php and edit the size there.

Thank you!


dszyda Purchased

how can i force the overlay header to be used on every page. that is the header style i am using, but on pages like search results its uses the default one and not the overlay. i would only like to have the overlay header everythwere.


Overlay header was not intended for standard pages, because they all use default title area, which works with standard header style.

To change that, open header.php and edit line 50, change it from:

            if ( ( is_page() || is_single() ) && get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), 'header_style', true ) == 'header_absolute' ){
                $header_style = 'header-overlay';
            } else {
                $header_style = 'header-default';


$header_style = 'header-default';

Thank you!

HI, We are trying to use any plugin to add “infinite scroll featured” to the single post reading but we couldnt find any that works well (we trying with jetpack option, ajax load more,...) Any plugin suggestion with the code that works with these theme??


These plugins are intended for loading more posts in blog view, they replace the standard pagination.

If I understood correctly, what you want is load next post in the single post view?

Thank you!

It is correct!!!! Any ideas to do that in your theme?????

I have not used such plugins before, but the one like this should work:


Hi, this is my first WP page… just learning. Where can I change the original pictures on the landing (home) page (orange, blue behind the floating boxes)? I tried several things but nothing worked.


You just need to edit the row (go to page editor and click pencil button on top right of the row) and you will find background and other settings there settings.

Make sure to check documentation file inside your full download package.


Hi dear MNKY, I had a problem with the flickr widget that is needed by the theme… ” PHP Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget in wpfw_flickr_widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use

instead. in /home/wherei25/public_html/whereispat/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3891

The widget is really old and has not been updated by the russian dev. To get rid of the error you need to change “wpfw.php” and update the constructor from: ”$this->WP_Widget( ‘wpfw_flickr_widget’, ‘WP Flickr Widget ’, $widget_style, $control_styles );” TO: ” parent::__construct(‘wpfw_flickr_widget’, ‘WP Flickr Widget’, $widget_style, $control_styles); “