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Thanks, mate :)

Great job ! GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Seems you did a ot of work! Looks all very attractive. Big Chance for a 2nd purchase!

We did, especially we paid very much attention to usability to make working with theme intuitive and easy.

Thank you very much! :)

Without doubt I had to purchase this amazing quality theme. Just what I was waiting for to put together my new site. Thank you…


Just re-rested, it should be importing fine. You can just send a private message via profile and we will look into it for you! Thanks!

Did you receive our reply? :)

Yes thank you. For others reading this is appears a server issue and not a theme issue. Thanks for your support.

Great work! Congrats! :)

Thank you, appreciate it :)

This is next most popular theme! :) Good job MNKY!

Thank you, mate! :) ))

Nice theme, I was going to purchase until I saw you were the author of Dotted, a theme we purchased which has since been abandoned and removed. Lets hope this one last a bit longer….

That’s good to hear as we had to stop using your theme, but I’m not able to sign up for your site – when I register and then try and sign in I get an ‘Username and Password didn’t match’ error. Is a new password sent via email? If so how long does this take to come through?



Do you mean on our page?

If you are having issues registering, you can just contact us here via profile :)



I’ve managed to signup – the confusion arose as your profile support link goes to: – which wouldn’t let me register, rather than Anyway, I’ll send an email, if you can provide a link to the latest working version that’d be great.


Is this a ‘one page’ theme or can we set it up with normal menu and pages?


Sure, “One Page” is just an additional feature, that can be added to any page to enable section menu.

See the main menu on top – here you can navigate through all pages.


Great job, GLWS o7


thank you! :)

Very, very cool. Curious about 4 things.

1) I see horizontal tabs. Any vertical tabs or “tour” feature?

2) Like your masonry blog pages. Is it possible to set up category, tag, or archive pages in that same manner as a default?

3) I don’t notice any slider or gallery previews on your masonry pages. Is that a limitation, or did you just choose not to make any demo pages showing that?

4) Last, and most important to me. Do you have any feature that would show a grid of “related” posts or projects as a teaser that could be used on a homepage, or at the bottom of a portfolio project or blog post?

Thanks. Wicked good design/functionality.

Thanks so much for your responses!

Do you have a support forum? I like to be able to learn from everyone’s questions!

Thank you, mate! :)

Very very nice theme! Love this theme :)

Glad to hear, appreciate it! :)

Fantastic theme buddy!!!!! ;) Wish you many sales!!!!! ;)

Thank you!!!! :D :)

Wonderful theme!Like it :)

Thank you! :)

Pretty Good luck with sales :)

Thanks! :)

It’s been a while since your last release so I’ll have to say, welcome back! :)

Quality stuff as always! :)

Thank you, good to feel back in business :)

Amazing work! I love the sticky subnav and the essential grid integration.

1. I think a vertical sidebar sticky subnav would also be great – would you consider that feature?

2. Does the theme come with styling for Gravity Forms?

3. Are there different header layout options such as a centred logo and menu underneath?

4. Is it possible to view your theme and page options settings?

5. Does the theme have ability for a vertical subnavigation with more than 1 levels of nested links?

6. Do you have plans to add a mega menu?

7. Would I be able to keep my essential grid portfolios and settings if I chose to stop using the theme in future?



Thank you! Glad you like it :)

1. This was not in plans, but we can consider this in future. We have to look how it fits in, since section menu is not the primary menu of the theme, but just an additional feature to faster navigate the page.

2. Not yet, but will be adding support for it soon. It should be working with default form styling though.

3. Header styles available can be seen in demo under headers menu. Menu and logo can be moved left/right in theme options by exact size. We will consider auto centering in update.

4. Made some quick shots for you:

5. If you mean main menu 3rd and + sublevel, then yes.

6. Yes

7. Yes, but you will have to buy regular license to use a plugin with another theme.

Thank you!

Thanks :)

Are there shortcodes in the visual editor or just through the visual composer?

Elements are added via Visual Composer, but if you turn it off , they are visible as shortcodes in the editor. Useful, if you need to copy a content to some widget, for example.


Hi, Does the theme use the standard versions of all included premium plugins? i ask this because i already have licenses for visual composer and Revolution Slider and it would good if i was able to update the plugins as soon as an update is available.

Great looking theme by the way :D



Yes, plugin files are not modified and you can update to latest versions when you wish :)

We have enabled theme mode for Slider Revolution, but shoot us a message and we will tell you how to bring back license field.


great work gud luck :)

Thank you! :)

Thanks! :)