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Hi, I purchase this theme, but I can’t install it on wordpress because indicates that style.css doesn’t exist. Could you help me with this problem?

Hola, al comprar el tema, no me permite instalarlo en el wordpress debido a que me indica que falta la hoja de estilo. ¿Podría solucionarme este problema?

Hello, this is not a Wordpress theme, as well mentioned in the item description, category and the big notice in the documentation. It will not work on WordPress unfortunately. You could try addressing Envato support if you think you can prove them you’ve made an honest mistake purchasing it.

Kind regards, Alex

Hi, I just bought this theme (which I really like), but somehow the last images from the homepage are leaking onto a second row of images (so vertically) instead of moving to a second page. What can I do to change this (for this ruins the clean scrolling and the whole concept)? I’ve noticed this happens in the live-demo version occasionally too, but I assumed it would be possible to fix or define. I hope you understand what I mean and hope you have an answer.


Thank you for taking a look. Here is the link to my premature site: http://www.annickspoelstra.nl It happens to me in the Live Demo of Aperture on Theme forest, not at first glance, but after you go to the “slide-in-menu” at the top-right and click “home”. It reloads the homepage and images get out of line (vertically).


Hi, took a quick look an noticed that between “cd cover 6 panel” and “presentation documents” you have a public yet image-empty post. The script calculates sizes based on the widths of the images found and allocates the scrollable DIV the compound obtained. Since there is an empty post there which still benefits from a width (based on paddings and not image size) the total real amount will be bigger than that calculated, thus pushing the last image below. That’s where your issue is. I’d also suggest you don’t use such slim images as the one from “Ranks”. Or rather create a wider compound with it to maintain a good visual flow and to have your titles fully visible.

Hope this helps,


thank you, Alex – this was the problem indeed. I don’t know what is causing it for the demo version as I described above, but that might be for your own interest. though I’m curious, I’m quite happy the way it works now. Thanks again, Annick

I really like this theme, but there seems to be a problem displaying images – see http://tomorrowness.com . more images appear when I zoom out of browser to 10% size, but this isn’t really a workable solution. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Jeremy, I’m not particularly sure what issue are you experiencing exactly. Your website behaves perfectly for me. Even when using different zoom levels (PS: That’s not actually recommended).

The page basically consists of a container, with a predefined number of photos aligned side by side and a horizontal scroll to go from photo 1 to last photo. That’s what your website does for me, no matter the zoom level, and that’s what the site is supposed to do.


Hi Alex – thanks again for your response above. I have another question which is about editing the sidebar content – basically, not sure which file to edit and upload change the sliding sidebar content eg social links and bio.

Any help again much appreciated.


Alex – forget my comment above. I think I was looking at an older version of the theme and have now redownloaded and found the file I was looking for! Doh


Hi Jeremy, glad you found it. As it is now, the theme is perfectly functional yet not yet fully uldated to Ghost 0.5.x.

We’re currently working on it – have updated our other 2 themes already – so watch out for the update soon. Make sure your notifications are ON. We’ll notify all buyers when the new version goes live.

Regards, Alex


Really nice looking design. I just have one question, each picture for a gallery is a blog post right? They can’t be “combined” to a gallery?

Yes, indeed. Each picture is a post. We’re working on updating the theme to the latest version of Ghost and considering adding gallery options within the post which will require a bit of HTML in posts, but that is the way until Ghost provides access to its API and ways to query attached images and so on. Until then, the tags are always a good way to browse similar photos together under one tag archive. ;)

Thank you for your interest in Aperture!

Regards, Alex

Thanks for the info :)

Currently my site is a WP site, I have never liked the way WP does galleries on.

demo 404 error pages

Thank you! Will fix.

Hi! I am really interested in your Theme. Just one question.. Can I insert text, maps and links the same way I would in a usual post page (ex. http://www.versosquecompomosnaestrada.com/show-na-galeria-porao/), or the only text that appears is the post image description? If not, will the html codes be simple to change?


Dear QBKL,

Thank you for this excellent theme! I had purchased your initial release when Ghost became public, and recently just re-purchased it for this version. Unfortunately, I am having some troubles.

One issue is that I am not seeing multiple posts. My site is located here:


I have published two posts, but only the most recent is appearing:

berkshire.farm/day-1-construction-11-sandisfield-rd/ berkshire.farm/day-2-construction-11-sandisfield-rd/

Both will show with the default ‘casper’ theme.

Any ideas?

The second issue is that the side-bar menu doesn’t pull out a search tab, as it does with your demo site.

Again, any ideas?

Thank you for your help!



Hi there,

Upon checking your site I don’t see the issue you’re describing. I see both posts. As you said in your other comment, older Ghost versions don’t generate the issues, and to my best guess is because the Ghost 0.7.x doesn’t include jQuery by default anymore and you’d have to included it by hand right before the other jQuery plugins/scripts are loaded.

Also, the theme doesn’t have a search feature. There isn’t one implemented in the demo either, as Ghost doesn’t yet support native searching and we’d prefer to stay away from hacks.

We’re planning on updating the theme to Ghost 0.7.x’s latest features though, which will remove the jQuery issue and facilitate the navigation management from the dashboard.

Regards, Alex

Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to your updates to support Ghost 0.7.x!

Hi Aaron, the update to Ghost 0.7.x is up! Enjoy!

Hi again.

I tried re-installing Ghost several times. I found that pre 0.4.0 versions work. I keep having the “one post” issue when I try to build for newer versions.

Are you able to reproduce the bug?

Hi Aaron, I’ve replied more in depth to your previous comment. Best wishes, Alex.

Thanks for getting back to me. I walked through the Ghost version re-installations until 6.0., where any working site I had would break.

Hope this helps. Great theme.

Thanks for the info Aaron, enjoy the theme!

Released v.1.4 – 10 Nov, 2015

The Aperture theme has been updated with compatibility for Ghost 0.7.x and now supports dashboard managed navigation, previous/next post links and includes fixes, improvements and latest versions for all scripts and plugins included.

Do you need FTP access for this? Or will it work on Ghost(Pro)?