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Please you can add the SMTP email system?

Please you can add the SMTP email system?

E-mail there is a problem in the writing section. So are not sent.

I’m waiting for an answer…


JoeMC Author Team

Please create a support ticket here with your question


Hi, did you ever update the menu to have drop down functionality? i saw this from an earlier post.

“Thanks for the compliments! We have discussed this subject and will be adding this feature. We still need to design and code it, but will include it in an update as soon as it’s done.”

Yes, we did.

Hi. In the mtphr-slider, the social media links are not visible on mobiles or tablets, can I rectify this?

Many thanks

Are you using a child theme, or have you modified any theme files? You should see a ”+” button to the right of the name on mobile which triggers the display of the social links. Please check out the team member section on

Would you mind creating a support ticket here and we can continue this topic there? It will be easier to maintain and discuss this over on that site.


Hi, tried to create a support ticket, couldn’t find any relevance in categories, and system didn’t recognise the purchase code?

I’m using your Apex Responsive HTML Theme.

There should be a category for Apex Responsive HTML Theme. Check it out again when you get a chance. You’ll need to create a new ticket and then select the category. There currently aren’t any open tickets for the product so you won’t see it if you’re looking through public tickets.

If you still don’t see it let me know and I’ll look into this issue further. Thanks!

Is there any way of having a traditional header, instead of the menu being on the banner?

I’m not sure what your idea of a traditional header is, but you can modify the html any way that you’d like.

Hi there Where do I fin the background images that were in the demo? Thanks, Hugh

The resources in the demo are modified version of the following files:

I’m not exactly sure where the other images came from. The original owner of this product (Digital Science) purchases them from some other stock photo site.

Hello, i just purchased the theme and it is really great. I have a light issue, everytime i try to modify the menu, i lost the background and the icons over the button’s text. I tryied to host it online to see if it fix the issue, it didn’t.

Do i have to modify something else other than the index to see the background and the icons ?


Could you please create a support ticket at and provide some screenshots of what modifications you’ve made and the results you see?


Is demo content include with this template?

The pictures are replaced with dummy images due to licensing terms. But, the content is setup and ready to go right after downloading.


I tried to get through to item support, but the page endlessly loads and never takes me there.

I have created a website with this template (very nice by the way) and all is how I suspect when I view it locally. However, when I upload to my server, there is a white bar at the very top of the page – on mobile/very small display this is the full width navigation bar showing (I think). But it doesn’t happen locally, and no files are modified when uploaded.

Please see this image –

The only way to remove it, is to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and then back up. Then it disappears.

Thank you,


I’m not seeing the issue in Safari anymore (or the javascript error).

It is ok on the first load (both on Mac and iOS), but if you refresh the page, the bar reappears at the top.

It may be due to the height of that fixed bar (which is taller on your site due to the size of the logo). Try adding the following CSS to your site:

#logo {
  margin-top: -10px;
  margin-bottom: -9px;

Any issues with adding a video (ideally responsive) somewhere on a site built with this template?

No, everything should be fine adding videos. I would suggest embedding YouTube or Vimeo. Thanks for checking!