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I am using Custom Menu widget with Aphrodite, in the footer area. The menu comes up not in an organized list, but in broken lines, no spaces between the words, and in weird order. Any idea?

Provide URL of your site please.

Hello, I have added a button shortcode to a page, and it changed the color of the text in the footer. Only in that page.

What is it and how can I solve that?

How did you change it? Did you edit theme code?

Hi – I’m having trouble with paragraph spacing within any of the shortcodes. For eg. If I create toggle content none of the line spacing or paragraph breaks are working. Same issue with half page or third page shortcodes. Also, any other content on the page (not within shortcode) loses formatting if shortcodes are on that page. Any ideas on how to fix that? I’ve tried adding the html manually but it just gets stripped out and reverts back to no formatting. Thanks in advance.

Actually it seems that any kind of html coding (eg. using bullet points) causes the formatting of the next line to break.

OK so you got it’s working now?

Hi again – Can I please get some advice about my issue above with shortcodes and bullet points stripping formatting from the previous and next line? I looked through all previous comments and noticed that this is not a new issue. There were people having the same problem a year ago. Is there a way to fix it? It’s really mucking up the presentation of our pages. Thanks.

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

How do I send you screen shots? Do you have an email address? It’s fairly simple. If you go to the FAQ page and open one of the toggled content sections you will see that the content appears as one big block of content – this is not how it is set out in wordpress editor. It has paragraphs of text – not one big block of text. The shortcode for the toggle is stripping out the paragraphs.

Same thing happens on the other pages where I’m using bullet points. If I have the heading eg.

Heading Here
and then bullet content underneath the heading it strips out the spacing between the heading and the content.

It seems to be an issue with all shortcodes. Ie. if you want to use shortcodes you can’t have paragraph formatting on your page. I need both.

Please send it using my profile form mail.

Hi peerapong, nice theme. I have few issues with the typography. When I add text and hit ‘return’ and type more text, the text appears as just one just paragraph, without space. Also when I hit ‘return’ and add a [divider] the text is very close to the lines, how can I add more space to have the typography looking nicer? Thanks

Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

Hi peerapong, I will email you some screenshots now

in this image you can see there is a paragraph space after “1981”.

In this your you can see that in the template the text is still all together without the paragraph space after “1981”

Open /css/screen.css at line 107 increase margin-bottom

How do I change the text colour shading in the bar above the menu area?

which CSS line specifically deals with text shading in that header area?

I’ve tried firebug for this without success/

Open /css/screen.css find ”#top_wrapper” change its text-shadow value.

Hello Guys, We have recently purchased your (aphrodite) theme and added it on the our blog word press version 3.6. we have an issue here previous and next navigation is not working we have not changed any thing on the theme. you can look at the issue on the below URL. on the above page at the bottom when we click on the Next link it will not displayed the post on next page.

can you please suggest us how do we resolve this issue.

Thanks Arvind

I replied your email.

Hi, is there a way to turn of the responsive layout of the template?


sir please respond. I need to turn off the responsive feature while im fixing the codes for mobile. here’s my email just in case you need it, If you will ask if i bought this template, yes I bought it on August 8, 2013. paypal transaction ID is #9C307461TR283071Y.

Please login with your purchased account

Hi Author,

Just a question, how can I disable the responsive function of this template?


here’s my Invoice ID: 6169d6a8ff8b11e29f2a842b2b692e1a

thats my paypal invoice id

I can not verify your purchase from this account. Please contact Themeforest support.

Hi Peerapong I didn’t notice i have two username under my email. here’s now my purchase account, im also cessto103. regarding my question, how do i turn off the responsive feature of this template. I need it to turn off while Im fixing the content. Thanks!

Open header.php remove at line 291


Hi, I’m trying to create a portfolio but when I add my pictures and update the page, all of the thumbnails are in weird areas on the pictures and doesn’t give the website visitor a good look of the picture. Any way to change the thumbnail or the area it grabs to create the thumbnail?

Also, can there only be images that are landscape? Every time I add a portrait they come out all weird for the thumbnails. Any way to fix that?

This plugin might help you manually cropping.

Sorry another question. I’m adding the recent portfolio to my homepage but I dont want it to say recent portfolio, I want it to say nothing and just show the pictures. Any way to change that?

How did you add portfolio? Did you use shortcode or page template?

Hello, I two problems with the template. 1. How do i get the images to appear when I use the service shortcode. Mine are missing.

2. How can I re-order the services. Is there a plugin I need or should it work on the theme. My install does not have it.

Where can I get more skins?


Also, visual form builder is not working and I’ve isolated the the problem to a conflict with the theme. Are you aware of this and is there a work around?

1. When you create a service item. Did you upload its image using “set featured image”?

2. Please use this plugin.

3. There are javascript conflict between theme’s script and plugin’s script.

Really sorry, I can’t support on all 3rd party plugins issue. Please try to read its documentation or contact plugin author.

I’m having trouble installing version 1.6, it keeps failing. I tried downloading just the installable file as well as all files, only trying to upload the .zip file, but it’s not working. My URL is Please help.

Looks like 3.7 just came out. Will this theme be compatible?

Describe more in detail please. What’s not working? I checked your site and it works.

Hi, I’m trying to change the font sizes in “theme settings” by moving the font size slider and then pressing “save changes” but the fonts stay the same even though it is saved in “theme settings”. I have the lastest version of wordpress and version aphrodite 1.6 (the current body font size is set at 18) Thanks!

Which font size you try to change please?

Hi Pete! is working the theme with the latest version of wordpress? v 3.7.1? thanks!

The theme should be working fine with WP 3.7.1

is there a fix for the “prev” and “next” buttons not showing up on the galleries? i checked the demo theme and they don’t show there either.

also, is there a way to filter out portfolio items based on ID on the portfolio-column-2 layout? if so, what code would i change inside that template to only show 1 portfolio ID?

Open /js/flexslider/flexslider.css find ”.flex-direction-nav li a” change its opacity to 1

that worked. thanks!

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Hi, I’m using Event Manager pro to display a calendar of events. This was working fine until the last Aphrodite theme update – now the Calendar doesn’t appear on page at all, unless i disable the Aphrodite theme: Do you know what has changed within the theme that might cause this conflict?

There are jaavscript errors from one of your plugins. Or please make sure your plugins support your current version of Wordpress.

is there a reason why the contact form is not sending emails? i have tried several test emails and they are not sending.

please disregard. we got it working.

OK great!

can you look at our contact form here:

the outline of the fields are not showing up in IE8? any fix for this??

1. Sorry, I am not sure I understand you correctly, could you send me some screenshots with description please?

2. I checked your site and icon displays correctly?

this form won’t let me send screenshot. will send via email contact form.

where can i send a screenshot to you?