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Twitter tweets generated an error due to the twitter application used in the template. A new update will be available wich fixes this error.

Thanks, Qvantus

The A+Plus – Bootstrap Coming Soon Page has been updated, version 1.0.6 is available for download.

Twitter tweets bug has been fixed and the documentation files are updated.

Thanks, Qvantus

The youtube Video does not load, can you please show me where the code should be inserted? The documentation does not show it to me or even it does not work :(

Hello tneubner,

thanks for purchasing the template. The youtube video id can be set in the youtube.js file in dist/js/ folder, at lines 21 – 23 you have to change your-youtube-video-id to for example Jvtj11KrOv4:

playerVars: { ‘loop’: 1,’autoplay’: 1,’controls’: 0,’rel’: 0,’wmode’:’transparent’,’playlist’:’your-youtube-video-id’ }, ratio: 16/9, videoId: ‘your-youtube-video-id’,


playerVars: { ‘loop’: 1,’autoplay’: 1,’controls’: 0,’rel’: 0,’wmode’:’transparent’,’playlist’:’Jvtj11KrOv4’ }, ratio: 16/9, videoId: ‘Jvtj11KrOv4’,

- for example – the same video id as in the demo url. Thats it. Also you can find this in the documentation at Manage Image Sliders and Videos – Manage Videos. If you need help more help contact us by our Themeforest profile page.

Thanks, Qvantus

Whoooooop I got it :) Thanks guys for supporting me!

Your welcome, glad that it helped you. Thanks again!

Experiencing problems with the countdown and menu interface. It worked for the few minutes then stopped working on its own. It works consistently on my local laptop, but I uploaded to server and it seemed to worked no problem first couple of minutes, but now the numbers around the circle countdown disappeared and the menu interface links are unclickable, not functioning.

Nevermind, I found the correction. There was a typo on the twitter account handle that caused the misbehavior. All good now. Thanks,

Hi tivitysocial, thanks for purchasing the template. Glad that you sorted out (just got your mail). If you have any other questions please contact me. Enjoy the template.

Thanks again, Qvantus Team

Nice work!:);

Thanks GrafAS, glad that you like it!:);

Hello, I need to add a “read more” popup modal to “ABOUT US” (I have a long text that doesn’t fit on the window). Please let me know how to do it.

Many thanks! Domingos

Hello Domingos, thanks for purchasing the template. I will send you shortly a email on how to implement the popup modal. Thanks

Hello Domingos, please check your email, a message was sent with the infos that you need. Thanks