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Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanks you my friend :)

I like this product but you’ll have in wordpress?

Yes we will thanks for interesting.

I’ll be on the lookout. thanks

This is great! Do you have an idea of when you may look at the WP version? (just so I can decide on waiting or producing a HTML version first). Good luck

Thanks you for your great comment! We will make WordPress version soon! Please follow us :)

Stunning file but issues on ipad mini with team people and footer on the home page (have not checked each page)

lets me check, thanks for report.

Wow awesome! Good luck :)

Thanks you

Page not Found :s

which page not found?

Hi, Great template… Fantastic job! Before I purchase it, few questions: What is the ecommerce page based on? What kind of implementation for gateway process is used?

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for your reply. So, I have to install WooCommerce and set it up. How is the HTML linked to the WooCommerce Gateway for payment processing and database???? Sorry, but Im confused!!!

so, it is NOT useable in HTML version at all, right?? Just for WordPress plugin?? Thanks.

behrouzb12 thanks for interesting but you cant use any wordpress plugins (woocommerce or similar) on this template because this is not wordpress :( this is just html template but please wait we have working on wordpress version and we wll launch soon!

Seems like a great template on the surface. When in the checkout, or cart, I do not see a functionality to delete a selected items?

Does this template also send a Thank You Email, with the details of the order, to the customer that just purchased an item?

Is did not find the way to see the site when logged in as a customer?

I would like to also see more backend information as to how to customize this template.

Thank you

This is not a CMS man. Please vait few days for WordPress version.

Seems like a great template on the surface. When in the checkout, or cart, I do not see a functionality to delete a selected items?

Does this template also send a Thank You Email, with the details of the order, to the customer that just purchased an item?

I did not find the way to see the site when logged in as a customer?

I would like to also see more backend information as to how to customize this template.

How does the coupon system work? Does it keep track coupons per customer and items? What database is behind the system? Any reporting capability? What about SEO integrated for each page? Could you elaborate more on the Mobile aspect of this site?

Thank you

Some functions dosen’t work because this is not a CMS system. This is just HTML template but we will convert to Wordpress soon.

Thank you – Sure that is a great work that you are doing – WHY do we need WORDPRESS? Cannot that be done with a standalone HTML5 complete website? And the ecommerce needs for more functionality. May want to to look at bigcommerce.com Regards

Thanks for your answer. Yeap I know bigcommerce.com and we will try this. Also the WordPress version of APLUS will be launch this week. Thanks for follow us.

Is there maybe shortcode for table ? If not, can you make this ?

We are working WordPress version of APLUS. Please allow few days for new version of HTML (I will try new pricing tables.)

Hello, congrats for the template.

i got a problem that is in your demo too.. before the page is completly loaded, the slideshow image is showed (for some seconds) when the page is loading. any way to fix this?


ok ok i got it. I will fix it. Thanks again.

did you fix this?

Nope my friend, we are working WordPress version of APLUS. Please wait few days and I am so sorry for delay.

Hi, Please can you tell/show me how to replace the social icons in this template?

Thank you.


Open style.css and search


So here it is somewhere hidden: ul.social {margin:20px 0;} .tinynav{ width: 100% !important; display: inline-block; margin:20px auto; color:#B2B2B6; border:1px solid #392525; border-radius: 0 !important; -moz-appearance: listbox; -webkit-appearance: listbox; appearance: listbox; background:#160B0B; }

Why are you playing cat & mouse with me?? Can you just tell me where I can find and change it??? Is it money you want??? Or are you just having fun???

What you mean? why I can playing with you?

You can ask me “how to replace the social icons in this template?”

and I told you where edit social icons in style.css right?

The social media icons works with Awesome Fonts soruce : http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

and here is the example usage for social media icons (HTML) http://i.imgur.com/gnjFNVx.png

and here is the CSS’s for social media icons; (style.css)

    ul.social {
        margin-top: 10px;
        float: right;
        -webkit-transition: width 0.3s;
        -moz-transition: width 0.3s;
        transition: width 0.3s;
        -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden;

    ul.social li {
        float: left;
        line-height: 30px;
        font-size: 16px;

    ul.social li a {
        display: block;

    ul.social li:hover a,
    ul.social li a:hover,
    ul.social li:hover,
    ul.social a:hover {
        background:#EC644B !important;
        color:#fff !important;

What is wrong?

Hi, when is the WordPress version of this template coming out? You have stated numerous times that it would be coming out within a week 19 days ago.

Also would it be possible to refund/exchange this template as the documentation provided for this is very poor. And the shopping system doesn’t work at all unless you code one yourself. So I am able to purchase the WordPress version of this template when it is released?

Hello Patrick

WordPress version has been done, but we have fixed any bugs. I hope so this week it will be upload on ThemeForest.

Just purchased this template. I would like the WordPress version instead when it comes out. :bigsmile:

working on it.

can’t wait! such a great template

Thanks you!


Is there a wordpress version that I can purchase for this template? If not, what is the ETA for the wordpress version? Thanks.

behrouzb12, I’ve working for wordpress version. Please wait few days. thanks.

Hello, I’m noticing that on mobile devices, the <figcaption> for store items does not show up. I’d like to add a click state to it so that when you tap it on a phone or tablet the <figcaption> shows up, as I am placing some crucial information there. Any help is appreciated!

Thanks, Josh

Thanks you so much for your feedback. Let me try new version of the APLUS. Best regards. (Sorry we are working for WordPress version right now)

Best regards.

Hello designingmedia-group,

I really like your template!

2 short questions:
  • 1) How can I switch to the yellow-template? After purchasing the brown one is set as default and I couldn’t find a yellow set of (css-)files.
  • 2) Where can I modify the arrow which will appear when I am scrolling (the arrow that allow me to get back to the top of the page)?

Thanks and cheers thewaytozion

Hi sorry for delay, can you show me a demo example?

Thanks. I got it. The addition of jquery min was the solution. Thanks.

Great! I am glad you fix it.


Please let me know on how to change the background color of the right & left arrows on the slider on the home page?

Thank you.

Hello my friend.

Please forgive me for late answer.

Open style.css and edit body {background:#F6F5F2;} this line for background option.

Open settings.css for slider options for example search : .tp-rightarrow.default


Hi, Thank you for your reply.

But this is not what I needed.

On the Homepage slider, when I hover over the slides two orange arrows appear (one on the right and one on the left). I want to change the arrows orange background color with pink. Not the white arrows but the background on where the white arrows are. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for your help.

Hi sorry for delay,

If you can change this codes like below, your slider arrows will be change (please don’t forget to rgba color scheme code)

    .tp-leftarrow.default {
        background-color: #21759B;
        background-color: rgba(33, 117, 155, 0.8) !important;

How do you change color schemes I want the blue one Is there another css for blue?

Hi sorry for delay,

Open style.css file and search this;


after paste this code (blue)


for slider arrows please change like this

    .tp-leftarrow.default {
        background-color: #21759B;
        background-color: rgba(33, 117, 155, 0.8) !important;

I changed all the colors except the orange boxes I cannot find them SeaSide CT.com

Hello there,

Open rs-plugin/css/settings.css

and search your orange colors for slider for example check line 330


My site does not load on mobile devices. SeaSidect.com am I missing something to upload to my host?

Your site worked perfectly on mobile devices you can check here : http://www.studiopress.com/responsive/