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hi there! i have a couple of questions before getting this theme. the effects of the texts are very cool and the design as well. i just wanted to know how editable is this theme, i mean, would i be able to change the colours (letters, background…) and the shape and style of the main titles?

thank you very much!!

Hi, thanks!

Yes, you can change colour very easy, background is pattern but you can change to background image or colour, i use google web fonts so all fonts from here: http://www.google.com/fonts you can use…


Hi Ivan,

That sounds perfect!! Do you know any website done with this template that I could check out to see diferent results?? That woukd be very helpful.

Thank you very much for your help!!


Not right now, but if someone give me link i will show you.

You’re welcome!

I have bought the template but I need to set to the dark HOME TEXT BOX the size of 600px instead 960 how can I do it? :(

I just sent you mail with css file, just replace it, working fine for me!

Now is ok it was errors when I copy and paste thanks!!!

You’re Welcome!

Hi, I can’t find in documentation how to set the videobackground and where to upload files? Do I need to make both mp4 and ogg files?

Also I have problem with with graphics. Is that possible to get photoshop files?


Yes, you need both, mp4 and ogg file. Upload files in ‘vids’ folder. I dont work with PSD files, sorry.


I love this but need it to replace an existing site and it must be multi-page. Maybe it’s a dumb question but how difficult would it be to make it so? Brian

Hi, and thanks! It’s not too difficult, every section have a separated DIV, and it’s easy to build multi-page website. Ivan

Hi, great looking theme. I am having trouble with some of the features on iPhone and iPad. The parallax images are way to big and not responsive on the smaller devices and the animation is not working as anticipated. I tried to take the parallax “style” of using the background image and moving it to the layout.css so that I could write media queries to use smaller images, but if I do, i lose the parallax effect on the PC.

Any thoughts on how I can improve this?


Any thoughts on how I can force smaller images for


Was this update released? If so, can you also indicate what the parallax changes were because I have heavily modified the index.html page and don’t want to lose those changes… Thanks!

No problem, send me mail pls.

Also, where do I find the icon set to change icons? Thanks!

Just change ‘content’ for icon in css file. A list of Font Awesome icons and their CSS content values:



What is a font? For example the title “Apollo”.


Hi! Poiret One, Google web fonts.

i search and found a site “Awesome icons and their CSS content values” for edit it. take a look at http://bit.ly/19hChP4

you just need the last 3 digits and change them in layout.css like ” ”\f007”” as


content: ”\f091”;


content: ”\f007”;

i have the problem, that video not work on ipad and android device. for android i hear, that android not support background video :-( But what about ios? i ahve following code in index.html

<!-- Load Video for mobile desktop -->
$(function() {
var BV = new $.BigVideo({useFlashForFirefox:false});
BV.show('vids/filou_video_neu_360.mp4', {altSource:'vids/filou_video_neu_360.ogv'});

<!-- Allow to open the site -->

Hi! You need and webm video format.

how i have to implement it in index.html ? the existing code a only for mp4 and altSource.

got a quick question: it´s there any way to change the translucency of the dark grey square box on main title screen “Apollo”?

Hi! Find .home-text in css file, you can change there.

Great theme! I have a couple of questions: when I reach the end of the video (video version) and I restart the video it plays without audio (this happens with latest version of Chrome on Win XP and Win 7), I don’t know if someone else has the same problem… Will the webm format play as a background video on mobile devices? Thanks :)

Hi, thanks! Audio is ok for me, Chrome (win 7), when i restart. I will see on win xp. No, sorry, mobile devices don’t support background video…

Hi.. im not too good with codes..I basically work with joomla, but find this theme beautiful, so bought it.. the problem is with editing the “work” page. i have successfully edited the rest of the page but the works, i need the documentation so i can fully edit it. Thankx.

Hi, thanks!

Send me mail and i will help.

hello IG_design.. you haven’t responded after i sent you an email reply to response. I really need to get the “works” page, and the images under each category edited asap. Also including the Project description. I couldn’t find it to edit. please someone help me here. have a presentation in a few hours from now


My brother purchased this theme and send me the theme package. I have uploaded all the contents to my hosting account with the help of an FTP. Is there any one who can help me on how to change the content and also how do I replace the images.

I don’t wana change the layout, but I just wana change the contents.

This images are not included in the download file!!! The images used on the demo site are for demonstration purposes only and this is downloaded from one of the warez websites illegal as website rip!!!

oh! then If I buy a genuine version from theme forest, do I get on where to install the images or should I require the coding knowledge to add images.

You don’t need coding knowledge to add images.

Hi! I need to design a index like this


My index is: http://tuguiaencastellon.es/index33.html

but I cant align in two columns and the icons are align to left ( because I hide the number original)

Can somenone help me its only this change but Im lost :(


Verovatno nema šansi za WP verziju, jel? :)


Naravno da ima :) ali ne bas skorije, za 3 nedelje do mesec dana.

?ekaaamo! :) Hvala na odgovoru. I da ne zaboravim, super design!

Thanks! :)

Hi, I have a problem with the form.

When the Send Button is pressed a “Java Alert windows” is called and show the form variable values.

How can I remove this?


Please, anybody can help me?

Hello Ivan ! Great theme , Congratulations ! I have bought the template but I need some help with “work”-section ASAP ! I want to put my real portofolio on the theme . My coding knowledge are relatively low , so i need a proper documentation or step by step information . Thank’s a lot !

Got the same issue with the “portfolio/work” section. Wich css/js files are involved on it to edit them properly? i realized how to change pictures, etc.. but didn´t get the idea to work with the database filters.

any help?

The theme is not displaying correctly in Inernet explorer. I tried it on IE 8, 9, and 10. Even the example on this site isn’t displaying correctly. Do you know of a fix for this?

Hello, I have a few doubts to be cleared. I purchased this theme and have installed the template on my website thinkforsoft.com.

I have changed the content under Who we are section. but it looks like all of the letters are in caps. can any one of you please tell me how do I change make it to smaller case.

Also please guide me on how to add meta tags, meda description for this site.

I would like to create a page, and so please guide me on how do I create a new page. Where do I get the new page template to create one.

Hi! Send me mail please!

may I know the email ID for which you want me to mail.

You can send from my profile page here. Mail is ivang.design@yahoo.com