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I have mailed you the details 24 hours back, but I have not got any reply for that.

Hello, i have a problem, when i want validate the Form contact, a pop message appears and the message is not delivery. Maybe is it already happened to someone or/and someone can help me to solve that mystery ?

Thank you very mutch. :D

I received an email this morning from Theme Forest about an update to this template. Is there anywhere to see what all was updated so that we can use what is necessary without disrupting our modified design?

Really nice design, but it’s crashes in firefox…

Great theme, just purchased it. I need help with adding more people on Team section. I tried copying and pasting the html and then tried to change the photo to each one but they all switch to the Team1 and Team2 photo. Can you guide me on how to do this please.

Hi IG_design,

is it possible to set the animations of text boxes (like “what we do”, “head of development”, “graphic design”, etc.) to be completed only once (when these first appear on the screen) instead of happening always when scrolling through these up or down? I mean set some variable in the .js or css code without re-coding the code.

Thank you and best regards, fbyte

Hi! Sorry but no, need re-coding.

Hi! Thanks, anyway I have purchased this template, because I like the design very much. :) I hope I will have no difficulties when trying my own customized version with different browsers (as I see some other users have problems…)

Best regards, fbyte

Is it normal that in the “mail-it.php” nothing there is no “no email”? Should I take “no email” write down my e-mail address? :/

I’m sorry for my bad english.

Hi IG_design.

I tried to look through this thread, but I couldn’t find an answer.

I’ve purchased the Apollo theme – this one: http://ivang-design.com/apollo/slider/, but when I try to upload it to my Wordpress account, it’s not able to upload it, because it’s missing the style.css file. I then looked through the file, that I’ve downloaded, later compressed (to be able to upload it), but it still dosen’t work.

Why is that? And can you help me?

I’m coding for OneEventApS in Denmark, so if you can send the file, or anything else directly to my e-mail: sylvia.dickoh@hotmail.com, it would be very helpful!




Apollo is HTML5/CSS3 template, not WP theme.


In Opera no work !!!

Hi, I’ve just checked your demo-style-3 Apollo theme using an android phone and the quick drop-down menu doesn’t work and cannot be selected. Just see the “about” in the menu and cannot select any other category…. this makes it really slow to have to scroll through the whole webpage to get to the right selection. Has this template been tested on mobile phones ! ....also I’ve just got a semi-gray screen overlapping the template on my mobile while doing everything i can to select the drop-down menu ! Would purchase if you could FIX / CHECK this menu for android mobile phones ! Thanks

Its now been over 3+ months without a response concerning a “patch needed for mobile android devices.” Others having the same problem, do not seem to have been answered either. I can’t wait any longer and MUST go elsewhere. Cannot keep checking for a necessary update anymore ! :( I’m not the only one !

Exactly! Does not work on Android. (Tested on HTC and Samsung) Who wants today a website that does NOT work on smartphones? If correct, I buy! But No! Thank you!

Hi. I am trying to use the video version. (style 2) On my local, it works fine, but when i upload to site (videos as well), the video doesn’t work, there is a black small square on top left. What is the problem ? What is the typical video size to make it load smoothly?

Hello. How can I link to a youtube video background ?


Do you want just link to a youtube or youtube video background?

I want to link background video from youtube. However When I upload folders into FTP, video background doesnt work. What can it be problem?

I want to link background video from youtube. However When I upload folders into FTP, video background doesnt work. What can it be problem?

Video need to be in ‘vids’ folder (.mp4, .ogv and .webm video files) not on Youtube.

How do I link the video to be my background on the Apollo Video Style 2?

I have the video on vids folder but where is the code on the index page where I link it to so it can be my background?


Code is on the bottom of the index page (JavaScript Code).

hello…. is there any video time limit? I m asking it because, when I use 00:02:15 minutes video, it doesnt work on chrome and explorer … What can it be problem?

Hi. On video style : is there a way to display the opening screen text (which says ‘We are Apollo Design Studio’) appear after video being displayed. ??? My video is 1 minute so i want the text to appear after 1 minute… How can adjust this ? It will help me and maybe many others a lot. It doesn’t seem good like this.. Thanks in advance.


I love this template so much, but am very distraught over it not working right on mobile in Firefox.

Will there be an update to fix these issues soon?

Best to you.

having an issue with the contact submit, getting an error stating parsererror tried contacting but no one has answered me back yet. anyone know about this one?

This theme is a waste of money. Doesn’t work on Android phones. Wish I hadn’t purchased it. :(