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What’s the difference between this and Black Label? Looks really the same. Basically there are very minor adjustments to call it another theme. It’s not fair to other authors.

The main difference is the Framework and his new fucntions. Not just the Design. Becuase if we are going to talk about BIG changes on design… almost every single Theme in Theme Forest looks the “same”. Except for some changes… In most Theme the layout is the same but changes the design, like this one.

This Theme it’s better than Black Label in many ways in functionality with a different Design, same layout, but different design.

Well you could apply that new framework to the Black Label. From my perspective it’s another skin that didn’t took much time to create.

Nothing personal here but imagine what will happen if every author will do the same.

Every author are already doing it. It’s the same layout wit a different design plus a lot of new features.

+1 to Denoizzed. Don’t know how this was approved. Two themes looks really the same: same menu, same content, same widgets, icons and so on.

Is this an upgrade to the Black Label I purchased? Looks like another skin perhaps?

It’s a completely different Theme. It has many features that I hope someday to have Black Label too.

Really, what’s the difference?

i don’t see any problem…. same author. surf the both theme and see the differences.

@single hey single… i really like your top banner or slider whatever you called… what is its name and is it free or what?


I’d have to agree with others stating it looks vary similar, even the coding. If I was a buyer of this or the other template, I would hope to have rights to both for one as it just looks like minor changes overall. It would seem unfair though to release something with such similarities, while you defend yourself saying other authors do the same, I don’t think they quite compare to the degree in yours. Sorry.

Otherwise, a great addition to the other already created Black Label.

- Bryce Wisekal

I have problem to download this theme.

What kind of problem?

hi ftz,

this is ‘slider pro’ from codecanyon.

And here’s the plugin page:


hope this will help.


I don’t care what others are saying…. similar or not… its still hot and like the author said… authors copying authors is way too common on Themeforest. Copycat themes all day.

However eneaa can you tell me what advantage it would be for me to buy this one over Black Label from a technical standpoint?

I think I like this one better but just want your advice. I am going to buy either this one or Black Label… which do you recommend?

This one have a better framework that is optimized and makes it faster. Also there are things like Thumbnails on every Fullscreen Slider, and you can create unlimited Fullscreen galleries, also choose between 40+ cufon fonts and more…

Hi, great template! Quick question: on my server I can NOT use TimThumb.php script because it is simply blocked (sick hosting company), can I still use your template and set all thumbnails manually?

The Theme uses Tim Thumb in several ways but if you want you can change the code to disable it. But you will need to upload the images at the right size.

It’d be really nice ennea if you changed the layout of the actually content pages. Maybe with a nice white background rather than black all the time (really bad on the eyes) and also rather than making it centre, make it to the left, like photorific.

It’s much better for viewing background images this way too. I get excited every time i see your new themes but get disappointed when they are basically the same.

Well, thank you for you opinion. I’ll consider what you say

Hi, it’s possible to have a different image background for every single page? Thanks

Yes, it’s possible.

bought Theme today uploaded it and cannot quite get any images

Send me to my email the URL and a FTP user, probably is a problem with the Folders permissions

Hi, sorry but I don’t found how to change the font-color using cufòn…

Can you help me? thanks

Try adding this code in here http://cl.ly/CPOV:
.jqueryslidemenu ul li a, h1, h2, h3, h4, #content h3.post_title a{color:#FFFFFF!important;}

And cahnge that ”#FFFFFF” with your color.

Any audio solution ideas?

What do you mean?

hello, I think you can take a look now


All the images are working fine.

To use this theme with video on a commercial website you have to spend more than double the cost of this theme because the JW Player is not included.

“The JW Player requires a license when used commercially. If your site… Runs ads; or Promotes products/services; or Is owned by a corporation”

I feel cheated.

The real cost of the theme is not $35 but $108 if you want it to work.

Perhaps this should be told upfront?

There are not any documentation about background video for html5

How can i use the function on my homepage.

You just need to upload a video in a format that is compatible with HTML5 .

And when someone can not use Flash video automatically be displayed on HTML5


even if i try to your mp4 file which is “http://video-js.zencoder.com/oceans-clip.mp4”

There are a flash player on my background. Html5 is not working..

www.AEmreElbeyoglu.com check it please.

That is because by default is setting to work with Flash and HTML5 will be used when there is no support for Flash.

If you want to force it to use HTML5 ,try this:

Open “apolo/header.php” and remove line 241 and 250, just those two lines.