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hi, I love this theme but there is one problem. No pictures in my Full-Screen Gallery will load. When I click on the “Galleria” link the little circle in the middle of the page just keeps going around and around like it’s loading something but nothing ever happens. How do I fix this? Thank You. somewhatgenius.com is my site by the way

I love this theme!

Im having problems with my full page gallery, its cropping my landscape images. How can I avoid this?

I meant that the Theme cuts the images so they can fit on the screen.

What should I cut them to?

Maybe this topic about Image sizing wil help you: http://support.eneaa.com/forums/topic/image-sizing/

Having some minor problems: 1) I want to add descriptions/captions to my photos as they are displayed in the gallery and portfolio but there seems to be no way to do this. even when I type something in via the library management in wordpress nothing comes up on my actual site 2) no matter what I do there is no way to have control over the order of my photos displayed in the gallery and portfolio. I have it set to menu order in gallery settings but after I save it still nothing is changed. How do I make captions visible and change my photo order in gallery? these are important details for a photographer

1) You can add the title and description in your Portfolio Items, but not in images.

2) In portfolios the order is by publish date, and in gallery the order is as images where uploaded

Also, when I upload a featured image for portfolio the same image shows up twice as I am scrolling through all the portfolio items and if I remove it, it is gone completely. how do I make it show up only once?

Can you show me the URL to this?

I have a question regarding the images in the background.

I haven’t purchased this theme yet because I want to make absolutely sure that everything will work how I want it to before I do, so I’m wondering about how the images in the background all have those diagonal lines all over them.

Is that because it’s a part of the images themselves, or is it part of the theme? Is it removable if so?

Thanks! Devon


I think you might want to know that i found the source of the problem regarding the slow loading of pages.

it seems a certain jwplayer.js is missing from your theme – you might want to check that out


How do I cut the images to they fit on the full screen gallerY?

Hi, great theme…only problem is the portfolio section crashes on iPhone..is there any solution to this? thanks

Do you have lot of images in the Portfolio?

Yes, 26 items in the portfolio, each with 4 or 5 images. http://www.juliantaylordesignassociates.co.uk

Well, I think the iPhone can’t process that many items.

Hello. Great looking theme! Question—I have pages with fullscreen embedded vimeo video. Trouble is, I can’t seem to get rid of the black slideshow bar at the bottom. So I end up with the vimeo play and pause and the slideshow play and pause at the bottom that serves no function. Noticed your sample site has an example of fullscreen homepage video without the slideshow bar at bottom (says jwplayer over your video). Can you tell me how to accomplish this? Thanks so much!

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL , I will take a look.


I am having problems with the stills gallery. How can I delete the other gallery below & change the background image of the page?


Your help is greatly appreciated!

You have to select for that page the “Full width” page template: http://cl.ly/IuRy And you can change the Background as in any other page: http://cl.ly/ItdQ

Hi Nico, I’ve got an urgent question so I’m emailing it to you too (sorry to bother). Basically the homepage full screen background video (using Vimeo) doesn’t resize with the browser window, it remains static (unlike images). I seem to remember Black Label supporting this. Can we quickly get a fix for this please? Many thanks, James

I sent you an email

Also the mute button doesn’t work for background video on the homepage. Is that for audio only?

I keep trying to upload this on the Wordpress Admin theme panel and I keep getting failure notices. I would love to try out my new purchase, but can’t even upload it! Help!


Where is the javascript for the home_widgets slide out?

I would like to change the settings

Thanks Nick

In “apolo/js/scripts.js” on line 115

How do i remove the text in the bottom: Subscribe, Categories, Meta and Archives? I just want to display a gallery without all that info on the bottom.


If you want to remove the footer from all pages, go to your Admin Panel>>Apolo>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:

Thanks, that worked! One more question, I want to remove the tweet and like buttons that appear below the picture when I open one in a gallery. How do I do that?


go to your Admin Panel>>Apolo>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:

Okay now a more complicated one (I think). I want to use the same Galleria gallery as in the Apolo theme preview, but if I make a Galleria gallery it looks way different. Do I need a plugin or something?

—Thumbnails in my Galleria are inside the picture instead of below it —Picture in my Galleria is not sliding like in Theme version. —etc..

actually, I am new to all this as you might have guessed ;-) I bought the Apolo theme thinking the thing would be finished and ready to go looking like the theme preview, including the galleries. Thats all I want, the same site with Galleria gallery containing my pics, everything else looking the same.

Can u help?

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL , I will take a look.