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I would like to use nice web fonts you have in this theme, but it doesnt support cezch characters like ? or ž.. :( Is here some chance to use them with czech diacritisc?

You can create you own Cufon font in this site: http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/

And then upload your new font in “apolo/js/fonts/”. Then you will see the font listed in the Admin Panel.


I want to have a full screen video playing on my home page. I have followed the upload instructions from your tutorial video – copy/paste youtube link and save changes. seems simple but now nothing is coming up on the home page and the side widget bar is frozen. Am I doing something wrong? I bought this theme specifically to display videos and they are not working! this is a problem! Please help asap thanks

Have you uploaded the “jwplayer” folder as explained in the Documentation?

With in the documentation is a guide step by step on how to set up the home page.

Also, it appears that no videos are working properly on my site because I just uploaded a youtube video as a portfolio item but only a (?) appears under the title. When I click on the (?) a box will appear and attempt to play the video but it only displays 37 secs of a 5 minute video. This is becoming very annoying!!! Please give me solutions ASAP my site is scheduled to launch this week and I am still having troubles with these things! you can view my website at www.alisonevin.com and email me at aevin078@hotmail.com

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL , I will take a look.

Have you uploaded the “jwplayer” folder as explained in the Documentation? With in the documentation is a guide step by step on how to set up the home page.

Turns out I did not install jwplayer in the beginning. I have now installed and followed the proper steps via the documentation but my video is still not showing. Do I have to uninstall and re install the theme? If so, will I loose all the work I have already done on my wordpress with this theme? Please respond ASAP thank you

I answered in the forums

Hi Nico,

Have there been any updates since this theme’s release? I ask because it says “Last Updated: 5 September 12”. If so, could we have a changelog?

Cheers, James

PS: Good luck for the rugby tomorrow night – I just saw a bunch of your players getting their jersey’s sorted in a local embroidery shop ;)

Yes, when you download the new version with in the Documentation is the changelog including files that were modified

Right, so there haven’t been any changes, it’s still version 1.0 with no notes about any changes. Just checking!

I can’t even get your theme to install. I followed all the steps in the documentation. Obviously I’m very disappointed with this theme and the documentation. Refund!

Although all the information necessary to install the Theme is in the documentation, you can contact me and I will help you for sure.


Thanks for your help, working as it should!

Hey, Is it possible to remove all footers except the copyright line? When when I use this code: #footer{display:none;} It removes the black background in my Nivo slider, so the images I am viewing are directly on the background images. I think this will be solved when I use only the copyright footer? Also, can you only use landscape images in Nivo slider? In the theme preview there is a default WP gallery, I cannot locate it in the theme, where can I find it?

Last question: Can I remove the side widget from the homepage? I removed all content but now it is just showing an empty widget.

Thanks for helping! Marcel

1)You can leave the sub-footer with this CSS code:
#footer .one_fourth{display:none;}

2) In nivo you can use landscape or protrait, but will be cropped.

3) For the Default gallery, use it as usual: http://www.screenr.com/8izs 4) go to your Admin Panel>>Apolo>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:

hi i want to buy this theme, but i have a question in the home page according to what i knew, in the sample that you designed u use fullscrees gallery in home page, how can we place the widget in home page on full screen gallery like ur sample website

Paste this code in “apolo/fullscreen-gallery.php” on line 26:
<div id="home_widget">

                <a id="home_widget_btn" class="" href="#"></a>
                <?php if (function_exists('dynamic_sidebar') && dynamic_sidebar('home-widgets')) : else : ?>
                    <p>Set your Widgets in your Admin Panel</p>
                <?php endif; ?>

            </div><!-- /home_widget-->

hi i paste code in line 26 like this picture:(http://up.vatandownload.com/images2/ye6yv4aimnxdp2homkc.jpg) but result is that the home page doesn’t load. can you put all the fullscreen gallery with wiget code please

Send me an email so I can give you better support. support@quemalabs.com

hello, i have instaled the theme and looks good but i have a problem with portfolio. i cannot see it , all img are not visibel. i need to install multiple images item portfolio. with several categories. only one portfolio. many thanks for prompt help! :stress:

I am loving this theme and am interested in purchasing. However, I don’t see any links to social networking sites. I know it’s possible because it’s included in the features, but how is it shown? Is it located on the top, bottom or side, and/or is it installed as a widget or something?

With a Widget you can link to your social profiles, like in the footer here: http://www.eneaa.com/templates/apolo/blog/

And then the Theme have social integration in posts and portfolio items.

I’m actually interested in showing the link on the home page like in your Zeus theme: http://themeforest.net/item/zeus-fullscreen-video-image-background/full_screen_preview/547621

Is this possible?

Vimeo video is working beautifully! The vimeo settings data was a big help. I’m trying to categorize my photos and videos. 1. Can I get rid of the “all” category? or 2. I’ve set up additional portfolio’s but all the portfolio items show up identically in each new portfolio. I would like to have different portfolios with different items in each one. Can I do this?


Yes, you can see this video: http://www.screenr.com/C5zs And you can remove the “all” with this, go to your Admin Panel>>Apolo>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.source li:first-child{display:none;}

Is it possible to use a background picture that is not automatically included in the Galleria Gallery? So I want to use a background picture that is not repeated in the gallery. And the same question for a slider, can I make a different slider with multiple images for each page?

Other question, is it possible to put Face book ‘like buttons’ on the pages themselves and also per picture in Galleria gallery like in the WP default gallery?


1. You have to upload the Background image in other post or page and then paste the URL in your original page. This way the Background image is not uploaded on the same page with the gallery images.

But for the Slider you can only have one.

2. You can put social buttons in other pages with a plugin, there are many. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=social But not for images in Galleria gallery.

I can’t get the new Vimeo videos to work by just adding the link to the videos. Vimeo updated their website and now i can’t get them to work. Is there something i am missing? The old videos from Vimeo still work before i upgraded to the new vimeo and youtube videos still work. Please advise on how i can get the new Vimeo videos to work with this theme.

Never mind i just figured it out. Vimeo added an s in https:// i removed the s changing it to http and it worked

Ok, great :)

I have posted the background picture in another page and linked to that image from my galleria page but it does not appear in the background. I just get a black background, slider now is also not visible. What am i doing wrong?

Send me an email with your WP user I will take a look: support@quemalabs.com

Hi There Thanks for this great theme. I have one question regarding the portfolio pages.

I very much like the 2 column portfolio page, so I have implemented this and understand how to add items with no problem.

What I would like to achieve now is the following:

When you are on the main portfolio page that displays all the “feature images” from each portfolio, I would like to be able to click on one feature image and instead of seeing a gallery of all the features images I would like to see a gallery of all the images in that specific portfolio,

For example, lets say I have 4 portfolios, when I click on feature image of Portfolio 1 I would see all the images contained in Portfolio 1 and when I click on feature image of portfolio 2 i see a gallery of all the images in portfolio 2.

At present, when I click on portfolio 1 feature image i see a gallery of feature images.

Many thanks


Unfortunately I can not help you with that, because it is a complex modification that requires a developer.

I can only provide support.

I actually figured out a solution. But how do I resize the feature image to the precise dimensions that I need? TimThumb seems to apply an arbitrary sizing.


If you are using the 2 columns portfolio, open “apolo/portfolio-2columns.php” on line 103 and 104 you have to edit these values: http://cl.ly/KGXM

w = width h = height

Good Afternoon,

You can send me link to generate the Google Maps API ?

Try using this one:

Where can I translate the contents of the email sent? Example “You’ve been contacted by”. I looked in the file folder “languages” but does not have these fields.

You can translate that in “apolo/framework/mail.php” on line 22

Silly question but how do I stop the portfolio excerpt stripping out my

commands? As it stands my excerpt is just one, annoying, long sentence.

Thanks Alex

Do you want to remove it completly? How many columns are you using in the Portfolio?

Tienes una versión en HTML ?

No, lo siento.