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Hello, Thanks for the great work! Is there any way to hide the “tray” with thumbnails in the gallery full screen template?



Hello, i have a problem with the portfolio. Thumbnails aren’t displayed (ex: http://www.combettesgaillac.com/presentation/lhotel-en-images/). If i clic on the center, i can see my pic in a pop up. I’ve already check this link… http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/ but no results. Can you help me ?

The problem is with TimThumb, if you follow these steps: http://support.eneaa.com/basicdocs/#timthumb And it didn’t work, try contacting to your webhost because when you try to see an image you get an Internal Server Error: http://www.combettesgaillac.com/wp-content/themes/apolo/framework/timthumb.php?src=http://www.combettesgaillac.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/exterieur-combettes-gaillac.jpg&h=160&w=215&zc=1

Hello, I am wondering how you can remove the gradient from the main menu bar?

Thank you!

Do you mean the Header? that’s an image and it’s in:

Hello – This is a theme I want to purchase in order to use for my website but I would like to know how easily it can be edited in Dreamweaver. I have never edited or worked on Wordpress themes before.

Thank You

Chances are that there is no need to edit it with Dreamwever. You can add your content and set up the Theme from the Admin Panel in WordPress.

If you know how to use Dreamweaver chances are that will not have problems

Weird the slider link only works in ie. I created 10 slides and the last one attached a link to it, but it doesn’t work in firefox, chrom or safari.

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

Hello, N00b question but how do I have the home screen open without any page open? I want it to open just like in your “live preview” where the slider is playing my images and until you click on the menu there is nothing blocking the pictures. THanks for the help! Beautiful theme Alex

Take a look at the documentation, there is explained how to create a Home Page.

The documentation is inside the ZIP file downloaded from Theme Forest. Let me know if you need more help.

Hi, I’m having a major issue!

All of my youtube videos play very choppy in the lightbox! What should I do? www.vannvisuals.com

Do you mean slow? If they are YouTube videos there is nothing we can do. Or is a problem with your internet connection or is a problem with YouTube network.

No, its not that they are slow. They are loading fine. I can watch them in youtube fine. Only when they come up in the lightbox, they are very choppy. I have tested this on many computers.

Its important to note the problem does not exist in the original videography portfolio, the videos are only choppy when I create a new video portfolio.

Please take a look at the videos so we can find out why its not working.

I saw the items in your portfolio and they are working fine for me: http://www.vannvisuals.com/videography/products/#!prettyPhoto[portfolio]/0/

Anyway I don’t think that this has anything to do with the Theme, it’s only YouTube.

how can i see the theme as it is here on my site ? with all the elements, picturers etc… I would like to set it according to the example you have here.

You can download the XML Import File from here: http://cl.ly/Load

Hi There

I’m having a little difficulty with the portfolio page here.

Basically I am using the 2 column portfolio option which is propagated with five entries, four of which are videos.

When you click on the featured image a video plays. Perfect. Unfortunately though this film appears six times in a row instead of once.

Please can you advise as to why this is happening and how I can stop it.



Sorry I don’t understand what do you mean with six times in a row.


I’m having an issue with using YouTube videos for the background video. When I use a Vimeo video it plays without issue, but when I use a YouTube URL (clean and void of extra functions in the URL) the background is just black and the video does not play. Have you encountered this before? Thanks so much!

Have you uploaded the JWPlayer folder as explained in the documentation? Here you can download the folder:http://cl.ly/Lt2H

Hi, I tried making the HOME page the default opening page, but when I put the Home address in the link box under settings, it now locks me out. I cannot sign in to change the link again. PLEASE HELP.. www.mervynduffieldphotography.com

Do you change this field? http://cl.ly/MAHO Take a look at this info to solve it: http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL

That problem is with the server and the WordPress installation. I can’t help you with that sorry, just Theme problems.

Hi, I want to use this template for different photographers, so I would like to know if it’s possible that each photographer can manage his own foto gallery independently from the others photographers, and if it’s possible to insert a forum plugin inside the website (to generate discussions among the photographers). Thanks!

I answered you by email.

Wierd im getting a

Skin could not be loaded: Skin type not a valid file type.

Sorry i should mention that i downloaded the new jwplayer as instructed in the documentation.



ah the new jwplayer is not compatible with the theme. you version that i downloaded from you works fine though.

Perfect, let me know if there is anything else.

Hi there. I am considering this theme as my client wants video on the homepage but none of the videos from the ‘home’ menu play on my iPhone and they specifically need things to work on the ‘i’ devices. Is the theme meant to play video on iPhones and iPads ?


Yes, you can you just have to upload your videos with a compatible video format for iOS devices, such as MP4

Actually, to clarify – the YouTube one works but not the others…...

Looking for a theme just like this with swipe features for a ipad/iphone so you can swipe the slides/images, can this do that?

Thanks but I need the full screen background gallery to be able to swipe :( any ideas? Is it easy to implement?

Is not that easy to implement. The only gallery that swipes is Flex gallery.

Hi,i really like your themem. I insert an album to a galleries page?but it can’t be displayed properly?i think that the wordpress update caused this problem.



Sorry I just forgot how to establish Apolo album,it has been resolved.Thank you so much. In addition, I have another question,how to make the latest photos first?

Old photos are in the former now.

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Try replacing this file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/Mh4I/gallery-galleria.php

Thanks,you are great!