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Nice n simple…

but i think there is a mistake in the background image of the top slider from the startpage… the background from the slider is not fittin wih the header… just the 3 … is fittin on te left side..

you know what i mean ?`

sorry, g3niuz, not entirely sure what you mean. care to explain? I’m not seeing anything broken (on a mac).

Clean and simple! Great stuff!

When clicking one of the carousel arrows, a red dotted border appear around the a.previous and elements. I don’t see anything in the css or jquery to specify this behavior. Is there a way to get rid of it?


Yes, there is a way to get rid of it. In the style.css file, on line 61, there is a style commented out. Remove the comment and it should fix it. Removing this comment will remove the dotted line and render the CSS file invalid, but won’t break anything.

Hope this helps. Thanks for purchasing!

Nice template! Really love main slider and buttons….Keep Up

Hi, I love the site but it is rendering a bit weird now. Have you made any fixes/updates to the site? Seems like it started when I downloaded ie8. Firefox is rendering odd now too? Any help is appreciated.

@soaringpine What kind of issues are you having? It works fine for me, and I have not made any updates to it.

I just went to view the live template and got an avg virus warning. Luckily avg caught it and removed. Not sure if it was a false alarm or what, but based on other comments here author should definitely look into it.