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App Landing Page

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App Landing page

This template is made for displaying apps you work on, no matter what app is it ( designed mostly for MAC apps ) or maybe for web app. If you need nice and fresh landing page this is one for you.

This template comes with 4 color schemes: blue (default), orange, green & purple. Two nice monitors with your app images will attract people to explore your website even more. 2 big CTA buttons stand out very well followed by nice features section. Beneath that is a gallery, with hidden video section. That will intrigate user even more to click on buttons all over the website and find out more about your product. Footer area can be edited really easy since whole template is based on 960gs. Also footer comes with working Twitter feed widget and styled only newsletter form.


This is really awesome, great work!

Thanks for the feedback via email. Your team responded within 5 minutes of me posting my question… Awesome customer support!!


App Landing Page - 3

  • Structure based on960gs
  • Enhanced with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Coming in 4 color variations: blue, orange, green & purple
  • Enhanced with jQuery
  • Video support
  • Twitter feed widget
  • PSD files included


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Preview LED Cinema Display by hellishere – check his work