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This is really awesome, great work! :)

Thank you for nice words :)

hello is there a help file when purchase?

Hi. Yes there is a documentation included, but if it’s not enough for you, feel free to contact us via profile form.

I just purchased and uploaded the app and it is not formatting properly. None of the images or showing and none of the css is working. I put the images in the images folder and the css in a css folder… ???

Thank you for purchase. We respond to email.

Thanks for the feedback via email. Your team responded within 5 minutes of me posting my question… Awesome customer support!!

Thank you. We try always to respond asap.

Ok, i watched the video and i see what i did wrong. I did not change the file paths for the css files…

Should be a quick fix. Thanks again.

Here is the link if anyone else is trying to us this template as a custom wordpress page template.

All credits to Adi Purdila :)

Very nice!

Will be sure to purchase this soon! :)

Thank you ! Hope you will like it :)

The youtybe link does not work… Is there a new link ? Cheers

Just emailed you.

nice – but no slider!!?

Well it’s more like static landing page so we didn’t want to put slider in it. Maybe if we will update this template, we will put slider in it.

Hi just purchased and i love it!

1 question. im trying to change the images in Photoshop which i can do, but how do i impliment the changes to show online?


You will need to cut those images from photoshop. But before that check what images you want to replace so you can cut them with same dimensions.

If you will have problems with it, we can do that for you if you provide us with your .psd file.