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Awesome work man. Looks like you’ve been working hard!

Thanks a lot for the appreciation!

Really Impressive Work! The Pages are Scrolling Very Fast! I love your works :)

Thanks a million!

Do your icons come available with the theme? Or where did you get them? As you see when you click features on the site. Very beautiful site also!

The icons used are font awesome icons….its free! It gives you flexibility of fonts, such as changing size and color etc…

WWow! Amazing work!! ;) Good luck brother!

Thanks Brother…

Fresh and fantastic job, good luck :bigwink:


35$ ???

Amazing work.

Yes..$35. Thanks for the appreciation

A bargain.
Looks wonderful.
Congrats , wish you the very best with this one.

Thanks for the wishes!

Thank u Sharif !

just purchased. do you have an xml file?

Yes of course ! You can find the XML file included in the following directory.

“appmojo \ framework \ wordpress-importer\ dummy \ appmojo-default-dummy.xml”

And you’ll also have an easy importer option from our BuddhaPanel as shown below,


Please let us know, if you need anymore help with this theme. We’ll be happy to help!

Hope the above instructions are useful :)

We have tested and it works well in our end, with the demo of our theme.

If possible, kindly give us your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately.

So that, we will check and help you find or fix out the issue ASAP !

Thank for an excellent theme. Question:

Where can I change google map and location?
Amazing work. Congratulations!!

Yes please ! Leave us a mail with your site credentials (WP & FTP access logins) immediately via the right bottom form located at,


Hi alfaromg,

We check your site & fixed that one page issue. Kindly check your site url, http://peaceplacemassage.com/

Thanks for sending us your site credentials anyway !

We have checked and fixed out the One page issue now.

Please check and let us know if need anymore help then.

Excellent work…. does the theme support multiple languages (qTranslate, WPML…)?

Thanks for your love and the purchase with our theme anyway !


Here you’ll have the demo data XML file to find and import with this theme.

Some minutes after my message i saw the import dummy content option…. It does not import the sliders, right?

Yes, you’re right :-) The sliders will not be imported with the dummy data we’ve provided.

So you would have to install and set them up manually.

If you need anymore assistance, here are the help video manuals,

1). Installing Required Plugins – http://youtu.be/_FM9xZ1h7vA

2) Layer Slider Installation Settings – http://youtu.be/pn65_kW69Jo

3) Revolution Slider Installation Settings – http://youtu.be/pKz3UtqwOBs

Well, really nice! I bought it indeed!

My wordpress menuitems don’t have external css class (optional) input. What have I missed? I use 3.6.1 wp… Please send any advice… Thanks in advance.

Please note that all the pages (published) in this theme will not have “external” class by default.

If you want to use any page as an external page, you would have to specify the class name “external” to that corresponding Page, Post, Category, Tag or Custom menu links.

Before that, you need to enable “CSS Classes” from the Screen options above from “Wp-admin (Dashboard) / Appearance / Menus”


Thanks for the tip, I would have seek the solution for hour without it.. :)

Oh Yeah ! Hope you’ll be fine with it now :-)

Highly recommend this! wonderful work, flawless installation. Great job! thank you!

Thanks you so much :) And we really happy to hear such great loving appreciations !!

Hi, we think that this theme is very nice, but we have a question. Is this theme compatible with the “Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox” plug in? Thanks!!

Hi, we think that this theme is very nice, but we have a question. Is this theme compatible with the “Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox” plug in? Thanks!!

Our “AppMojo” theme is fully supported and ready to use with “Facebook Page Promoter Lightbox” plugin.


Here we attached a screenshot to help you know the way how that the plugin works compatibly with our actual theme.

Are you planning WooCommerce support?

Yes of course ! We’re planning to make it to be WooCommerce Supported.

So please stay with us and you’ll be notified in our future updates ASAP !

Will buy right after you do it ;)


Any ETA on this? Very interested..

hello, I just purchased this theme, and I can’t install it, I guess I am doing something wrong, in any case, I left the download in zip file and when I go to upload theme in wp instalation it goes all the way to 100 percent and nothing, it says try again????

Please try uploading your theme again using FTP (FileZilla or any), and upload the extracted theme folder into “public-html \ youwebsite \ wp-content \ themes \ appmojo”

After the installation, “Wp-admin (Dashboard) > Appearance > Themes > AppMojo” to activate it.

Look at this video manual for your reference, http://youtu.be/qWOBfE87Kak

Done it, thank you

We were on leave for 3 days! And so, we can’t reply you in time! We are happy that your issue have been fixed :-)

Please let us know, if you find any more issues!

hi i want to buy this theme

but i don’t know this theme has a rtl.css ?

can you say me has rtl.css or not ?

I buy it , can you help me ?

Kindly download and use the extracted .zip file we’ve attached here by copying the “rtl.css” into your theme directory,


so thanks ?

I have another question, I have created new menu, added new pages and when I go to Visit site and click on that page it doesn’t scroll automatically to it?

click on pages in the menu is not working, it doesn’t redirect me to clicked page???

Please mail us your site credentials immediately via the right bottom form located at our user page below,


So that, we can check and find out the issues from our end. Then we’ll help you get the solution ASAP !

20 minutes ago I managed to find the problem, I had to change permalink of pages to #name instead default #id=somenumber, and now it works great :)), thank you, theme is awesome