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Hello, Great template!... I have a question..

I like do a simple app with your template design and “sell” by apple store… What type of license I need?

Regular Licence will be fine for you :)

hello this is a template that I can use as APP for iPhone thanks

No. This is an HTML website template you can use to promote your app.

hello this is a template that I can use as APP for iPhone thanks

Hi myTheme, I am having problems in the visualization of the theme when using explorer 9. Apparently all the Jquery stops working and the content to which the 5 tabs link appear one under the other instead of appearing on separate pages. I haven’t put the landing page on line yet so there is no link I can paste here. Your support and time is highly appreciated. regards

Hi myTheme, I have managed to solve the Explorer issue but would appreciate your support for making the forms work. This is the website: Thank you

Take a look at the documentation in the archive you downloaded from ThemeForest.

Hi, I did look at the instructions and changed in form.php the email and website address ($youremail = ‘’; $website = ‘Your website’;), but did not have much success. Am I missing something else? Thank You

That should do it. Send me a mail via my profile page.

This template is just what I’m looking for, however I spotted one problem with the demo site, which is stopping me ordering -

When you open the demo site on an iPhone (iOS 6) and tap on the video it doesn’t always play. This is a deal breaker for me :(

I have a quick question. With the Regular Licence can I sell my software? I’m in the process of creating an Android application and some desktop software. With how I understand the Regular Licence is only to be used on a site giving free items correct?


I’m pretty sure the Regular license is enough for you. If you would sell the template itself, it would require the Extended license :)

I am interested in this Theme however the preview goes to a recipe theme?

Oops, sorry :) I fixed the preview link.


1) Is it support RTL design ? if yes send to me the link

2) Also, if I have some section I want to hide for example: Pricing table section, Contact form etc. Can I hide it from admin panel or I need to edit through the code ? If through the code you will support me to hide the sections I don’t need or not ?

Best regards. Ibrahim


1. No support for RTL.

2. This is a HTML template, so there isn’t admin panel built-in.

You can see the item support policy over here: