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I think you have the “Promo” and “Regular” Prices coded backwards … On the promo items, the lower price is crossed out and says “WAS” and it says the sale price is the higher of the two …

Yup! Thanks for catching that! I’ve fixed it.


Fricking amazing! Best of luck with sales.

Thank you brumstix! :)

I’m thinking of getting this theme but I have some questions first, In the “Choose your options” section, how customisable is that? Can I add an option like “Insert text”? Can The price be altered according to what side options are chosen? I take it, it is easy enough to change to pounds sterling and can I add an “I agree t&c” box?

1. The “choose your options” box displays only if a product is either a configurable one or has custom options. The options are configured from the admin. You can insert text box, upload field, textarea, dropdown etc.

2. Yes the price will change if the option’s price is different.

3. You can set your desired currency from the admin panel.

4. The accept “t&c” is done at the checkout page. You can set that from the admin.

If there is anything else, let me know.


Hey ravG,

I can’t seem to get the homepage slider to work. I’ve enabled it and uploaded 3 images for it to display, but nothing happens. I’ve cleared all the caches as well. I’m running on Magento Thanks.

Hi namhoang,

Did you save config after your uploads? Will you be able to send admin info for me to take a look? Just send it from my profile page.


Hey ravG,

Thx for the quick response. It was actually my fault, I didn’t set the homepage layout to 1 column. Thx again for making yourself so available, Cheers!

You’re welcome! :)

Loving this theme, but more so loving the support raviG gives! Thumbs up for this dude!

Thanks Soepkip! :D

Does this work with Magento 1.5?

Yes it does. :)

I’m trying to save my logo on the apparel configuration page but when ever I click save it takes me to a 404 error, and If I click the apparel configuration tab it also gives me a 404 error


When you first install the module you will need to log out from admin and log back in. After that it will work fine.


Thanks, I now have another problem now my image wont appear and if I click on the URL in the config the pop up has a broken file image

Sorry this is my first time using Magento, Ive used Wordpress but this is completely foreign to me, it will taken a few days to get use to

Well it’s working fine here.

Normally the images that you upload are saved in the folder media/images/default. Just check if you find your uploaded images there. If not, try to set the permissions for the folder to 775 and try uploading again.

If after that you are still having the issue, just run a fresh install of Magento or send me admin login info for me to take a look. You can send that from my profile page.



Might be a silly question but is it possible to have a blog option/ tap with this template?


Sure you can do that. It’s not a feature in this theme though but you can do it if it’s from an RSS link. If you want to create your blog posts from Magento itself, that will require a lot of work.


Thats fine, I had a feeling there would be some work involved. Thank you for getting back to me, appreciated. Ill just go with the RSS link option you suggested as your theme is perfect and im really digging it. Cheers.

Thanks! :)

For the RSS , here is a tutorial: http://framework.zend.com/manual/en/zend.feed.consuming-rss.html. If you are not comfortable with code, I can do that for you.


I just installed your theme on my server, http://ndent.net/apeldesign/ , and all I get is this error: There has been an error processing your request #896867335961

Do you have any support for this issue? thanks.


Did you follow all the steps in the documentation file? You probably missed the one for featured attribute. Please read the documentation file.


Yes, I followed the directions for the ‘featured’ attribute. The site seems to work fine with every other theme, it seems that the error is saying there is an unclosed comment line in one of the theme files. I’ve re-uploaded all the theme files and modules twice, and it still seems to be giving me this error.

I’ve just tested the package you downloaded and it’s working fine here! Do you see “Apparel Configuration” in the admin area?

Yeah, I can see that in the admin area.

Can you provide FTP info or admin info for me to take a look? You can send that from the contact form on my profile page.

You have Magento 1.4.0 installed. The theme will work only with the latest stable version of Magento (


Theme works great, and had great customer support from the developer. Would buy from him again.

Thanks for your comment. :D

After creating the “Attribute: featured” and save, it requires to fill

Manage Titles (Size, Color, etc.). Admin: Default Store View:

what should I fill these two fields?

It’s just the label of the attribute to be used in the admin area when adding products. For example “Featured” attribute you will put Featured for default store view. That’s the same for any other attribute.

Kind of a silly question, but, how does the shopping cart work? If I have 10-15 products, will I need to create 10-15 separate paypal links or does this site integrate with paypal so that I will know which items were selected?

Paypal is integrated with Magento. You don’t need to create separate paypal links for each product.

Here is a screencast on how it works: http://www.magentocommerce.com/media/screencasts/working-with-paypal/view . It’s kind of outdated, but it’s pretty much the same thing that you have to do.


I noticed some differences between IE6 and 7, do you have a hack CSS file for both versions?

I did not test the theme for IE6 , but for IE7 I did my best to make it work as it should.

Anyways, just send me an email of the CSS issues and I will try to fix them (IE7 only). :)


the site’s header is incorrect. The search fields are overlapping the menu buttons.

I’ll try to fix it!


Thanks for the great theme…Will contact if any problem arises.


Hi Roshan,

Thanks for buying the theme. :)



Your job is great,

But i want to ask some question of it.

can I use Chinese of this template?

Since I have no expericence of Magento.

about the price setting,can I use Hk dollar and use paypal system?



Yes you can. You just download the language pack from Magento Connect and set it from admin.

Paypal is integrated in Magento and you can use HK Dollar.


I am thinking about bying the theme but i am from Brazil a an wanted to have “Brazillian Real currency”, and add payment options to brazilian paypal and another brazillian payment method called pagseguro. How customizable is the payment options. Do you have a easy translation methos or I’d have to open all the templates and do it mannualy?

thank you

Hi there,

This is a Magento theme and the payment options etc can be setup from the admin. Paypal is integrated, not sure about pagseguro though. You might want to check on Magento connect to see if there is a module for that.

Translation is easy. You can either download your language pack from magento connect or use inline translation. You do not have to open any template file for translation.