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Workin since over 8 hours on the settings to get the look like your example. Could you help out? nothing really works here!

Well the theme works fine. You might have wrongly installed it or you have not disabled cache.

Which version of Magento are you using and what is not working?


for all the people who speak two languages, in my case (spanish). raviG have incredible support to customisation the theme and the code.

Theme works great, would buy from him again.

Congratulations raviG!

Hey jujes,

Thanks for your comment! :D


Hi raviG

I am keen on this theme but have two questions

1. Does this theme only working in relation to clothing?

2. Do I need to buy Magento in order to use it?


Hi Clint,

Thanks for the interest in the theme.

1. You can use it for any kind of store. Some are even using it for electronics stores. :)

2. This is for the Community edition of Magento and it’s Free.


Hey, I’ve got a custom clothing company and wanted to get this template, would I be able to add a “personalised field” so the users can enter text and that gets submitted too me?

Thanks for replying :) I’m having a problem with the logos. Everytime I click Save Config it just shows a 404 error.

When you first install the module, you will have to log back from admin and log back in. After that it will work fine.


I meant log “out” from admin and log back in! :)

Hi there,

I did all that your instruction guide asked me to….but i cant get the shopping options to display….i want to sub-catagories to be displayed when root categories are selected. Also all the products are showing as promo…although i kept selected no for the featured menu?

Can you please help!



I just replied to your mail! :)

Hello, will this work with Magento 1.5?

Yes it does! :)

hello I’m in trouble using the “Apparel Store Magento theme” with SSL I am exchanging several emails with the server hosting and SSL www.simplehelix.com

I need to enable sales by credit card and I’m not achieved due to the errors that occur.

I would like to exchange such information by email because I have screen prints to send you, is it possible?

my email is amaral100@hotmail.com

I’m waiting thanks

Sure, send me an email from my profile page.

removed embedded image of credit cards and the footer is working ok. thanks

Hello, I have two questions for you: 1) The image on the slider (home page) is the exact size as your demo image but the placement seems a little high. Is this because I am still missing the menu items on the page?

2) How do I add the menu items on the page? Yours has men, women, contact, about… how do I add those to my site? In control panel?

Thank you!

My site is: www.powertitanium.com


1) You guessed it right. Those are categories and cms pages.

2) men, women are categories and the other links are CMS pages. All of the links are created from the Admin panel. Categories are created at admin/catalog/manage categories and CMS pages are created at admin/cms/pages.


Does the cache storage management need to be disabled only during the initial setup or always stay disabled?

If you are going to modify the theme, adding products or update the site it’s best to keep the cache disabled.

When you are done with your changes you can enable it.

Thank you for the quick response!! I added a new category called “wristbands” but it still doesn’t show up in the navigation. I assigned the “apparel” design and I told it “yes” for appear in navigation. Do you know what I might be missing? Also, how did you add the “home” link on your demo site?

Thanks again!

Make sure your categories are placed under the “Default Category”. You can drag and drop the category and place it under default Category. You will need to reindex data also (admin/system/Index Management).

The home link will come up when your categories have been successfully set.


Great! Thank you very much. Not only is the theme amazing but the support you provide is stellar!

You’re welcome! :)

Hey, wanted to say great template! Just having some problem with the setting up a menu and also any page apart from the index isn’t working. Any advice?

Did you enable web sever rewrites? Try refreshing the cache or it might be a .htaccess issue. You might want to ask your host about that.

You can send me your magento admin info from my profile page if you want me to take a look.


Hey, could you check your emails asap please and get back too me. Thanks

I just replied to your email.

Any idea on how I can add the “contact” link at the top like the one you have on the demo store? I LOVE this template!! My store is starting to come together. www.powertitanium.com

Also, when you click on a category on your demo site, the top left allows you to sort by price and then shows the call out image. On mine, I don’t have that option. Do you know how to enable that?

Thank you!

It seems like you’ve been able to add the contact form. :)

This is the layered navigation and to enable it your categories should be set as “anchor”. Just go to “Manage Categories” , select a category and click the “Display Settings” tab. After that set “Is Anchor” to Yes.


Hi! Before buying, I want to know if I can manually translate this theme to portuguese. Is it simple?



It’s Chrome for MAC OSX

Well its working fine here on Chrome. I’m on a PC though. Can’t test on mac. Sorry.

But you can just edit the width of the background image to fix it or specify the width for the button instead of “width:auto”.


Thank you for the fast responses and amazing support. I’m sorry to keep bugging you with questions but do you know how I can create a CMS page but not show it in the nav menu? Is that possible?

Thank you!

If you are comfortable with code, you can add the title of the page in pages.html to not display it.

I have another question. I installed an SSL certificate and it’s working properly because I see the green bar in the admin area now. But when I add a product to my shopping cart, it switches to https but then gives a warning “there are resources on this page that are not secure”. Any idea what those can be? How I can fix it so that everything is secure on the site when its in https mode? Site is www.powertitanium.com

OK, I fixed the SSL problem, I just needed to reboot my server.

Hi raviG,

Do you offer any kind of demo version I can try out on my own installation ?


Hi st33n,

There is the live preview only.


Ok thanks,

Do you have an example where they use a bundle product ? (ex. “computer” in the demo content).

Here is the bundle product : http://themes.webiz.mu/apparel/polo-bundle.html

I’ve added only one product “jeans” to it. :)


How can i get the sizes displayed like the demo version in nice buttons type…can you please explain the steps…its very unclear whether to do this with custom options or manage attributes…please help



Hi Roshan,

The sizes like the colors are custom options. The custom option should be called “size” and set as “dropdown” for it to display like on the demo.