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I followed that steps but still not working for me…It is showing one of the products that i changed like this http://s.angelsfashion.co.nz/index.php/schools/aorere-college/uniforms-blouse.html

I have emailed you the admin details….please help…



Fixed! :)

Hi, first of all congratulations for the template; looks clean and functional. I have a question. Its possible to have one menu on right side too, because ill have a lot of products in different categories. Let me know if this sample have this feature.



Hi Andre,

Thanks! :)

The theme does not have this feature on the homepage. But you can always add it. On the category page you have it though.


*Update= I fixed the problem by reindexing the site and flushing the cache.


I made some changes to my site by adding a couple of CMS pages and now the “latest products” do not appear on my home page. I tried adding the new from date and that didn’t help. Any ideas why they suddenly stopped appearing on my site?


Thank you!

Glad you figured it out! :)

hi, i have a pre-sale question… i’m doing a site that has tons of custom attributes, such as ‘fabric’ which i want to display as images not text. also, ‘collar’s will be 3 images not text. i see that your theme does have the custom options – is that what you are calling attributes? can i create more custom options that what you are displaying on the demo?


1. On the demo “Color” and “Size” are custom options not attributes.

2. The number of options are not limited. Those can either be dropdown, radio, upload fields etc. If you would want to display them as images you will have to edit the files. Only the code for “color” and “size” are included in the package, not for all your options. If you are comfortable with code you can see how its done and do the same for your other options.


Great looking theme!! I’m new to magento so sorry if this is a dumb question… On your theme I like what you have done with the color and size options, what I need to know is…. are there inventory controls with all the options

Meaning, if I have the following…


In my stock I have

2 small red one 5 med red ones 1 large red one

3 small green ones 2 med green ones 3 large green ones

On the site this Tee-shirt looks like 1 product with the options to pick the color and size, in the inventory an i tracking this as 1 product or 6 products?

If i get the green light on the project, this is the theme I’m getting :)

Thanks! :)

For your query, it depends on how you are adding the options (size/color). There are two ways you can do that:

1. Creating simple products with “custom options” for color/size. You will need only 1 product.

2. Creating Configurable Products for color/size. If you have 3 red, 2 blue, 1 yellow; you will need 7 products and only 1 will display on the frontend. This one is time consuming but if you want to track inventory for color/size, Configurable products is the way to go.

Hope I answered your question.


Many thanks… if the client wants the complex option, at least I can tell him its possible… now the waiting game to see if I get approval.

Thanks for the fast reply, hope to buy soon

I’m a Magento n00b. Do themes like this work with the Magento Community addition?

Yes it is for the Community edition only. :)

awesome. Thanks. Okay I know this isn’t the place for this question but I figured maybe someone could help. Does Magento (free edition) allow you to use a custom domain name?

Yup! You can use it on any number of domain names.

Hello dear raviG

I´d like to know if there is any multilanguaje option with this template.


Yes there is. You just have to download your language pack and set it from the admin panel.

I’m new to Magento and I’m not sure if I can get some help here.

I installed this theme and whenever I add a product it doesn’t show up under the category or latest products.

Whenever I add it to the featured list however I can get to it. My last problem is added the sizes option.

Could I possibly get some assistance?

Thanks for all the help, found what I was doing wrong and now the Product shows with the options. However when I add the options, I have radio buttons along with the “L”, “S”, graphic, how can I get rid of the buttons and keep the graphic options.

Is there anyway for me to Remove the “Related Products” or “You May Also Like” tabs?

The options for color and size should be set as “dropdown”.

For the “Related products” and “you may also like” can be removed from the file view.phtml at catalog/product.

Thanks for all the Help.

Beautiful theme. :)

Another problem…. My Logo or Callout Image does not seem to be working. The permissions to the Media folder is 755.

Whenever I try to open the Image by itself I get an internal server error.

Here is a link to the site….. http://www.ltres7.com/store

This is the link to the logo…. http://ltres7.com/store/media/images/default/store_logo.png

Yes, I’m using GoDaddy hosting.

Well Magento does not work well on godaddy. I advise you to change host.

I got it working… had to delete the .htacess file inside the media folder.

Any other problems the GoDaddy hosting will cause?

Hey there,

I’m trying to recreate what you did for the product sizing (black boxes with S, M, L, XL) and I can’t do it.

From the comments, I see that it’s a custom option, but my template doesn’t show it the same way as your demo store.

Maybe you can check:


and I want it to look like this one:


Please let me know how you did it :)



Hi there,

It seems like you are using another word for Size. The code only looks for a custom option called “size” to display it like on the demo.

If you want to use your own wordings just send me an email and I will guide you on how to change it.


@invert13… for that you need to use the “Dropdown” option under “Custom Options”

I have a question of my own however, is there a way to create a page and it doesn’t show up on the Navigation bar?

Thanks for helping out! :) I’m on vacation and internet access is very limited.

For your query, it is doable but there is no easy way. If you are comfortable with code you can alter pages.phtml and create a condition to not display the links.


Hi Ravi,

The Promotion section for Catalog price rules does not show up on the page with the “was” price and the “now” price

It is showing at the list page http://www.hersummer.com/index.php/dresses.html

But not on the product individual page, http://www.hersummer.com/index.php/dresses/dress-d1234-11.html

What is the solution to this.


Hi Derek,

I am not sure why you are experiencing that. It’s working fine here though.

If you look at http://www.hersummer.com/index.php/dresses/dress-d2342.html it works. How are you creating the other products? The same way?

Let me know.

Hi Ravi,

This product http://www.hersummer.com/index.php/dresses/dress-d2342.html is in fact a different setup. I have this working by inputting as a special price instead of a group promotion.

What I did was, Go Promotion -> Catalog Price Rule -> Set condition to be category contain 3,4,5,6

If needed, I can send you my admin login.

Thanks Derek

Hi Derek,

The “was” and “now” like on the demo will work only for products that has a “Special price” set.

To make it display the same way for your promotions/condition I think you will need to alter the file price.pthml at.


Hi Ravi,

Are you sure you know what are you talking about?

the problem now is that it appears on this page http://www.hersummer.com/index.php/dresses.html

that there is a discount, but when i go to this page, http://www.hersummer.com/index.php/dresses/dress-d1234.html

There is no discount, but after i add this to cart, it shows another price which is the discounted price. http://www.hersummer.com/index.php/checkout/cart/

So I am sure there is nothing to do with altering the price.phtml. I can make changes on the file myself if its too troublesome for you.. But just want to point out this issue to you.


Yes I know what I am talking about!

If you look at the code for the product view page you will see that the “Was” and “Now” appear only for a product which has a “Special Price” set. It’s something like this:

if(special){ //show special & normal price }
and the “prices”, “was” and “now” are pulled from “price.pthml”. Alrighty!

Neways! You can send me your admin info. I will check how you are setting those discounted prices and will try to help you out.


I have question I can’t seem to find the answer to anywhere else, not sure if its Theme related however….

How can I add an option to the “Shopping Options” that shows up on the left. Right now the only option is “Price Range” but I wanted to add “Color” and “Gender (M/F)” How do I go about doing that?

This is called layered navigation. Color and Gender should be “attributes”.

See: http://www.magentocommerce.com/knowledge-base/entry/how-does-layered-navigation-work/

I’m having a hard time finding the way to add the “Zoom” options for the Product photos. Any help please?

Update!: Never Mind… got it working now.

Hello you said three months ago, that would make the fix for IE7 , you could do? the menu buttons are positioned below a line, the site’s header is incorrect. The search fields are overlapping the menu buttons.

can you help? please!

sorry my english

waiting thanks

I will try to fix that this week.


I would like to replace the default newsletter entry with a custom one from mailchimp. What file do I need to edit to see the newsletter information on the homepage?

Thank you!

The default newsletter form is called from footer.phtml found at page/html.