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Hi Ravi,

I have sent you the admin info… Are you able to fix the bug?

I didn’t have time to check it! I will take a look at your mail and reply to you from there!

The button on facebook and twitter does not work. When I’m not logged into facebook, it works, the popup window appears perfect, but if I’m logged into facebook, it gives a quick click and not work.

can you help?

regarding css for IE7 , you got some evolution?

sorry my English


Do you have a link to your site? On the demo the facebook and twitter links are working fine.

For the IE7 fix, I’m working on it.

I downloaded this, but I dont have an account on Magento, im listed with GoDaddy. How do i upload this using Dreamweaver?

You do not need a Magento account.

You just download Magento from http://www.magentocommerce.com/download , install it on your server and install the theme.

the facebook button, it clicks but does not add to facebook. my site is http://complexob-shop.com.br/

I tested it on your site and it is working fine. The product url, description and your site’s logo are shown on the profile page. If you are not logged in, it won’t go.

Is it not a good idea to run this with a regular godaddy account? Do i need a dedicated server?

No need to get a dedicated server if you are just starting out and stay away from godaddy if you want to use Magento.

Check out site5.com. http://www.site5.com/hosting/web/ Magento works well on the hostpro + turbo.

Is that the best one? And I have alot setup on my GoDaddy account like the email, SQL , and other things, is their any way I can transfer that you think?

Can’t say they are the best but I’m using them and I have not run into any issues.

HI ravi,

It has been 2-3weeks already. Can you speed up and fix the bug as I am about to launch the site. Thanks!

Question to both the author and previous buyers: Is this theme easy to install with absolutely no Magento experience? How is the support on this theme?



Hi Leon,

The theme is easy to install and everything is well documented. Theme support is provided either here or by mail.


Hi The homepage slider is currently sliding only on clicking the prev, next button. How and where should we tweak to make it autoslide?


You will need to edit the file “custom.js” found in the js folder.


Is there a way to edit the Grid list view numbers per page? I want to increase the minimum from 9.

You can change it at admin/system/configuration/catalog/frontend tab.

for me the button on facebook, even if logged, does not work, already tested in many browsers and does not work, but that’s not important

1 – I need to treat the field telephone in the customer register, not to receive special characters, you can help in this regard?

2 – I need css hack for Internet Explorer 7, you finished?

sorry my english

With the color and size options you supply in this theme relying on the Custom Options features which are only available to a simple product, does this then mean for any color and size variations desired you will lose inventory capabilities for each of these variations?

I greatly prefer to have the color and size options as you have them in the demo, however it does me no good if those options are not linked to the individual availability of those items through the inventory system.

Can you please confirm whether those custom options work with the inventory system or not?

When you create the color/size options, there is a “quantity” field for each color. So if all “Red” has been sold out, the option “Red” will not show up on the frontend and in the backend the quantity field will show zero for Red.

I’m working for a client that is using the Apparel theme, but I’m having an issue with the product image zooming:


The largest image shown is the ‘base’ image, the ‘small’ image is used as the product thumbnail throughout the site, and I chose ‘thumbnail’ to have no image, and the default no-image image does not appear anywhere that I can find, so am I correct to assume the theme doesn’t use this image size?

The problem is there is no image size larger than ‘base’, and when I click zoom to get a bigger image (what people would expect), for some reason the small image is opened in the lightbox.

Is this user error on my part?



Did you change anything in the code?

Normally the zoom button will look for the base image, that is the one behind it.

I don’t believe so, if it’s error on my part I’m thinking the most likely mistake I would have made was some sort of misconfiguration through the dashboard. Can you think of anything I might have changed to get the product image display out of whack? (This is my first project with Magento).



Send a message from my profile page with your admin information and I will look into the matter.


This is my first time doing anything like this and Im not sure on how to edit the site/upload it to my website. I uploaded Magento already. Is their a good tutorial you can see anywhere, or anything like that?

There is a documentation file in the package. Have you taken a look at it?

Yes i have now, but I am not able to select apparel after putting the files were they must go

The theme consists of two folders named “apparel” that needs to be uploaded. One in the app folder and the other one in the skin folder.

After that you will find it under “Design Change” in the admin area.

Make sure Magento cache is disabled when making the change.


I have been waiting days for a response to the emails I have sent and have gotten no response. It is critical that I can get the answers the questions I have about the template.


I’m checking my mail now and the first email you sent is from yesterday. I get loads of email asking for support, so please be patient.


Hi is it possible to change the CSS colors to match our website, ie. pink to green? As well as change the colors of the header, footer, boxes?

- Brian

Sure you can and it is super easy if you are comfortable with CSS .


Great looking theme! Suggestion for next version perhaps: putting related products below product listing details on product pages instead of in tab.. could be better for sales?

Thanks for your feedback. :)

For the product tabs, I think it will stay like this. If you are comfortable with code, it is easy to customize.


Hey there. Great theme. I am having some serious issues with the setup of the theme. Please email me when you can. I am also relatively new to magento.

sicapparel.com/magento pollara@sicapparel.com