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Ironically the problem is that I didnt get an error, It never said anything about having to create a featured attribute.

Ironically the problem is that I didnt get an error, It never said anything about having to create a featured attribute.

Yes, when you first install it you will not get an error. It’s only when you create the attribute and not putting it under the default attribute set that the error will appear.


We’ve just bought and are in the process of installing this theme.

We are confused by section C “Product view color and size”.

We understand the part regarding adding new colours via the CSS , we are just unsure of where to setup Manage Titles, Manage Options as per the screenshot

Is this created on a per product basis? Or do you create these options somewhere else in the admin, so they will be available to select for each product?



The options are on a per product basis and are created from “custom options” when adding/editing products.


Can you please explain how to get the sizing and colour options working please. As there isn’t much information within the documentation.



Sorry for the late reply.

The options as stated in the documentation file are created on a per product basis.

So for the colors you will create a custom option named Color and set them as dropdown. This is the same for the sizes.


Hi we have modified the css on your template but it does not work in IE. www.freehandseu.com

Great job on the modifications. Which version of IE is having issues?

Hi any version lower than the 9 Beta is having issues.

- Brian

I’ve tested it in IE6 and it is working fine! Which OS are you using?

There is no way to this theme to work with Magento Go, right?

You guessed it right! The theme is for the Community edition only.

Dear Ravi,

Can I have the imagelist grid for the products cropped instead of tight crushed? It kinda mess with the product image… Here’s the example:


I’d also like to get rid of the gray description bar at the bottom (image 2/3) when the images are zoomed.

Regarding the product name (index), can I brake it in two lines, so that it would appear entirely? Both for the Featured box and the Latest grid.

Than you very much.


Send me an email from my profile page. I will help you out from there. The thing is, for the changes you want to make, you will need to edit the code in different files, so an email will be more convenient for that.


Ok, I’ve send it.


I’ve replied to your mail.


Hey RaviG I got my site up, but I still am not sure on 1 or 2 things. How exactly do I make it so it is selection boxes instead of dropdown in the menu for the products? And also, the banner is cropping the picture out. and the picture doesnt fit anyways. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=a0ghuq&s=5 I’ve attached a picture so you can see


Are you talking about product options?

For the banner you will need to upload the exact width for the slider. That is 930px. Based on the screenshot, it seems that you did not set the categories, that is why the slider block is overlapping the header.


problem fixed


ho how do i turn off the related product and review tab on the product pages

also the comparison icon

thank you

For the comparison icon, related and review tab you will need to remove it from the template file. It is view.phtml (template/catalog/product).

Hi Im wishing to edit the left hand menu on the user dashboard

which files do i need to edit

thank you

If you meant the styles, that will be in styles.css in the skin folder.

If you want to change the php/html code, you will need to alter the file “navigation.phtml” in “app/design/frontend/default/template/customer/account”.

ive had a look at the file but i just wish to remove some of the options from the left hand menu on the user dash

eg ‘my tags’ “reviews’

thank you

For that you will need the files tag.xml and reviews.xml. Look for the following block of code in each file and remove it or comment it out.

<reference name="customer_account_navigation">.......</reference>

Could you please take a look at my site and help me work out some of the kinks that are in it? I just want to have it up and running, thanks.

Wasn’t it working the other day? What issues are you running into?

My site is still having issues with the banner

Are the banner images not showing up? Check the documentation file for the homepage “layout”.

Can you please make a HTML version for this template? I wanna integrate it with my own script. Thanks!

I’m sorry, I do not have the HTML version.

Is this theme html5, css3 and using the 960gs?


Is the menu available in dropdown format?

Yes, you can have dropdown menu.

Allright, This is built in?

Yes it is.

Hi, I want to remove Customer Reviews tab from product page, how can I do this? Thanks

Open the file view.phtml and remove the link for the reviews tab. Send me an email from my profile page if you are not sure on how to do that.

Hi, Have you tested it with ?

Thanks !

Yes, it works fine.

Hi, Congratulations for the theme.

I tried to change in CMS /pages the homepage to 1 column layout but I got this error : “Fatal error: Call to a member function getBackend() on a non-object in (...)app/code/core/Mage/Eav/Model/Entity/Abstract.php on line 816”

Any ideas ?


Did you set the featured attribute properly? Take a look at the documentation file on how to do it.

Let me know how it goes.