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Looks like the error disappeared when I added an attribute named “featured” like explained in the tutorial. Thanks.

Glad you figured it out. :)

Any way I can change the green background color when I add a product to the shopping cart and change the pink color on Grand total when I am in the Shopping cart.

I figured out how to change most colors and images except these two. I played with styles.css and images folder.

For the green color it is at line 371 in styles.css.

The pink color in the cart page, is an image. You will need to change the color with Fireworks/Photoshop. The design files are included in the package.

Dear raviG, Were you able to find a solution to my problem (please see my last post) ? I can contact you by e-mail if it is easier.

Regards, Simon

Thanks but I was not able to find the green color. On line 371 there is only a cat.jpg image and white color.

I am not able to find how to modify all the pink text in the cart page. I am talking about the Required Fields, all the * signs and also Your Checkout Progress text (generated by : Apparel\Template\APP\apparel\template\checkout\onepage\progress.phtml).

Send me a message from my profile page with a link to your site. I will look into it for you.

Hello! First of all great design i love it! im thinking on buying this theme for my next online store project, but im just wondering if you tested this with Magento 1.7 im interested on having the mobile theme feature included in 1.7.



Thanks. :)

I have not got the time to test it with 1.7. I will look into it this week and update the theme if need be.


Hi, I’m with various problems with your theme, crashed a few essential extensions for my store,


What do you mean by crash? On which version of Magento did you install it?

Hi, crashed some functions, 1 – do not add to the shopping cart, 2 – appears thumbnails I do not want, 3 – to select the color the product does not change color, the version I am using is Magento

It won’t work with an old version of Magento.

one more thing that I will not buy anything

Magento 1.4.2 is quite old. Why don’t you use the latest version? The theme works fine with it.

Hi, just installed 1.6, I hope it works :(

If you follow the steps included in the documentation it will work without issues.

Hi, I got, the only thing is I can not click on the color, change the image, but its presentation produdo is great, the only thing that is lacking in the slider is moving ;)

best regards


Are the images not showing up?

Hi, images appear by clicking on them, but the colors by clicking the icons do not appear, here is the example for you to see this is your http://vsdesigner.pt/belaprenda.net/index.php/hibiscus-flor001.html this is the one that works, click on the icons of colors http://vsdesigner.pt/belaprenda.net/index.php/hibiscus-flor009-1.html

best regards


hi, like to know whether the Color selection in individual product page can trigger the change of product picture in the page? thanks.

No it won’t change the image.

It is doable. You will have to modify the code.


I have a few questions regarind it. This cart can have these features:?

1. Easy adding products with many images. One main image and others (5 images) as a mini gallery

2. Top 10 products sold by the store (this feature to be edited by the webmaster – yes you may say that this is not correct but we want to influience the sales editing the top ten).

3. Similar products. Who puchased the produc X also purchased the produc Y and Z

4. Products tag

5. Product description

6. Other product features. Like: T-shirt with different colours, sizes, cotton or sintetic, etc

7. Changind the product colour with simple click on the palette with other colours

8. SEO firendly

9. A product to be a part of at least two categories

10. NEXT and PREVIOUS product navigation buttons when visualise a product.

11. recent visualised products

12.Side bar filtering products (example: price range, colours, or other feature)

13. First page product listing

14. Discounts on first page


Is this theme compatible with Magento Go? So that I don’t have to ask the same question regarding all themes in your portfolio, how can I determine which themes are compatible with each version of Magento (in my particular case, Mag Go since that is the platform I hope to operate on).

Thank you, Chris

No it is not compatible. All my themes are compatible with the community version only.

Did you check this on the latest version 1.7 ?

Hi Ravi, I’m not great at coding but I’m looking to place links for privacy policy and enable cookies in the footer links. I have removed them from the top nav bar and can see the footer links block in the CMS menu but the links contained within it don’t appear in the footer links, only site map, search terms, Advanced Search and Contact Us.

I would also like to reference contact us in the top nav

Could you give me some pointer please.


Hi Ravi,

Looking at your Live preview of the template I noticed in the Ducati tee page you are able to select the colour by clicking on it I assume this is the media image input type in the attribute. Is there any limit on the number of colours I can use? If possible I would like about 12 options in some cases.

I would like to change the t-shirt image to reflect the style/colour chosen can you point me in the right direction as I’m not sure where this all needs to be referenced and not a coder but I can roughly see what the code is doing



Hello This theme works in Magento 1.7 ???

It works without issues.


A few questions:

I need categories with sub categories

I also need it so instead of having seperate listings for men / women, So there is a drop-down menu to select Mens Womens or Kids Possible?


Categories and sub categories are in-built.

Yes it is possible. Easiest way to do that will be to create a category name “categories/shop” and put men, women etc under it.

I installed this on 1.7, it’s not working. I read comments and you said it’s compatible. How do I go about this? Frustrating already.

In version 1.7 there is a bug for this template. During checkout the continue button is not sitting right in internet explorer and Mozilla. And in the login page it’s the same thing.

This theme does not work for version 1.7 like you said. I will like a refund thank you.

This is a minor css bug, I will upload a fix asap.

Hi Ravi,

I’ve purchased your theme and have a couple of questions: Is it possible to have more than 3 slider images? Is it possible to have the slider images automatically change?

Thanks Gary

Yes it is possible. Send me a message from my profile page and I will guide you on how to do it.