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Simple and very nice theme. Good luck :)

Hey thanks!

Great design, Only minor issue when you click on services and contact, the text falls behind the Appena Logo. Otherwise Great Work.

I believe this depends on the screen height. Maybe a scroll bar is in order. Thanks for the heads up!

No Problem. Thank you for the response.

LOVELY! We are having some issues on how it is viewed on mobile devices the test doesnt seem responsive to the viewport- easy way to fix that? Also the arrows no longer show up… any idea why they would disappear?


The design doesn’t change based on viewport size. But it should fit within any viewport seamlessly. Can you send me a link to test? The arrows should be visible on all screen sizes.

We were able to fix it- but the copy size is soo small for nav and copy when its viewed on iphone or other phone mobile—- would you suggest converting CSS to em standards?

You might try em standards, or you might try a simple media query that just increases the font size to your liking on each screen.


First of all congratulate you, your staff is excellent!

Just let me know if you plan to make a upgrade of template in responsive version


There is a no plan at the moment to make this template responsive in the traditional sense. The layout works pretty well “as is” on most devices.

This looks promising, but is it possible to change the layover gradient with something more lighter?

Ok, purchased; Did you receive my email about the bugs in the template? (Contact form missing, title&logo texts overlapping etc.)?

I’m currently out of town… Send me a link and I’ll take a look on Monday. The contact form is in the PHP version. What browser are you seeing the other issues in?

Ok, link sent and the slight title overlays occured in Chrome’s latest version…

Do you have plane to Responsive?

Yes, I do… I’ve had several requests for Responsive features. I’ll post an update later this month.

What happened to the font? And what happened to the icons? Fontello is dead? Are over and I skipped the splashpage? what the heck!!!

I’m not sure what you mean… Can you elaborate a bit more and what the issue is? Can you send me a link so I can see it?

there was a go down of APIs. I could not get any more read font and fontello.css It’s ok

Okay… Glad you got it worked out.

Ok, this is going to sound a bit silly, but how do I set the timer?

I want it set for August 1, 2013 at 12pm. This way it counts down to that point in time… I tried to follow the script in the countdown.js file, but it doesn’t seem to work. Only populates the demo timer.

Check the documentation for setting a specific time. There’s actually a line in the js file that is commented out that you can use as reference.

Thanks, I appreciate the quick response. I do see it now! Awesome work, man!

This template not only helped up put up a splash page in 3hrs it helped us cut budget and look good at the same time.

Nathan was also very helpful and available via email in responding to syntax errors in the code.

Nathan helped get a quick makeover before the big launch in August 2013.

Great template. Did you ever make the template responsive? Also, the counter resets everytime I go to the page. The true remaining time is never right.

See the documentation on how to set the timer countdown. It’s pretty easy to setup.

Hi, having a few issues with internet explorer 8. for some reason images I have set as background to a specific div are not always showing up. sometimes they will appear, but the next my div is blank!

for example the main “home” section has a background-image set, so does “contact” but sometimes they wont show and sometimes they will!

any thoughts?

are you able to automate the background slider? how do you do this?

Can you explain further? I’m not sure what you mean by “automate”.

Hello, Excuse my Ignorance here, but my friend bought this and we have no Idea how to deal with HTML, and we couldn’t edit any colors, and the Icons that come with it Like the shuttle on the home page, and because we can’t we were trying to get it to load the other pages on Dreamweaver but we couldn’t anybody could help?

Sure thing… Check the documentation that came with the download. It explains a lot of the HTML and where to make edits. Also, if you have Dreamweaver… Switch to HTML view and there are lots of comments in the code to help you see the different sections.

the documentation was a lot of help, but we still can’t get ourselves around changing the icons.

The icons are from font awesome, and are super simple to change… Check out the example usage and full list of icons at


I purchased your coming soon template Apenna, as i thought it was a wordpress theme.

I am having difficulties adding it to my wordpress, can you please let me know the best method of making this page live.

I know theres a way to override websites, but im not clear on how to do it. Please let me know.

Thank you.

Hey there… I responded to your email with the same question.

Bought the template. Not working contact form. I think that it is your fault. Or explain how to fix it, or return the money.

Yes, I downloaded the template for hosting and all the problems went away.

Sorry to trouble you.

Sooooo… you’re saying that, maybe… it wasn’t my fault? :-)


Great job on this HTML page Nathan! Really great and maybe too cheap. It’s high quality work and worth more than you are asking for it. Keep up the great work.

Hey thanks! Kind words, like these, are appreciated more than you know. :-)

Hi GraphicMonkey.

Its been a while since I purchased this template and i’m finally putting it to good use! I do hope you still provide support.

I have a question in regards to the bottom navigation. What i’m finding is that in horizontal view on an iphone or ipad, the navigation links appear over the top of the main content text. I’ve counteracted this a little by increasing the width of the column (meaning I can squeeze more text in), but its still happening on pages with a few paragraphs of content.

How can I change the navigation so that its not absolute positioning and just fixed to the bottom of the page?

Hope that all makes sense.

Take care.

OK, makes sense. I’ll give it a go :-)

Any ideas how I can add a gallery page to this with lightbox or something? thanks.

There’s lots of good options out there. Here’s one: Google will turn up many others.