Apper - App Presentation Template

Apper - App Presentation Template

Apper is the perfect template for selling or presenting your iPhone / Android or Web app. Easily customizable for your app.

With it’s professional look and feel your application will stand apart from the crowd. The theme includes a dark and light version to suit everyone’s needs.

There are several variations possible, with included images for selling iPhone, Android and web applications. A number of button types are also included for “Download now”, “Buy now” and “Read more”.

The buttons can also be replaced with a “Signup form” for collecting email addresses.

On top of that is also two PHP scripts included, one for reading your Twitter feed and displaying it on your site, and a quote randomizer!

Extensive documentation and commented code makes the theme very easy to use and customize.

The theme is available in both PHP and HTML , where the PHP version can be used by those who have a server running PHP and want to use the Twitter feed reader etc.

The HTML version is suitable for those using .NET, RoR and so on.


  • 2 color themes
  • 3 page templates
  • iPhone/Nexus/Web
  • PHP contact form
  • PHP Twitterfeed reader
  • PHP quote randomizer
  • Cross browser support
  • jQuery for fading effects etc.
  • Valid CSS and HTML

Documentation features:

  • Beautiful HTML -documentation
  • Explains all parts of the scripts and theme
  • jQuery Syntax highlighting for code

And much more!


21th January 2011

  • Added BlackBerry Bold
  • Added social sharing icons with sliding box
  • Minor bug fixes