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Please tell me. I’d like to change the background color of “sub-nav-toggle plus”,li.


Thank you for choosing Appic template!

Please go through the following steps to solve your issue.

A. Change color for “sub-nav-toggle plus” element:
1. Open style.css.
2. Find on line 3855 selector .sub-nav-toggle plus.
3. Change value for background-color property.
4. Save changes.

B. Change color for nesting menu items:
1. Open style.css.
2. Find selector ul#navigation a in line 8682 .
3. Change value for background-color property.
4. Save changes.

I solved it!

@media (min-width: 768px) { ul#navigation > li:hover > ul { display: block; width: 180px; position: absolute; padding: 0 15px; top: 84px; left: 0; background: #212c43; background: rgba(33,44,67,.8); <here!

Thank you. Expecially for great documentation. PS. You should change info: compatible With on this site (there is still bootstrap 2.3x). I am glad that I didn’t notice it before buying :)

Thank you very much for appreciation! It means a lot for us. Thanks for letting us know about misinformation. We will change this info.

Enjoy Appic ;)

Hi. Do not use other elements of the bootstrap? For example, the select menu?

<select class=”selectpicker”> <optgroup label=”Picnic”> <option>Mustard</option> <option>Ketchup</option> <option>Relish</option> </optgroup> <optgroup label=”Camping”> <option>Tent</option> <option>Flashlight</option> <option>Toilet Paper</option> </optgroup> </select>

not work :)

<head> <script src=”external/bootstrap/js/bootstrap.min.js”></script> <script src=”external/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.js”></script> </head>

style.css: @import ”../external/bootstrap-select/bootstrap-select.css”;

Why do not you think ? :)


Thanks for choosing our template!
Unfortunately, your message is unclear for us. Could you please be more specific on your issue and accurate in your English?

With respect to v2, I’m digging through the code to find where the static nature of the header is disabled for XS devices, but I cannot find it. Any thoughts? I need to keep the brand and menu icon in front of the user at all times.


You should make several things:
1. Open file style.css;
2. Find ”.main-nav.fixed-pos” in ”@media (max-width: 767px)” section (line 8689);
3. Add set of rules:
position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; z-index: 999;
4. Save changes.

Thank you. I will give that a try.

I think I also see what emrepirnaz is talking about two comments back where you were confused. It appears you have styled basic input/textarea fields, but no other form elements have been styled, so creating forms with other elements looks quite ugly “out of the box”. It might be a good idea to complete the styling of all standard form elements to match the input fields you have already completed. We’re having to work on the selects right now to get them to match the size of the input fields.

To be more concise, the base bootstrap.css is non-existent. APPIC isn’t built on top of a deployment of the standard bootstrap.css file, so many standard bootstrap classes are missing. I’m a bit disappointed and shocked to find standard bootstrap classes like input-group and checkbox missing. That makes for coding additional functionality much more difficult. In fact, I can’t even get a checkbox input field to appear. All I get is a long line. Not good.


Thank you for your comment. It’s nice of you to point on this issue. We are planning one more big update for Appic template in near future, so your suggestions will be considered as part of it.

That is good to hear as we need to create a heavily form-driven site for a client for which we intended to use this theme. So far it has been very futile trying to build any forms for the site. We were about to scrap this theme and move onto another as we are on a very tight timeframe.

How can I turn off the sticky navigation menu at the top of the page?


Thank you for choosing Appic template!
Please go through the following steps to solve your issue.
1. Open file “style.css”;
2. Find all selectors ”.main-nav.fixed-pos”;
3. Change rule “position: fixed” to “position:relative”;
4. Save changes.

Thank you…

You’re welcome!

I have a problem with appic universe template for bootstrap. Exactly regard the top navigation menu When I resize the page and then click on the red closer button over the responsive menu, well, if increase the page at its full size then I lose the navigation menu. I can’t found where the mistake is. Please help me. Thanks

Hi Andrea,

Unfortunately, there is no purchase badge near your name.
Please contact us via themeforest account which bought our item or send your purchase code via private message to verify your purchase as we provide support only for themeforest buyers.

For future support request please fill in contact form on the item support page

hi you theme is very nice i just bought your theme, and want to know how theme color will change as i need light theme. i am not developer so please let me know.



Thank you for choosing Appic template!

Please go through the following steps to solve your issue:

1. Open “css” folder and choose file with suitable color and background (for example, style_emerald_light.css).

2. Open all html files which you use in your website and replace path to main css file: <link href="css/style.css?v=1" rel="stylesheet">

with <link href="css/style_emerald_light.css?v=1" rel="stylesheet">

3. Save changes.

Thank you so much!

Hello, I want to change the Header title where it says “APPIC” to my logo image. How do I do this? Great theme by the way.


Hello, I am looking to purchase this template. Do background images come with the template ie.

Thank you,


Thank you for your interest in Appic template!
Yes, this particular background image is included into final package.

How do you get the light template. Downloaded the dark one and cannot figure out how to make the nav area light rather than dark.

never mind found post by analysteye. Works great now. Very nice template.


Thanks for choosing Appic template!
Glad you solved your issue.

Hi Appic team, I have a problem with creating our team slider in about us , how could I add this to my webpage? I couldn’t find it in page builder and I’m really confused , Could you guide me? Thank you in advance


Unfortunately, there is no a purchase badge near your name. It seems this account didn’t buy Appic theme. Please, contact us at our support site regarding your issue via account which bought Appic theme as we provide support only for themeforest buyers.

I am considering buying this template. In the demo with google chrome, the footer is cut off halfway up on the social icons.


Thank you for your interest in Appic Template!

Could you provide us with the link to the page where you saw this bug? What version of Google Chrome do you use?

Hi, I purchased the APPIC theme, but cannot find the support documentation. What is the best way for me to get the docs?



If you are talking about Appic Wordpress Theme, we are sorry to let you know that this theme no longer supported and is deleted from themeforest

Hi, I’m interested in purchasing this theme. The demo has 3 circles on the homepage, can a 4th one be easily added?


Thank you for your interest in Appic!
Yes, you can add additional “info circle” on the homepage. But it will need some responsive adjusting. If you create a ticket on our support site, we will help you with this adjusting.


it’s a great theme and I’d like to buy it but I need to know if you’ve now fully “styled” all the bootstrap elements, like thedruid pointed in his comment #7897174 one year ago.

Thanks in advance


lopilup_ch Author Team

Hi Paolo,

Sorry for delayed answer!
Unfortunately, Appic doesn’t include all styled Bootstrap elements. We are currently working on other projects and Appic template has low priority.

Hello everyone; is there an option to include or add more icons (icon-service, Icon-gear)? I need a more diverse and universal icons for this theme.

Hi lmanzanillo,

Sorry for such delayed reply and inconveniences.
Please, contact us at our support site with this request to get faster assistance. As it is the only way we provide support.