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Nice design. Can you add the following to this template and let me know when its ready and I will buy:
1) A fixed menu on top which stays on top when scrolling down
2) A “TOP” button on the right hand side which moves down when scrolling down that it will take you to the top when clicked on it

Thanks and GLWS!

Hi Yamon,

Thank you for appreciation!
Your notes are very helpful. They will be implemented in few days. So you can freely buy it right now and then update template in 1-2 days.

Cheers, Olechka

Hi Yamon,

Check out template. Fixed menu on top and “TOP” button was added.
You’re welcome to buy ;)

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thank you!

Love the theme!

However, I would also like to see a few items added before I could buy:

1) Add Right Side Bar with headings. 2) A gallery that shows full size images when selected. As of now, nothing happens in the demo. 3) Add Social icons

Hi Leyte,

Thank you for appreciation! Thanks for your notes.
Here are some clarifying questions:

  1. Currently Appic has single post with right side bar. Which page do you want to have the right side bar?
  2. Will be fixed and released in update in 1-2 days
  3. Where do you want to add social icons? Currently Appic has them in the footer

Cheers, Olechka

Adblock Plus on my Firefox browser was blocking the social icons on your website but I now see them in the footer. I had also missed the single page post, so that was my fault. In regards to the gallery, I look forward to the update.

Thanks for the quick reply and the coming update. I hope your sales pick up as this is a nice theme.

APPIC has been just updated to v. 1.2. You can check gallery page, it’s updated.
You’re welcome to buy ;)

Beautiful job, Olia :) The WP version will be greater!

Thanks for appreciation :)

One of the best templates I bought here (and I bought a lot)! Fine design and very well documented html-code.


p.s. When I minimise the screen the blue field in the call-to-action part changes its contend to “buy template”... how can I change that?

Btw, if you like template please rate it :bashful: Thanks in advance

done :-)

thank you again ;)

Hi Olia,

Your template looks great, it’s almost perfect for a client’s site I have in mind. What would make it completely perfect is the option of a slider on the home page, preferably Revolution Slider. I’ve purchased it anyway because I like how it looks, but if you ever get around to adding a slider, it would be ideal.

PS: You have a typo in the template title, with the word Business. Thought I’d point it out in case you missed out in searches.


Regards, Mark.

Hi mebellew,

Thank you so much for appreciation and choosing APPIC! Thanks for letting me know about slider. It will be first in update list. Hope to release it in near feature.

P.S. thanks! I haven’t noticed misspelling.

Very beautiful, clean, and neatly done design! Great work, Olya!

One comment regarding the contact page. The map marker’s infowindow is messed up due to max-width:100% set globally on images in bootstrap.css. You would need to add max-width: none; to #map-canvas img.

Best regards, Alex

Hi Alex,

Thank you for appreciation!
Thanks for letting me know. Everything had been fixed already and just sent to reviewer.


Is there a slider in the home?

Hi biapar,

Slider will be added in the update next week. Stay tuned

Nice template. How customizable is it? For example, I’m not a fan of the large header image – it might work on my planned home page but not on the main content pages. Can this be removed? Is the bootstrap side of things easy to use? I intend to use it with Django…

Hi winwaed,

Thank you for appreciation! You can easily edit APPIC template if you have basic knowledge in HTML/CSS


I wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your template as the basis for a re-vamp and new sites and it’s great, really clean well organized code made it easy to customize and convert to use with ASP.NET MVC.



Hi John,

Thank you for choosing Appic and for so precious feedback!
It’s great to have happy clients who enjoyed our works.

I previously asked you that if you would fix the gallery that I would buy it. I may be late, but I finally got around to it today.

Thanks again…

You’re welcome! glad you’re back ;)
Enjoy template ;)

I just wanted to thank you for all your help via email and encourage everyone to buy this template. 5-Stars…

Thank you so much for such great words!

When you take a look at the update history you can see that there appear not only bugfixes but even more features!



Thank you for your kind words!

I purchased this template yesterday and I have been having so much fun with it. I am looking forward to purchasing more of your templates. One quick question… How do I get the map to show my business location? Thanks

I read your faq.. it says there to get my latlng value in … i went there and typed in my address but i couldn’t find the latlng value anywhere. May I request for you assistance in acquiring my latlng value?

no worries. I found it :)

Glad you solve your problem ;)

sorry for my ask, but what I need to have a site like this? only the template or i need to install something more?

Hi dasziel,
It’s an HTML template, so it can work both on your computer and server. However you need base HTML knowledge to edit it.

You demo site is currently down

Thanks for letting me know.
Could you please be more specific on this issue? Because we have checked and everything works.

Thanks, mate ;)

hi there, how do i get the contact form working. ive replaced my email in both the getemail.php and sendemail.php and i dont receive the emails.

have figured it out now. i had to delete the gmail settings.

Glad you solved your problem

Hello Olga. I have a problem: No display unit twitter. website:crying:


Thanks for choosing Appic template!

As I see you have edited core of the file jquery.twitter.js
Is the path to the file get-tweets.php correct?

Check also if the data below is correct in the file get-tweets.php $twitteruser = "@OliaGozha"; $consumerkey = "ZoEvUl0uLkwNcAElAVbLVQ"; $consumersecret = "0OlE7qMwgd7NgdO3lxyYuz8BbaMIjGU7KT2YfMCZxw"; $accesstoken = "1154664626-z8q0HvszXk1BDaDZO6D0yvVq6BeLsIMaEA2GHpc"; $accesstokensecret = "yQvn60uP9KtNhrghpraeQTZtAthGM04QcecphOzKuk";

You can find additional information in the help file

I changed the file. but no changes


Please write me via private message in Russian

Looking forward to hearing you back

Hi It’s me again. I am working on the contact forms and every form has the attribute “action” with the value ”#”. Do I have to change the pound sign to a string or something? and how do I get the form in the coming-soon page working?



You’re right.
Appic uses javascript for this purposes. It’s placed in the end of the coming-soon.html.
So you have just to insert your own data into file getEmail.php to make contact forms work.

You can also find detailed explanation in the documentation.

Hi I went through the documentation and followed every step.. I’ve replaced all instances of “YOUR_MAIL” with my email address and YOUR_NAME with my name in both the sendEmail.php and getEmail.php. I am using gmail, so I also added my info (SMTP username and SMTP Password) in the gmail section (SMTP) and I am still not getting the emails.

Please send me your both files sendEmail.php and getEmail.php via private message to see what’s wrong there.