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Wow, so cool and sweet! Unique!

Thank you!

Really nice. Only if it was a Wordpress theme. Any plans to build for Wordpress?

Thanks. We are planning Wordpress version for sure. But we don’t know when it will be ready to publish. There will be lot’s of unusual things for Wordpress, which we’ll have to figure out.

Great! I’ll certainly keep and eye on your portfolio!

Great design, unique!

Thank you. We appreciate that!

Hey just purchased and really impressed. Quick question:

Some of the pages (or anchors) don’t line up as they should like in the demo – only seems to happen when I scroll through. Anything I’m missing?

Update – its only on Mouse Scroll Down that I see the issue. AND it seems to work perfectly on your preview.

Hi, thanks a lot for purchase!

Can you drop us an e-mail to lumiart (at) lumiart (dot) cz with your files (if you don’t mind) and software configuration – Operating system, browser including it’s version and most importantly the scrolling device that you are using? We’ll try to find out, what’s going on there.

Hi Lumiart, can this template be used for more then one app?

Hi 7thsmith, it is possible. The structure of this web is completely up to you. So as long as you can think of some logical order of slides for presenting both apps, you are fine. You can use different slide layouts as many times as you wish. Example layout can be like this: Showcase (1st App) / Features (1st App) / Screen (1st App) / Showcase (2nd App) / Features (2nd App) / Screen (2nd App). But there are many more combinations you can create. Only common thing for slides is logo so you should use some universal or personal one.

Hey love the template, would like to know how / where the editable favicon is? What program should I open it in?



first of all, thank you for purchase! We really appreciate it.

In HTML Modification Guide there is a section “2.1 Head” where you can find complete description of which files you need to favicon.

We didn’t included editable PSD file of favicon so you have to create your own images. To create these images any graphics/image editing software should be enough. We can recommend GIMP (free), Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Hello One of the best templates that i have ever seen. Contact form is working ? Also have security measures to prevent spamming or mail bombing ? Thank you.

Hello, in default contact form doesn’t work. It just HTML code. You have to implement some script etc. by yourself. If you need any help, please send us a email to


Any plans to make this a responsive template (mobile friendly)?


thank you for purchase!

Unfortunately no, we don’t plan to make this template resposive.

very nice job;

Thank you!

Hello, sorry for my broken english. I love this template. Could you please help me, because the contact Form don’t work. How i can implement that??

My purchase code is: 9f0872f3-a3dd-46a1-865d-e383959f4b95


Hello, we are glad, that you like it! From your question, I suppose, that you want the contact form to send e-mails or save questions. Unfortunately, that is not part of this template. We are selling only HTML/CSS styled template without any other backend components. For features like e-mail sending, you actually need some sort of backend processing, writen in languages like PHP, ASP, Node or similar. There also might be some companies, which offers form sending as service. For example You should be able to implement those into our template quite easily. But in that case, the styling of the form might not match our template exactly. Hope that helps. I’m sorry for little dissapointing answer, let us know, if we can help you with something else.

Good day.

I buy template “Appizz – Mobile App Showcase HTML Template”. Purchase code: 7ac1f8b5-6f03-4655-acfa-c9cbab6ae195

After you install the template to hosting that turned out not working contact form, as there is no file “php” handling.

Please help solve this problem by sending me a file “php” handling

My email:

Thank you!

Hello, unfortunately, backend handling of contact form is not part of this template. We are offering only frontend HTML template and there is no way, how to send e-mails without any backend components. You will have to implement backend logic on your own or you can use external services for contact forms like

Hi i love this theme but really would want it to be responsive. Any extra charges? TQ

Hello, thank you for feedback! We would love that too. But due to way, how it is technically done (which makes the theme unique), it would be very time demanding to rewrite it into responsive design and would probably not pay for itself. I’m sorry for disappointing you, have a good one. Jakub