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Great job. Great Wordpress Theme. GLWS :)

Thanks a lot 4riS!

Proud to see this quality from Greeks :)

Thanks giankar! ;-)

Wow ! Like the look of your theme a lot ! Good luck !!!

Thanks awsmcebu


I would like to know if in the section “WANT TO KNOW HOW IT LOOKS?” I can set external links instead of a fancy box.

Thanks, very nice template.


At the moment, no but its something we could add for the next version if you like

I can set external links in description of section “WANT TO KNOW HOW IT LOOKS?” EX: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.

Have a editor for this description?


What about a boxed version?

you can try adding a container that will restrict the content to some kind of a box but its not included on the design

How many simple page can i have?

As many as you like :)

Can i control the time of slideshow(ipad) ? It’s so slowly..

can i create 5 different buttons side by side at “GET IT NOW!” position with links to ios/android/facebook/... version of my app?

There are android and ios buttons available as shortcodes in the theme

I can set external links in description of section “WANT TO KNOW HOW IT LOOKS?” EX: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit.

Are there a editor for this description? Can i set tag href in this description?


I donwloaded the theme, but it is empty. How to import the demo content?


We don’t answer support questions here in the comments. Please open a ticket in our support forum.


Some images of the theme did not appear, such as those in the section “WANT TO KNOW HOW IT LOOKS?”, “WHAT PEOPLE SAY” and the background of the site. Also, instead of the contact form it is showed this code: [contact-form-7 id=”84” title=”Contact form 1”]

Sorry so many questions. Thanks.


We don’t answer support questions here in the comments. Please open a ticket in our support forum.


I was wondering if it’s possible to create a link with the screenshots that are in the ipad to a page? And is it possible to make the “Available in the App Store” also a link?

No offense intended – only unasked for advice – but not answering questions here could hurt your purchase number. If I have a simple question – I don’t want to have to sign up for a forum. I will probably look elsewhere for my theme. Just sayin.


As you can see andrezasv was spamming our comments with support requests and I must have replied to your comment by mistake.

To answer your questions.

1. link screenshots to a page – at the moment this isn’t possible but we have had another request for this so it will be in the next update 2. Available in the app store can be set as a link

I see, totally understand. Thanks for the info. :)

Hi, I’m wasting a long time to make my site exactly the same as the demo. I would like to set my theme as the demo site, how can I do that?


We don’t answer support questions here in the comments. Please open a ticket in our support forum.


Just purchased your theme and have tried to install the demo.xml content so I can start with the full demo site. However, everytime I try to import it hangs up and i get a 500 error. I have tried deleting and re-installing the theme and reinstalling a fresh wordpress installation and still nothing works.

Any suggestions?


I just installed the demo content successfully on our demo site. Did you follow the instructions in the docs video

If you need any further help please open a ticket in our support forum.


Yes I followed the instructions and am actually a WordPress Developer so I am not new to the process. I can install and activate the theme just fine. But everytime I try to import the demo.xml file, it gets to the ‘re-assign posts’ page. I have tried all options of importing the author, creating new author and re-assigning posts to existing author. I also check the box to download the attachments. After clicking submit the page tries to load for a while before finally giving me a server 500 error. When I go back to the wp admin page, I can see that it “partially” imports content (media, pages, etc.) but every time I try it seems to load a different amount of content.

I have fresh installed wordpress several times now to no avail. It seems to be getting hung up on something in the content.

I will look into the support forum and open a ticket, but any other advice is appreciated.

FYI – I just downloaded this theme last night, so I am assuming it is the most recent version.

Ok so I tried this and it seemed to have worked:

1) Ran import with checkbox for download media checked. 2) Failed but still partially imported media 3) Ran import again, WITHOUT checking box for downloading media. 4) Pages and posts now imported, able to see demo site *There may be some content still missing, haven’t done a side by side comparison of the demo site from here. But for now it seems to be enough to get me started.

Hi there! I purchased the theme, but I was wondering if I can set a video in the i-pad frame… Is it possible? Help is much appreciated.


This is possible, another person who purchased the theme has done this. Please open a support ticket so we can help you do this. Thanks

Hi there,

Great theme! I really love its simplicity and design! It would be perfect for one of my projects but I’d like to know if each section is fully editable via the admin? For example, if I want to remove the portfolio and add HTML code (to add pricing tables) would it be easy to do?

Some wordpress themes aren’t flexible at all, this is why I’d like to check with you before purchasing it :)

Thank you for letting me know.

Kindest Regards,



Glad you like the theme, yes you can customise SmartBox as much as you want. Most of the sections are created by shortcodes so they can be removed / added when needed or replaced with regular HTML.

Awesome! I’ll purchase it pretty soon. Thank you for the quick reply!

Just wondering when you will be updating this theme with the main ipad area with links?

Hi we will be pushing a release this week

Hi there!

First of all. I love this theme! Thank You very very much! But everything can be better so here is my wishlist for the next (hopefully asap) versions:

- I want to make sections visible to the home site without having them in the main menu

- I want to have HTML code, breaks etc.. styling in the Features and Testimonial articles too.

- Possibility to make links from the device slides because people are used to click slides

- A shortcode for the call to action button! Read more and so on…

Then this theme would be very near perfecto! ;)

Thanks again and have a great week there!

Best wishes, Jaakko

Thanks Jaakko, we will look into adding some of your requests into the next release

Great! Can you say already when the next release could be out? ;)

Hi there!

Great theme!

Very keen to purchase, but just have one question.

Where you have the APP Store and Google Play icons in the theme, can they be replaced with a button that says “FREE 30 Day Trial” or whatever it needs to say?


Yes this is easily done, you can just create a standard button using the following markup.

<button class="btn-primary">FREE 30 Day Trial</button>

and it will look something like this

I bought your theme and really like it. Well done and well structured.

I only have a problem with Mailchimp that’s not working. I’ve already opened a support ticket.

Thanks in advance for your help!


We are looking into the mailchimp problem now, will contact you again via the support ticket.

Thank you for the good support!

No problem Gogo6969, don’t forget to rate the theme if you like it ;)