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Looking good! I would highly recommend you to remove thee $19 sticker from the item preview. It will make lots of people run away seeing a landing page priced $19 when its not ;)

Many thanks for your suggestion, I’ll change the $19 sticker :)

Hi there!

I just bought your Applander Theme, works like a charm. Very good job. Rated five stars.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much :)

I dont know what I’m doing wrong, I changed the long index name to simply “index.html” and FTP ’d it to my server, I see nothing

can you show me the URL ?

Do you have an email template that matches this landing page in the works? I would like to purchase it.

I don’t have yet but I can make custom email template for you, contact me through the form on my profile so we can discuss more details

keren gan, sukses buat jualannya :-)

he he.. baru nyoba2 jualan ni :) padahal bikin akun dah 2010 tapi baru sempet sekarang2

Preview down ?

Bookmarked for when the preview is back live :)

Hi nwk, you can see the live preview now

I just went to preview this theme and my virus software blocked it for Trojan Horse.

Hi katcook123, please check again. The live preview is clean

Cannot get this theme to work properly on my site -


The background is half grey squares!

Does anyone know what is wrong?

Hi squady49

If you want to use dark background, just open file style.css (in css folder) and find following code:

#wrapper {background:url("../images/bg2.png") repeat;}

then change ‘bg2.png’ to ‘bg.png’

Is it possible to add more screens to the carousel? I’d like to have nine total if possible.

Yes it’s possible add more screens as you want :)

Actually, I just found that out…how would I be able to spread them apart though? example here: leadboltapz.com I’m guessing it has to do with the style.css width:700px and script.js but I don’t understand the math..

edit: I think i got it, line 51 in script.js…

still waiting for the updated version and working contact form ;) Please drop me a mail when ready! Thanks!

will notify you when the template updated :)