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WOOW!!! Very nice work!!!

GLWS!!! :D

Thank you!

Nice and clean! GLWS

Is there a PHP file/script you can provide to make the contact form active?

Unfortunately not but I am sure there are some great scripts or tutorials out there on Google or Codecanyon.

Honestly, that’s more work than should be needed to give a landing page a functioning contact form.

Totally understand that you stated that clearly in the theme’s description, so I am aware of what it was I was purchasing.

Still, most landing pages are used for lead generation or some type of data capture, so I would think this aspect would receive a bit more love from the developer’s perspective.

Just my two cents, as I think it will help immensely with sales if you implement a fully functional contact form. Especially when there are so many similar themes at similar prices already doing so.

I understand your point. I will be thinking about implementing a working contact form subsequently as soon as I find some time. And thanks a lot for purchasing this item! :-)

Hey for what it’s worth, I picked up Quform for $6 and it works really well with this landing page. I’ve used Quform before on several WP sites, so I gave their PHP script a try.

I really like how it’s all turning out, and wanted to thank you again. Very slick template out of the box, and easy to customize.

wonderful work bro

Thanks a lot! :)

Hi, I purchased your theme and it’s awesome!! I have a question though: when the page first loads, for a few seconds, it only shows a white page full of text. Then it will load all the graphics a few seconds later. How can I stop this from happening? I just want the graphics to load without that page of plain text showing up first. Any ideas?

That seems to happen because the browser simply needs to load the used graphics. Depending on your connection this may take a few seconds. Shurely this is kind of inevitable because without loading the graphics … well you wouldn’t have graphics. ;) If this really bothers you I suggest you put a preloader script before the page. That would load the whole page whilst just showing a loading bar. Once everything is loaded the page appears in whole whithout a delay of the graphics. But of course this would make the whole page show up later overall.

ok, I will look into the preloader script. Thank you for your informative reply!

hi, I love your template and I’m planning to buy it. But, i just want to make sure one thing. is the template wordpress ready? hope you can reply as soon as possible

No, this is an HTML template. Not a WordPress theme.

Hi, I purchased your theme and it’s awesome!. But how can I add this landing page to a wordpress site ? thanks

Thanks for purchasing but you can’t add this to Wordpress. It’s not a Wordpress Theme. It’s just a simple HTML template. You could use it of course to code your own Wordpress theme, but that is far beyond explainable.