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Well done man.
Applause :)

Thanks Mario!

Love the clean style, good luck :)

How do I get the post to display in a grid? I had sent and email but you did not reply.

Hey escho,

The theme is designed as it is, you can’t change it to a grid theme.


What a gorgeous theme. Had to buy it!

Amazing theme! Just wondering if you have a recommended pixel dimension for the slide headers…

Hey Commogri,

There isn’t a specific size in dimension of the cover. The cover varies between your audiences window size.

Thanks, Jen

Lots of issues for me… 1) image logo doesnt work. Its UNDER the slides. 2) why cant i use just one slide?

this is unedited theme, right from the zip…


Apologizes for the inconvenience, please email us the URL to your blog:



will you add search functionality?


Hi Camboi,

We may add it in the next update.


Hi, great theme. 2 things actually.

1. can I decrease the cover height as in 1280×800 you cant see there is content except if you scroll.

2. Can I make the logo clickable to go to the home screen?



1) The cover is fixed to 370px in height. 2) The logo is clickable and is linked to the home page.

Have you altered your code? can you email me a link to your blog so I can check it out?

Thanks, Jen

Hi there,

just bought your theme and love it! Just one thing: How can I hide the “Posts tagged with (tag name)” text above each post? Is there any way to avoid it being shown all the time?

Thank you very much for your reply in advance :)

Hi Christian, Please email me: Thanks!

Hi- great theme. Is it possible to remove sorting? Thanks! a

Yes, there is an option for that.


Questions: 1. Is there a way to adjust the framing of the pictures in the slide slow? Meaning can I move my pictures so it my head is not where the words are displayed? 2. I added a few pictures to the slide show, but only 2 are rotating. Actually the first one, then slide to the 2nd pic and then it freezes there.

Hi Amanda,

I believe your question was answered through my reply on your email support?


Hello, Very nice theme. But why the videos are not 100% height (such as images)? Is it adjustable in the options?

Thanks, Stan

Hi Stan,

Sorry we’re not understanding what you mean, can you send us a screenshot or link through email?



İs this Template Mobil responsive? Can i add a Wordpress Blog into this Theme?

The theme is mobile responsive. The theme is only compatible on the Tumblr platform.

thank you. so i can not integrate wordpress with rss feed on this template?

This template can only be installed on Tumblr. However, it does come with the RSS feed feature. Let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!