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Hey Guys :-) first of all i wanted to thank you for this great template. I have two questions regarding the coding of this Page. 1) I would like to include a comment function in den News column. I tried it with a free php script from I get a code for the page, but i don’t know how/where to include the code. 2) I also would like to change the color of the contact boxes under the google maps java script. Could you tell me, where i find the code in the styles.css file to change it? :-)

Thank you !

1. i didn’t try with this script . it’s better you can use wordpress for that applause also have wordpress version theme . can change the color from styles.css you need to change 490,505 number classes color value .

Thank you :)

Thanks for this amazing fast support! 2. Worked out really nice :-)

I would like to do this with Wordpress but my Homepage is nearly finished with html :-) Next time i try it out!

Maybe you could tell how i can place the generated code on the news side. I cofigurated it with mysql. I only don’t know what of this code I have to place underneath the <article> to get this work out.

Here’s the code:

<?php $vlcm_nummer=2;

require(‘vionlink.comments/vionlink.comments.php’); ?>


<title>Demo Seite</title>

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”vionlink.comments/templates/vlcm_style.css”>


<?php $vionlink_comments->kommentare(); ?>

<?php $vionlink_comments->formular(); ?>

Sorry for bothering you with this questions :-)

i can’t help you with it ,i try to read there manual but language not English :(

Does this html version work well with mobile devices?

yes off course it’s work with mobile and tablets

Great theme and support!


Thank you :)

Hi guys… Great theme, thank you very much! Got a couple of questions I am trying to resolve myself. However, I am stuck with this one: how can I change the photo section to accept only videos from youtube? The template is perfect for my needs, only if I can resolve this detail! Thanks for the excellent support!

Hi , Thanks for you comment , i all ready made a video manager and shortcode for manage videos along ,please just look it carefully . Also you can’t post video into gallery .

Thank you

Great template – one question / request:

I would like the photos section lightbox to display a YouTube video … how?

photos section doesn’t include lightbox

trying to install theme and wordpress is telling me it cant find the style.css file…

It’s been 4 days still nothing :(

envato support is slow

can you please clarify how to limit the number of posts to display on the “home” page. i’ve tried EVERYTHING from [blog number=”3”] to [display-posts posts_per_page=”3”]...

PLEASE let me know how to do this.


why i don’t see your buyer badge ??

hi-having an issue with the audio player when viewing the site on an iphone. once I play a song and then hit stop, when I go back to the menu and click on it, the audio starts playing again. Have been able to replicate this a number of times. Hope this statement makes sense. Any thoughts?


which version IOS do you use ?


Hi – you mentioned video manager here – could you please help me to locate it? I’d like to feature youtube videos in the gallery – is it possible? Thank you in advance

you can’t add video into gallery

Thanks again – the website looks great on the desktop however when Im trying to view it on my iphone, I get some sort of blank image blocking me from viewing, how do I delete this? – thank you again!

i will update it soon ,sorry for late replay

When I tried to install the theme, it tells me that it exceeds the upload amount. So then I tried to extract the files directly into the theme folder, and when I go to the theme page, it says that the theme is installed but it is broken and missing the style sheet. What do I need to do?


First of all you just buy html version of Applause ,and Here is the wordpress version

I followed along with the start up videos in the documentation and created a “home” page. However, I have the area above the menu like the demo site, but I also have an area below the menu that has a continuation of the picture used above the menu and it has the name of the page “home”. How can I set up the page to look like the demo site where the page automatically loads at the very top and events are directly below the menu. Like so there will not be an actual home page, the home button will just take you to the top above the menu. I tried just deleting the home page, but for the static site, I need to designate a page to start on.

ok give me your site address and admin access via my themeforest profile ,i will setup your site as like as demo .then you can start

Hello, I just purchased this theme and installation failed.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.”

please advise me, thanks!

Hi ,

this is html template please install the wordpress version of the template .


HI.. i am new to html5 and i kinda have more pics to add in the photo gallery than the current alloted ones.. is there anyway or script i can use to add a horizontal scroller only on the photo gallery section?

sorry this is not possible .

Hello, I have a little intro video on my landing page on the top. Now, I would like to take away the text “PLAY VIDEO > KNOW BETTER” It’s just there all the time and it disturbs the video. Any tip to remove it? Thanks a lot!

Hi there

Great Theme! I am having trouble changing the location set on the map, I have tried just about everything I can think of can you help?

Yes i can ,could you please contact with me via my themeforest profile contact form .

Photos are broken on demo? Same picture all the time and it wont go away???

We are are working on the update

Very soon we will release the update version

Updated please check the demo again .

Hi i purchased the applaused responsive html and was able to make my website in this link , my problem is that it is not fully responsive as the header (background image and navigation bar) does not change when the device change they remain static, can you help out?


Could you please contact with me via my themeforest contact form ,Please also mention the problem .


This template seems just what I am looking for, but need one with a video section, are you planning to add one. Could I change the shop section to videos?


Sorry for late replay , Yes you can you need to customize it , if you want i can customize it for you ,you need pay customization fee for that , for more details please contact with me via my themeforest profile contact form .


The round-shaped audio players are NOT working on some mobile divices!!

Contacted the author and payed extra for support. After a few months the issue is still not resolved. Never heard from him again…


Sorry for late replay and could you please tell me the devices name and also if possible send me some screenshot .