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hey Mate, thx 4 your template! ...its exactly what im searching for ;)

But there is a problem with it… Every Link you put in the left navigation bar “where the footer is” handle the click request with the image slider in the phone, it dosnt open the links on me, same screwed thing is in your livepreview… Can you fix this?

Best regards from Germany englace

Please send me an email with more details I am not sure what you mean, it sounds like a simple mistake not an error.

message was sent! :)

Fixed it, check your email ;)

hurray..! it works..!

now i can use it online, tyvm for fixing this so fast. :)

Best Regards from Germany englace

Like it but shouldn’t it be responsive so it actually works on an iPad? maybe it’s something for an update

It does work on an iPad… It was not made specifically for the iPad but it should have no problems.

In your description you said : “Includes editable PSD for ribbon button.” But where is it ?

It says includes editable psd but i dont see any .psd files. Also what font was used for the logo ?

Are you sure, I will check the zip package to make sure.


Your template is cool. I dont see the psd files. please sent me the psd as well.roshanphilip@gmail.com…thanks


Pls i need a refund of my money USD 8 as their is no psd file present . Thanks

The PSD got bumped out of the last update. It has been re-uploaded it just needs to be approved then anyone missing it can grab it or email me and I can send it over. The .PSD is only for the ribbon anyways as stated in the description so if you do not need to change it no worries!


How do I get the subscription to come to my email address.

i’m unable to install in wordpress. error says missing styles.css file. i’ve zipped up the templates folder and tried that but still no go.

This is not a WordPress theme?

Hi, How do I get the subscriptions people input to come to my email address.

Hey Tyler, This is a great template. Thank you. Two quick questions: -Is there a way to keep the subscription section “open” all the time? I don’t want my viewers to have to push the “subscribe to our newsletter” link in order to get to the email text field. -Is it possible to keep the screen shots sliding through the iPhone without the preview images next to the phone? Thanks again!

1) Yes just remove the display:none in the CSS for the subscription area.

2) Try it! Just remove the images I dont think you should have any issues.


Fantastic theme, Tyler. Love everything, as well as the great documentation. Exactly what we needed.

Quick question: I know there’s a “Contact Us” social button, but it doesn’t work with “mailto:” on certain browsers, and I’m thinking about adding a tab with a contact form anyway. Any suggestions on how to go about that? Seems like they have to be PHP , but doesn’t that mean that the file xtension needs to be .php instead of .html? Is that ok? I’m just confused… haha

I also wanna try removing the small slides but keep the slideshow on the iPhone. I saw your response to the other guy who asked the same thing, but the images are only declared in one spot, and that’s for the slide. If you delete those “list” entries the images disappear from both the iPhone and the small slides.