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Congrats on your first file , good luck with sales :)


Would it be possible in your theme to replace the static image you have on the iPhone in the header with a rotating slider of app screenshots using the same function you have under the “Check out the screenshots” header?

Also, your ‘testimonial’ text doesn’t seem to be responsive [screenshot]: http://cl.ly/image/2u3B2W3C171R

Otherwise, looking great!

Yes, it’s possible to replace the iphone section with rotating slider. ‘Testimonials’ section – i see the problem. Well if you resize the browser window and then reload the page, everything should work fine. Anyways i’ll try to fix this straightaway.

Hey, Nice theme! I like it. Just review your demo page, because some images in the slider are missing!

Good Luck with the sales!

Thnx! Just fixed the images in the slideshow.

Very amazing, have more sales ;)

Thnx mate!

Great template, thanks. Do you have more of those round blue icons somewhere?

I’ve been using icons from this package: http://iconsweets2.com/

just bought the theme and realized it’s not working in IE8 …

i’m working on this problem. The update will be released in a few days.

I love the design. I would like to know if you can make the top area a full image instead of just a small centered image like the iPhone? If this is a freelance issue, please email me asap.

Hi. Yes we can arrange that. Can you please email me instead? Cause i haven’t found any email addresses on your page.

Hi. When I rotate an iPhone to landscape the page doesn’t refresh to fit the screen, it hangs off the right and I have to pinch to resize and fit. Flip back to vertical is fine. Is this right? Can it be forced to fit the actual landscape orientation when rotated?

Hi. As far as i’m concerned that’s the way iphone’s browser works and you can’t force it to resize back.

I asked because the H8.mobile Template is orientation change sensitive and thought this might be possible with yours too. I should add that I just bought your template as it’s great but I would love to know if it could have this facility too. Thanks.

hmm. i’ll check out the h8 template and see if i can achieve the same results. If so then i’ll release an update to the current template.

Hi, just bought this theme. When I try uploading it (via dashboard and FTP ) it says “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” I need to use this theme ASAP . Any suggestions of why this is happening?

Hi You’re probably installing it in wordpress. But this is not a wordpress theme. This is a separate landing page that doesn’t work with wordpress.

This was exactly what I need. Thank you.

Thank you for commenting and rating! ;)

Great design, I bookmarked. Is it easy to implement a responsive contact form ?

depends on your needs. You can use standard bootstraps functionality to make it and it’s relatively easy.

Hi there,

Just purchased the template from you – looks good. The only issue is that there is no layered PNG or JPG file in the archive so I can’t make any changes. Just the HTML and rendered images, CSS and JS. Is it missing in the latest upload? Can I get a copy please?

Thanks JC

Hi. There’s no psd file included in the package and i’m not planning to include it.

Excellent Design !! I like it ;) Good Luck with sales & Keep it Up !!

Thank you!

Hi! Looks like Twitter feeds don’t load on iOS. Any ideas?


Hey. We have just uploaded the update. You will be notified by themeforest system as soon as update will be approved.

Awesome template! Is it possible to move the background image to left with CSS so that the white burst aligns to the left? I am attempting to turn the header into a 2 column and would love to keep the burst behind the phone. Thank you!

Hello. Please contact me by email so we can discuss the template customisation.

Hi, Great theme. How fonction Twitter? can you help me for configure twitter on the footer. I remplace “twitter_update_list” by ID…. and it s done? Best regards yoyo

Hi. Just find the following string in the index.html file: <script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline/feedell1.json?callback=twitterCallback2&count=3”></script>

and replace feedell1 with your own ID

Great…. thanks a lot

You’re welcome! :)

Hi again, I transfere to my server and no picture.. and this message “Please stop hotlinking my easing script — use a real CDN instead. Many thanks.” Thanks for you help. Best regards yoyo

Ok Thanks you for your fast reply..

One more.. When i work to local everything is perfect, when i transfere to server, no css only text and some pictures and everything on the left side, no blue color, no slider…. Thank you

sorry It s ok … I make a mistake… Best regards yoyo

Hello, On my website : http://unenuitaucamping.com I have a problem with some Picto (icon) and the Footer. I try a lot of thing… I went back several times.. Same result. Now I need your help. Thank Best regards.

Hello. Please contact me by email.

Great Job.. Thank you so much. Great Author.

Hi, again! Twitter feed doesn’t work.


Hello. Sorry for delayed reply. We’ll fixed the problem asap.

Is it possible to easily modify background color/gradient, i’d like to change blue to green. thanks in advance peter

Hello. I’m really sorry for delayed reply. Please contact me via email so i can help you with this issue.